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Part 1: You Got Water All Over My Margin

Suikoden Tunes - Into the World of Illusions (a must listen)

Suikoden Tunes - Name Entry

for reasons that make sense later, I will be naming my main character my real name, which is Miles.

I know, it is an awesome name, little sprite dude.

Okay, so let me start off by saying the original Suikoden is one of my favorite games of all time. I find it to be vastly superior to all of its sequels by a wide margin (hah) particularly in the area of music and story. The reason I prefer Suikoden so much is that it is a game which features very little, to no, chaff. The pacing is incredibly awesome and everything builds up just as you expect it to. Dungeons are generally very short, the story moves at a brisk pace, everything. This kind of goes the way of the asshole in II, where there are numerous segments where NOTHING happens.

The way this LP will run is that TWD will be pointing out bugs, glitches, and other exploitable things, while I cover the story and get all the Stars of Destiny and other such nonsense. The caveat, though, is that I will be playing using the worst characters at all possible times. The Suikoden games love to throw forced parties at you, which means that most of the time I won't be able to use this.

I, however, will do so at all possible opportunities.

Suikoden Tunes - Royal Palace

Thanks dad. I know, meeting the Emperor is really scary.

I also forgot to show off this rare loading screen

one thing I wanted to point out is that sometimes this maid will cut off the last letter of your name upon introducing herself. The first time I loaded the game, she called me Master Mile. Now she's getting it right. It's pluralized, you idiot.

Suikoden Tunes - Eternal Empire

almost immediately we're thrust into a world with history. We know, in the first two minutes of the game, that there was war. And if you know anything about Suikoden games, you'll know that there will be war again.

I would like you to have it. Take it with you.

Teo: Thank you, Your Highness. I, Teo, swear I will not disappoint you.

Barbarossa wants us to help out the Empire whilst Teo is away, since there is conflict at the Northern Checkpoint. We'll be a good little boy for now.

Barbarossa: You already resemble your father. I look forward to seeing you grow into manhood.

Anyway, one thing I also wanted to point out is that this is the only time someone follows you like a traditional RPG party. I kind of wish they just put that in, considering you can use six characters at a time.

Meet Kraze, Kraze is a total asshole. We'll be working under him for an incredibly short period of time.

Even Teo notices how much of a shit he is.

Suikoden Tunes - Main Theme, Guitar Version

So as you know, this is Gremio. Gremio is our motherfatherfriendlover, in that he creepily fills all four roles at once. I know Gremio is a dude, but they write everything he does in the most feminine way possible.

Gremio is so obsessed with the main character that his own father is just... whatever, over there

I plan on being a dick to everyone.

One thing I always find funny in Suikoden is that people will ask you questions but you never, well, answer them. It's like the main character hears a question, then walks away.

“How is your day?”

Time to leave.

Cleo is the feminazi of the entire game. If you didn't know she was a woman well you BETTER FUCKING PAY ATTENTION (she even says that “it's okay since it's my room” which I figure that would make it less okay)

I just figured you liked getting your ears pulled

Here's Ted, our best friend. He's one of my favorite characters in the series. He then joins our Entourage. I want countless pictures from that show done in the style of this game, or I'll do them myself if I have to.

Now's as good a time as any to explain gameplay. Our stats are divvied up in pretty typical fashion: Our attack power is our Power stat plus the attack power of the weapon we have equipped, currently at level 1. Armor is next, which is the defense stat plus the defensive power of our armor. Skill your accuracy and ability to dodge, and having low Skill means you'll be counter-attacked a lot, defense speaks for itself, as does speed. Magic is weird, because it affects both the power of spells and also how many spell slots you get for your Runes. Luck affects critical hit percentage, which is shown by having the camera ZOOM IN SUPER CLOSE on an enemy.

Ted just wants to be close to us. It's what friends are for. He asks us relentless questions about the Emperor and Windy and of course we don't answer because fuck questions.

just kidding, we do tell him about it but it's the whole black screen whatever

I'm gay

Ted: Say, Miles. There's something I want to tell you. Can you keep it a secret? Can you promise not to tell anyone what I'm about to say to you?

damn, and we were so close to crossing that bridge.

Cleo: I suggest you enjoy this time together.

Teo: Attention everybody. Tomorrow evening, I must travel north. Miles will be responsible for the household in my absence. I'd like you all to give him your full support. Gremio.

Gremio: Y-yes sir...

Teo: We've taken care of Miles since he was a baby thanks to your efforts. He's grown into a fine youth, I'm grateful of you.

in more ways than one

look at all the protectors we have.

Meanwhile, at night, which suddenly turns black-and-white because duh?

Gremio: Shall I wake him up?

Teo: No, let him sleep. It's not as if we'll never meet again. Gremio, take care of him, won't you?

Gremio: I will, Master Teo.

Today we begin work under the stupidity of Commander Kraze.

Immediately, we already have five party members of six. They're arranged in perfect order. Gremio and the main character both wield medium-range weapons, meaning they can attack from the front or back. Pahn, however, is short-ranged, while Cleo and Ted are long-ranged. Pahn comes with the Boar Rune, which allows him to perform a strong attack at the cost of making him Unbalanced (which basically makes him skip a turn).

Cleo, however, is the only character here besides Miles who is just absolutely phenomenal. She has absolutely insane stat growth, particularly in magic, and is always useful all the time.

So what does that mean? We'll never use her when we don't have to.

Teo's original reason for leaving was because of “bandits”, but this guy claims that there's a Liberation Army starting up somewhere. Hmm...

Kraze: Now for your first assignment. Listen carefully, I'll only tell you once. Northeast of Gregminster lies the Magician's Island. Leknaat the Seer lives there. She has been commissioned to look into the stars. Go there and bring back her results. Are you listening? Tell me where Magician's Island is.

because fuck you, Kraze

Kraze: Don't think you can treat me like a fool just because you're the son of a great general. Keep acting up and you'll be sorry.

Kraze:-to take you there. You'll find him in front of the barn.

Pahn: As if we were kids... I was hoping for something exciting.

Cleo: Take it easy, Pahn.

Gremio: You're right, and this job won't be so dangerous. Oh, I don't mean to imply you're not reliable, Master Miles, but...

Ted: Hey, Miles! We get to ride a Dragon, and meet a real Dragon Knight!

Meet Futch, another character whom the fandom enjoys.

We also meet his dragon, whose call is that of an elephant's. Don't ask me how that works.

Ted: You're a Dragon Knight? You're just a punk.

Ted: I'm a punk? I happen to be 300 years...

Gremio: All right, that's enough. Let's be on our way.

Futch: Hold on tight, or you'll fall off.

He's also a fucking asshole.

Suikoden Tunes - Fly, Black!


And so does this update.

God does it feel good to play a good game again.


"Tir" McDohl - Tenkai Star

Cleo - Tenman Star

Gremio - Tenei Star


Pahn - Tentai Star