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Part 98: Season 17. Northern Sabre F-14A Tomcat (77))

Season 17. Northern Sabre - Always Underpowered, Never Outgunned (F-14A Tomcat (77))

We get the same campaign intro as the Corsair.

S17E01: 1979.09.19 (The Fat Cat)


We start off with a minor case of air strike prevention. They are coming for the Phantom base at Keflavík.

There is one new weapon, which I'm not showing off in this update for the sake of my sanity.

I feel understaffed without a full page of Apex fodder.

Into the what?

The mission video

In which we feel the weight of the burden

We know how to burn through Sparrows.

Naturally, we also get a life bar extension medal


A naval patrol can bring all kinds of targets. Very few of them are satisfying.

The mission video

In which the rival flight is still at it

This is turning into Ace Combat: Infinity.

Before you ask, why my throttle is so low, the afterburners on the Tomcat here kick in with the throttle at 70% already.