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Part 8: The Man from Seika

don't mind if I do-skis

literally just ...'s from Gremio and Cleo, and Viktor brushing it off. Translation oversight or silly non-sequitur?

jujube is a Korean/Chinese/Indian date. Of all things to peddle.

Not you, the runt! You look like that fugitive kid, Miles McDohl...

This is Ain Gide, he is the least fleshed out of the Empire's generals so you'll see him here and promptly never see him again until near the end of the game.

Cleo: Uh oh, if Lord Ain sees me...

Gremio somehow provides a clever diversion.

Gremio: Always causing trouble! And completely useless, too. Now they think you're a fugitive! You're a pain in the neck even when you're doing nothing! Sir, if you find this boy suspicious, I'll be glad to lop off his head, right here and now.

Our fathermotherfriendlover got some backbone.

why thank you, plot convenience, we will not ever see you again in any future Suikoden game


I bet you are. Bow chika wow wow...

No, Viktor, I do not have a big heart.

Cleo: Young Master, you know Gremio spoke like that to save you.

no you cannot actually kill Gremio right here

Chandler: I hope someday I'll have my own store.

I hope he sells Friends merchandise

The other side of the wall has much tougher foes. The target ladies can do a lot of damage with magic, and they order their squirrels to soar into the air and shove a bucket on your head

The Bucket status drastically lowers your accuracy, kind of like a sillier version of Blind.

This is Deadly Fingertips, and it proves particularly useful in erasing Target Ladies. When they're gone, flying squirrels do nothing to you.

There's also hordes of black rabbits out here with murderous axes. These foes are particularly dangerous right now because they can and will target back-row characters with reckless abandon.

Suikoden Tunes – Eternal Flow ~ Theme of Seika (and Kaku, and the next town, Kouan)

Let's head into Seika, to find this Mathiu guy. Seika gives us an opportunity to do something first before we meet Mathiu.

The Clone Rune goes great on Viktor, but it is a very selective Rune. Pahn's Boar Rune can only be put on fighters who use claws and/or bare fists as weapons, whereas the Clone Rune can only be put on 2-handed sword users. Generally you want to pawn the Clone Rune off to someone else but at the moment it makes up for Viktor's shitty SKL stat.

There's a random out-of-work chef in Seika who wants to open up a new restaurant. Interesting.

Marie: No, I don't blame you. Fate, that's all.

that nice inn lady from Gregminster is also on the run, and she stays in Seika for the time being.

so another oversight: WE know this is Mathiu, but our group does not, so he tricks us.

all we find in his house are love-stricken children


he is the worst trickster ever

Mathiu: Yes, I'm Mathiu. What can I do for you?

Gremio: We're here to honor Odessa's last request. She asked us to deliver this earring to you...

Mathiu: She was a fine young woman, except she got mixed up in that...

Viktor: That? That what? I don't like the tone in your voice. What's wrong with what Odessa was doing?

Mathiu: She was a fool. I knew it would come to this. I cannot accept this earring. Please leave.

there's also this chick, whose comments throughout the game are Captain Obvious at worst and mildly interesting at best

Cleo: Me too, but why did Odessa ask us to see him?

Just then, a bunch of Imperial soldiers arrive! Awesome.

Mathiu Silverberg. You are hereby ordered to return to duty in the Imperial capital. There's no reason why a fine doctor like you should waste his talents in this pathetic village. Why, you're a hero of the Battle of Kalekka.

We have been ordered by Lord Kasim Hazil to bring you with us by force, if necessary.

Mathiu: I have no intention of returning to Imperial service.

Maybe we'll send him to the Banaar Mines... pretty hard labor there. Who knows if the kid'll survive...

Time to step in, I think.

We have to, BUT THOU MUST

Viktor: We're taking over this fight.

What? Who are you?

Friendly neighborhood Stars o' Destiny

you were saying

Mathiu: Oh my god... all this killing, in front of the children.

Mathiu: How do I know? I still keep in touch with a few friends from the Imperial army.

Gremio: Those Imperial soldiers called you Mathiu Silverberg...

Mathiu: That's right. Odessa, Odessa Silverberg was my sister.

Cleo: Then why did you say such terrible things about her?

Mathiu: But not Odessa. She chose to fight her beliefs. How did Odessa describe me?

Cleo: Just as a man in Seika named Mathiu...

Mathiu: I see... I guess she never forgave me. Odessa told me that a powerful man who doesn't use his power is a coward. Yes, I am a coward. I would rather be a coward than have to bear seeing that awful sight again. Even if it meant being rejected by my own sister.

Gremio: Awful sight?

Mathiu: But today... I realized something. Even if I close my eyes, the world will not disappear. From now on, I will strive for what Odessa was striving for.

Gremio: You'll accept this earring, then?

Mathiu: Earring? You should keep this...

Mathiu: Look at it closely. There's a map inscribed it in that shows the location of the Liberation Army's hideout. Whoever holds this earring is destined to lead the Freedom Fighters.

Mathiu: But you, Miles, are a born leader. I'm sure Odessa realized that. That's why she wanted to meet you. Please accept this earring, and live out your destiny as a leader.

but I MUST

Mathiu: Henceforth, I shall call you Master Miles.

I always read this as him talking about himself

Well I guess we're good to go dudes.

Mathiu: To revive the Liberation Army, you must recruit volunteers. People who are dissatisfied with the Empire. And to do so, we need a headquarters. I'm thinking of a place much bigger than the previous one. A place that can withstand attack from the Imperial Army. There's an abandoned castle in the middle of Lake Toran that I believe would be perfect for our purposes. Why don't we make for Kaku, a town on the shores of a lake?

The Clone Rune is good for taking out the annoying Rocs, who have high physical defense.

Let's get to Kaku then, Mathiu will join us later.

Kaku has two cool things: A place to sharpen weapons, although they won't go past level 5, but for future reference.

It has an armor shop! Guard robes are nice for characters like Cleo who need that magic bonus.

it does not, however, have a boat right now.


Mathiu Silverberg - Tenki Star