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Part 86: S14E03: 1979.10.02-07 (Surgical Firestorms)

S14E03: 1979.10.02-07 (Surgical Firestorms)

After getting out of the hospital on the 3rd, Toledo celebrates by not flying for another two days.

Then the Blue offensive starts, and I put a cunning plan into motion.


First, we hit the defenders of Gera in the southern part of the Red wedge.

The mission video

In which our weaponry is absurdly effective

We get a promotion and one of those things


Next, up Halle, as we continue hacking at the front line.

The mission video

In which we clean up surprisingly fast

Five air kills in total. Toledo is an A-10 ace now.


And now, we finish the cut. Also, there was some progress in the north, but I had nothing to do with it.

The mission video

In which the game expects us to have a satellite view of the area

I screwed up again, by the way. Red Crown did call "mission complete" after the tank hit, but long before we even spotted the trucks. She needs a vacation. Hawkeye will replace her in Iceland.

Here's the result of the surgery

I hope, I can finish the A-10A in one more update, because it's a one-trick ponywarthog, and at least the Harrier gets CAP missions, sometimes.

The interviews section I mentioned is here. Start with page 2.


Galaga Galaxian posted:

That Fitter from the first video wasn't polish, it had Czech(oslovakia) roundels.

It's not my fault so many countries stick to rearranging the same three fucking colours! And Poland isn't one of them.