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Part 11: Like a Thief in the Night

well ain't that a problem

Viktor: When will he be free?

The solution, of course, is to talk to that creepy guy Krin we saw in Lenankamp earlier.

Krin: You guys would never get in, even if you spent years in front of his house. I have a much better plan. Care to hear me out? You'll be able to meet Lepant.

There are some interesting comments to garner from Krin if you refuse him here, but TWD will probably cover that.

Krin: Good, but this is not the place. Let's go to the inn.

yes, let's head five feet over to the left and suddenly a shroud of silence covers us and protects us from eavesdroppers.

Krin: Don't rush me now. Do you know why Lepant won't see anyone? He doesn't want to get involved with guys like you who defy the Empire.

Cleo: But why? That's not what Mathiu told us about him.

Krin: I don't know anything about that. But let's get down to details, Lepant treasures two things above all else. One, his wife Eileen, the other is his great sword Kirinji.

Yes, to get this next character, we need to blackmail him by stealing something he owns. Great. Krin tells us to wait next to Lepant's house later tonight.

Viktor: Who's pretending? We are thieves.


you all are supposed to believe it's nighttime, by the way

time to play Thi4f. Krin won't come with us... this time.

Suikoden Tunes – Intrusion (warning: spoils the name of a future dungeon AND major spoilers in the comments. I, however, consider it a must-listen for its slow, awesome build-up)

We start out on the rafters, and must climb down to the mansion below.

One enemy down here are Slot men, or animated treasure chests. They do kind of wacky shit but die easily. Note the commonality between the enemies here... it'll make sense soon.

Rock here guards vaults. He wants to know if our vault back at the base is large.

He knows we want to build one, so he'll do it for us. Vaults are places we can store our items throughout the series since there is only so much we can carry on our own.

The other enemies down here are robot soldiers and spearmen. They're pretty dangerous, so I tend to nuke them with Cleo.

Except I forgot they're strong against Fire. As you can see, Sansuke is totally fucking worthless.

Every now and again, Suikoden dungeons have puzzles. They're never really that tough, most of the time. This one requires us to walk in a pattern such that no guard catches us in their line of sight. It's really easy to navigate. If we fail, they teleport us back to the beginning of the room.

Down here we get some paint, a somewhat useless item that helps fill in a painting later on when we get more recruits. I tend to get all of them because the painting is cool, I guess.

Down here is Juppo, who we know is a trickster from Meg. You can't not miss this guy, and he'll talk to you even if you don't talk to him.

Juppo: I'm Juppo the Trickster. Who are you?

Cleo: Trickster: Did you make this contraption?

Juppo: That's right, that's right. Do you like it?

Viktor: Hey, you, turn off that infernal contraption. Right now.

Juppo: So enjoy it, soldiers of the Liberation Army.

Yes, Juppo is also an asshole.





So you will either land on a jester demon face, which leads to an enemy encounter, +10 or -10 EXP from all characters, or a treasure item (and occasionally the “?” tile which can be random as fuck). We want to land on the opposite end, but the game does not like getting you there, no it does not.

I'm on my tenth try. The game keeps loving to throw me at random enemies. Fuck this shit.

And on my eleventh, I get in.

Gremio: Cleo, let's get going.

Viktor: Don't be such a chicken, Gremio.

Gremio: We can't have the McDohl scion getting captured as a common thief.

After beating the game, you no longer have to worry about doing it ever again, it'll take you back to the other side.

Krin: Good work. Let's go back to the inn.

Gremio: You knew, yet you still made me go?

Krin: No harm done, hee hee. Anyway...

… uhhh

Cleo: Tea?

Gremio: Tea?

Viktor: Did you say tea?

I am not drinking tea ever again thanks to this game. Even tea I make for myself.

Krin: Oh, no, you go ahead. I didn't work, so I'm not tired, hee hee.

Viktor: That figures. Think we're stupid enough to fall for such an old trick?

Sick burns all over da place.

Looks like Lepant found out about us.

Krin is, like many people in the Suikoden series, also a goddamn asshole.

Lepant: Return it immediately, or I'll...

Suikoden Tunes – Main Theme, Guitar Version

Lepant: What? Mathiu... if he's involved, I'd like to help you. But there are certain things I cannot give up, so please return Kirinji and be on your way.

Lepant: I'm sorry, but when I think about how my wife will miss me, I can't.

It's not over yet.

The Imperials took Eileen just now. Lepant's having a no good very bad day.

You cannot see Commander Kraze without an appointment.

You thought we'd be rid of him so soon? Think again.

So Lepant fucks their shit up and enters anyway.

Lepant: Shut up, you common criminal!

He once again dispatches the two of them and keeps barreling onward. I'm beginning to like this guy.

This is the first instance of characters being shoved into your party before a battle in the series. Unfortunately for the first game, this tends to happen with S-range characters, who lack Runes, so therefore they can do jack shit in battle since they're put in the back row.

We'll be taking out Sansuke for the time being.

As you can see, he can do nothing. Luckily, these dudes are very easy.

But you only have to fight one battle with him in the back, so it's no big deal.

Kraze: How dare you get in the way of my promotion! And now you're getting in the way of my pleasure!

Lepant: You're disgusting! Release Eileen immediately!

This is much better, even though he's only marginally better than Sergei.

I did forget that Lepant has nothing for defense on right now though. Oops.

Gremio: What a rogue. Rotten to the core, when I think that I was taking orders from this creature.

Kraze: Say what you will, I have to protect myself. By the way, let me bring out that old friend of yours! Hey! Come out!

Come on Pahn, you're better than this.

Pahn: Yet my heart still aches. I-I want to follow my heart... whether my heart is right or wrong will be judged by history.

Kraze: Pahn, what are you talking about?

Pahn: You're a pig in human skin! Take this!

Viktor: You seem to be hated by a lot of people.

Kraze: Now wait a minute, take it easy. Think of what will happen to your father Teo if anything happens to me.

This is the one and only time we can get away with killing someone. So let's do it.

And thus he is killed off-screen.

Afterward, we can ask Pahn to join us. You HAVE to forgive him and have him join, as his role is important later.

Lepant: I pretended to be blind to the Empire's cruelties, but I was just trying to protect my family. And look where it's gotten me. Eileen...

Eileen is the domestic housewife who says very little throughout the whole game.

Lepant: You are no longer my wife.

Eileen: W-what?! W-why, Lepant?!

Lepant: I am joining the Liberation Army. I won't be able to return.

Eileen: You're a cruel man. What do you take me for?

Lepant: If you come, you'll suffer.

Eileen: I've been prepared for the worst ever since I married you.

a whole update of sick burns

While it says that only Lepant is recruited, Giovanni, Eileen, Juppo and Krin have also joined us.

I guess we'll head back to HQ now.


Rock – Chison Star

Juppo – Chisyun Star

Eileen – Tenkou Star

Krin – Chizoku Star

Giovanni – Chiyou Star

Lepant – Tengou Star