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Part 94: S15E05: 1979.09.26-27 (Deutsche Welle)

S15E05: 1979.09.26-27 (Deutsche Welle)

We get reinforcements: four new pilots join the squadron. Too bad, we stopped killing them off.


What better way to send off the Harrier, than a CAS mission?

The mission video

In which our aim is crap

Really crap. In our defence, the tanks were moving and armoured. We're not used to that at all.


What better way to send off Germany, than with our favourite mission type?

The mission video

In which we unleash our rage

Snakeyes are lovely.

That's our final roster with the four new arrivals at the bottom, next to the corpse of Mickey Hogg who still shows up for roll calls.

And so Barbie retires and sets off to find her Pegasus sister, who accidentally got replaced during engine maintenance.

P.S. I recorded the footage for the first update of the Iceland campaign. This game has not run out of zany yet.