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Part 84: Season 14. Red Lightning (A-10A Thunderbolt II)

Season 14. Red Lightning - Not Supported By This Engine (A-10A Thunderbolt II)

Toledo "No Callsign" Conway picks a unit to join...

There isn't much you can add to a name like "Licking Dragons" while keeping it SFW.

This campaign technically starts a few days earlier, and it seems, that the engine rolls for a random front line situation on the day of our arrival.

Here's what it looked like, when I first booted this squadron.

Compare this to the situation we do start in.

S14E01: 1979.09.27-28 (Getting Acquainted)


This map is definitely not in our favour. Failing a few ground battles will lead to a defeat.

Our toys don't show much variety. We can pound the ground pretty hard, though.

Licking Dragons are ready for action... That doesn't sound right.

The mission video

In which the dragons don't lick so well

The AI pilots have obvious issues. But we're getting rid of them! 1 KIA, 1 MIA.


We must hold onto every piece of land. So, naturally, we go hunt some air defences.

The mission video

In which Number 8 shows mercy

They are more active, when the Mavericks don't weigh them down.

We get something shiny.



Suspect Bucket posted:

It's no puking dog, but it's certainly not right looking.