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Part 96: S16E02: 1979.09.19-20 (Aircraft Carrier Theme Park)

S16E02: 1979.09.19-20 (Aircraft Carrier Theme Park)

1979.09.19 15:00-ish

You might have heard of Akureyri, it's one of the two slightly crazy airports in Iceland. I'll be visiting the other one later.

The mission video

In which we catch a glimpse of the ultimate terror

That sure was a landing. Not the deepest penetration, but it's in the top three.

Ejecting directly into the ship's infirmary hurts!

1979.09.20 6:30-ish

I take one evening off, and both fleets are about to ram each other.

We got so excited loading the Walleye II, we achieved this

Then we put the extra pair back for fear of the carrier imploding.

The mission video

In which we drop in with a neighbourly visit

That won't do. Let's try again...

The real mission video

In which we technically win

Hey, Michael Moore killed something.

I should probably make those Washingtons into earrings or something.

Another glimpse of shit flying over there.

And now...

(over the background of an Israeli tank burning under a Fishbed)

Here's the situation:
- The player's character is alive and not captured.
- The player's squadron did not suffer major losses.
- The player's carrier is well.
- There was no tank activity on this day at all, so the front line didn't move.

And this mess of scripting errors still fails you. And I have no idea why. The only guess is that the Kiev's carrier group hit a specific point on the map. It's random. In some of my attempts I got the line about strategic objectives in the debrief, and in some I didn't. No one plays this campaign, and if they do, they post threads asking if this crap is even winnable.

Anyway, the final roster

I'll throw together another attack-related update and move on to the F-14A.