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Part 89: Sub-Season 15A & 15B. Red Lightning (Mirage 5BA & F-4F)

Sub-Season 15A & 15B. Red Lightning - Continental Breakfast (Mirage 5BA & F-4F)


Dear Mum,

This is it! This is my final assignment! All need to do is fly slightly different kinds of the planes I've dealt with before in that desert country. Piece of cake - I did not have any problems with them last time. See you soon!

Hugs and sloppy kisses,

Here's a green-coloured variant of the Nesher/Dagger/Mirage 5_insert letter here_

There is something new in the list, and in the three lines, that are cut off.

The B-reel A

In which the fail reel succeeds beyond expectations

The last Phantom

There's nothing else to be excited about.

The B-reel B

In which the Phantoms can no longer sustain life


Dear Mum,

My jacket is still smouldering a little, but I've already packed up my rubber ducky, and the guys said they positively can't do anything to delay my departure. I hope, everybody at home is ready!

Hugs and sloppy kisses, with a smoky smell,