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Part 4: The Soul Eater

Here we're given the chance to fight these dudes. But we're gonna do something else first so the kid can enjoy the anal rape a little longer. These guys only show if you talked to these kids before you left for Mt. Seifu. Otherwise, you'll never fight this really random battle.

if you take Varkas and Sydonia back to Kraze first, you get unique comments

Kraze: Never heard of them! Hand them over to Grady, Military Commander of Rockland! I can't be bothered with this!

well I never. Alright, I guess we should actually do our job.

Now we're up against the Empire's soldiers. They're pretty tough, and remain consistently tough throughout the game.

but they're nothing too bad right now.

this is one of those weird translation quirks – or perhaps weird coding originally. These kids just go back to their previous routine not even mentioning what you just did, like it never happened. And you'd think Kanaan would have commented or tried to stop us from fighting them, but he doesn't. It's one of the little things that the game kind of glosses over.

What? You captured them? I'll get Master Grady, then. Wait just a moment.

You didn't waste any time capturing the tax thieves.

Varkas: What do you mean tax thieves? You're the tax thief!

Grady: We'll place them in this dungeon here.

Something seems shady here.

Kanaan: This is dangerous, I'll hold onto it.


I don't trust this, not at all. Especially after what he said upon Ted's dramatic reveal.

Kanaan: You all go home and rest. I'm such a nice guy.

Pahn: Yeah, so nice it makes me cry. He's planning to take all the credit for himself.

Cleo: Let it go, Pahn. It wasn't such a big accomplishment anyway. I'm exhausted. I want to go home and rest.

Gremio remarks about making some great food, then Kanaan asks for Ted to come with him...

Kanaan: Oh, nothing much. It'll be over soon. Come along now.

before we go back, I make sure and snag these since we won't see them in shops again for quite some time. They are female-only, and the speed boost is ridiculous.

Cleo: What are you talking about? You'd eat anything to fill your stomach.

Pahn: You've got a point there! Hahaha!

Gremio: Young Master, I've made some tea.

Cleo asks if we miss our dad. I don't, because of the lovely lady protecting me.

Cleo: Young Master, where did you learn such language?! Pahn! Was it you?


Cleo: You're right. Compared to the days when we won the War of Succession, the Army's reputation has gone down the drain.

Gremio: That's because of shady characters like Kraze and Kanaan doing whatever they please.

well, let's head downstairs then.

Suikoden Tunes – Theme of Tension ~ Impact Version

Uh oh...

Gremio: Cleo! Pahn! Give us a hand!

Spelled WITHOUT a k.

Gremio: Young Master, don't just stand there!

Cleo: Take it easy on him. Look what just happened to his best friend. He's still in shock. Can you blame him? I'll help. Young Master, let me through.

Cleo: But, then, why would he have a magic wound?

Pahn: He's coming around.

Ted: Help me Miles.

Gremio: Relax, everything's fine. Tell us what happened.

Ted: Gremio, I...

Kanaan: Keep quiet will you. Commander Kraze is speaking with Lady Windy now.

Windy: You haven't changed a bit in 300 years. I'm envious.

Ted: You! You're that witch!

Windy: Well now, you remember me. That pleases me. Of course you've never left my mind for a moment. Now give me that rune on your right hand.

Ted: No way! I'd rather...

Windy: What are you doing??

Windy: Don't be a fool. If you use that here, you'll destroy yourself, too.

Pahn: What is going on here? It seems the Imperial Guard was after him. But how can that happen...

Gremio: What are you accusing Ted of? He's a good boy!

Pahn: I don't know, Cleo.

??? Translation fail spotted!

Another? Ted and Pahn are not best friends.

Gremio: Why should we call the Guard?

Pahn: We can't be sure. We can't cause problems while Master Teo is away.

Cleo: Well then, we'll wait until Ted wakes up.

Pahn: I'm going to go wake up the shopkeeper and buy some medicine.

Yeah, SURE you are.

Cleo: It's a nasty rain, gives me the shivers.

Ted: Uhhh...

Cleo: He's waking up...

Ted: … I'm sorry...

Gremio: Forget it. What did you mean by “Soul Eater”?

Ted: Miles, please, will you do something for me?

Suikoden Tunes – Touching Theme

Gremio: What's this?

Cleo: Not one of the 27 True Runes?

This plot point kicks off something that lasts the entire series. We've never learned what all the 27 True Runes are, but it is said that they govern the rules of the universe.

The Soul Eater, by the way, is the coolest Rune in the series. There's a Rune in IV that is just as cool, if not functionally as great.

Ted: The source of all this trouble, and why the Court Magician, Windy, is after me. I don't know why, but that witch wants this rune. I've been wandering the world for 300 years, trying to get free from her. I never thought she'd find me here. My mistake was using the Rune's power on Mt. Seifu. Miles...

Ted: I hate to bring friendship into this, and knowing it will bring unhappiness. But, but... you're the only one! Please protect this rune!

Ted: Please take it... please take this rune.

Hell no! This shit sounds like danger zone.

Ted: Please... you're the only one I can depend on.

it's a but thou must thing, you have to

Ted: But you must never... never let it fall into Windy's hands. Give me your right hand, Miles.

A loud crash breaks the moment.

Ted: But now. I think. I can...

Kraze: Give us Ted. We know he's here. Loyal Pahn told us.

Cleo: Pahn! You!

Gremio: Why, Pahn? How can you do this?

Pahn: I can't lose his trust in me. Please understand.

Kraze: Drag Ted out of there.

Cleo: No one, even a commander of the Imperial Guard can enter Master Teo's house without just cause.

Gremio: That's right! I swear on my hatchet I won't let you pass.

Ted gets up from the bed and comes to the front of the house.

Ted: I'll be the bait... while you escape.

Gremio: Then what about you, Ted.

Ted: Don't worry about me. I'll get away, too.

I don't know how they carried this conversation in front of these people without any of them hearing it.

We're now out in the streets of Gregminster while it pours.

If you talk to a guard, the main character instantly runs away from them.

What you need to do is go to Marie's inn nearby, she'll take us in.

Marie: What the... oh well, you probably can't tell me about it. Don't worry. You're welcome to hide out here, I'll put it on your tab.

Cleo: For now, we'd better find a way to escape Gregminster.

Gotta wait here for awhile, but after a minute he lets us go downstairs.

-on a holiday, sent to search for someone all night, finally find a moment to catch some rest... and you come along!

I enjoy the fact that no one in the Empire knows what Teo McDohl's son looks like.