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Part 83: Sub-Season 14A & 14B. Red Lightning (Lightning F.6 & F-4M)

Sub-Season 14A & 14B. Red Lightning - Hot Fuzz (Lightning F.6 & F-4M)


Dear Mum,

Today I'm assigned to engage in a traditional British pastime of wrestling with barely controllable planes. Luckily, I am somewhat familiar with both of them, so I won't miss dinner. Moreover, I am doubly lucky, as I'm not flying that weird thing, that sometimes hovers. The last time I tried it, I burned holes in the roof of our bomb storage. The bombs did the rest themselves.

Hugs and sloppy kisses,

Starting with the titular plane of the campaign

Nothing to see here, move along.

The B-reel A

In which we don't die for some reason

And now for something painfully familiar

There's one new item on the menu, and we won't get it ever again.

The B-reel B

In which S. Baldrick suddenly scores 8 kills

Failing at what was supposed to be a fail reel is bloody annoying.