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Part 7: Tragedy Strikes

Sarady is the first place in the game we can buy Water crystals, and thus healing spells. Unfortunately, unless you want Cleo to not be an offensive cannon mage, there's no one to put this on right now.

I mean, I will, but I want to explore some more first, lady.

yes, that is all this dude says if you come here like you're supposed to.

Suikoden Tunes - Touching Theme
Odessa: Me neither, but the light breeze makes me feel better. Can I tell you something?

Odessa: I see, let me ask you this then... do you still want to go back to the Empire?

Odessa: Of course you do, your father is Teo McDohl, Hero of the Empire. My father, Leon Silverberg, fought for the Emperor in the War of Succession years ago. I, like you, was brought up in the aristocracy, pretending to be blind to the injustices that permeate the Empire. But, one day, I realized I was not just Leon Silverberg's daughter, but an independent woman named Odessa. I hope that you, too, will someday be called Miles McDohl, and not just “Teo's son”.

Odessa: You're strange. I feel compassion when I'm with you. I suppose Viktor brought you to us because he felt something special in you. There are many in the Liberation Army. Warriors like Flik, Humphrey, Sanchez... but nobody has eyes like yours. Eyes that draw people to you. Many people... if I should ever...

Odessa: Mose certainly keeps unusual company. How is he? I received a letter from him mentioning that a pigeon of his was sick. I find it hard to imagine Mose taking care of a sick pigeon.

Kage: Very strange, my lady. Sir Mose does not keep any pigeons.

Kage: I never betray a contract.

Odessa: This is the blueprint for the Fire Spear. Please deliver this. The future of the Liberation Movement depends on it.

it appears our work is done here.

Odessa: We finished our business last night, didn't we, Miles?

Cleo: Come to think of it, Young Master's bed was empty in the middle of the night.


Time to head back to Lenankamp, also... heart-shaped forest.

one thing kinda nifty about Wind of Sleep is that the music slows down in a wonky fashion when you cast it. Neat.

The Imperials have found the hideout. Uh oh.

Odessa, of course, runs off ahead. Probably not the best idea.

There are many cadres of soldiers down here, but they're nothing too bad. Good for EXP, though.

You hear a tiny, canned girl shriek when this happens. Probably the only instance of voice acting in the first two games.

Time to burn them all.

Suikoden Tunes – Theme of Sadness ~ Ensemble Version

She was, of course, protecting a small boy.

Viktor: Odessa! What have you done? Without the Liberation Army...

Odessa: I'm... so sorry, Viktor. It appears... I've chosen to be a woman... instead of... leader of the Liberation Army... I couldn't let that child die. I'm a failure... as a leader...

Cleo: Don't talk! You'll reopen your wound!

Odessa: I have... two requests. First... give this earring... to a man called Mathiu... in the village of Seika...

Odessa: My other request... please... throw my body... into the stream there...

Viktor: He's right, Odessa. Why do you ask such a thing?!

Odessa: If the Liberation forces find out I'm dead... the Movement will lose faith and die... that is why you must keep my death a secret. The tiny... newborn hope... must be kept... alive...

Odessa: tell him that his kindness always saw me through hard times. Well... it appears the end is near... Miles, I hope that you will be able to see the Free World that I was... never able to...

Viktor: Goodbye, Odessa...

One thing to notice now is that we have our first spell with our Soul Eater Rune, Deadly Fingertips. Deadly Fingertips removes an enemy from the battlefield, basically an instant-death spell. Plot-wise, the game explains this much better later on, but basically the Soul Eater governs Life and Death. In its hunger, it must consume souls to feed its own power. When it has no souls to feed on, it will turn on its owner, as we saw with Ted. Odessa's death, and her proximity to the main character upon her demise, fed the Rune enough to unlock its first level of spells.

that kind of looks like a fortress I guess

Suikoden Tunes - Imperial Gates

Cleo: He doesn't know us, but he certainly knows your face.

Gremio: Can we get away with it? Let's test our luck.

Viktor: No problem. Meanwhile, let's decide on fake names. We'll be in trouble if anyone asks who we are.

Gremio: I'll be Roi.

Viktor: You don't look like a Maria.

Cleo: What did you say?!

Viktor: Hmm, I guess I'll be...

Best name ever.

We all know how this will go.