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Part 16: The Failed Attack on the Gay Agenda

Viktor: Sorry, Flik. Because I was careless, Odessa...

Flik: It's not your fault, is it? Odessa used to say to me, “You should be more aware of your position as a leader. Those words are coming back to haunt me. Maybe she knew that her death was imminent. But I was unworthy of her expectations.

Flik: No wonder she gave up on me. Miles, I can't accept you as a leader yet, but this is no time for bickering. So, I have a request. Will you join forces with me?

BUT THOU MUST, a common trope in Suikoden

Suikoden Tunes – Advancing Army

Flik: After the hideout at Lenankamp was attacked, I escaped towards Milich's domain in the west.

Sanchez: Milich... you mean Milich Oppenheimer, one of the Five Great Imperial Generals.

Flik: Right, I was out there rounding up former soldiers of the Liberation Army who were scattered all over the place. Suddenly there was a crackdown on many rebel factions, and many of our comrades were captured. That was when I heard about a revived Liberation Army and came here. We must unite our forces to take Milich's domain.

Mathiu:-to the west, the Fortress of Garan. Commander Miles, what do you think?


This is very much a minor skirmish. There's no big leader here, and their forces are weak.

With the addition of Sheena, Lepant's family is now a considerable charging force. Kwanda also joined Gaspar in Invulnerable Defense to become the third-best charge unit. Fu Su Lu and Gon now complete the Kobolds unit, which is weak but not terrible. Flik now heads a unit, the “Warrior's Village Kids”, and we'll learn more about them much later.

Forest Protectors is now the best archer unit, and remains so for most of the game, with the help of Sylvina and Stallion. Lorelai is now the head of a unit, the “Adventurers” archer unit. This actually ties into Lorelai's character, but in the later games only.

Apple is now a Strategist, and she'll help boost our charge power. I wanted to note that people in the “Others” column can be used per-character, with varying levels of success. Chandler, for example, is the worst of the “Merchant” unit, same with Giovanni in the “Thieves” unit. Anyone in the Charge/Bows/Magic units can only be used once, as the unit comprises ALL the characters instead of just using them one by one.

After boosting Charge with Mathiu, giving Lepant's family 39 attack power, the Garan soldiers don't stand a chance.

The Garan soldiers pretty much just charge a lot, so it's easy to stomp them.

Gremio: Whew! Young Master, are you all right?

Pahn: Master Miles, let's attack immediately and finish them off.

Mathiu: Let's send a reconnaissance team to find out what they're up to.

And here's why Flik is so goddamn stupid in the first game.


Suikoden Tunes – Theme of Narcissism

Those tricky gays, always got something up their sleeves.

Yeah, so... this is supposed to go super badly. You'll retreat after the first turn.

Sanchez: Perhaps we should send a reconnaissance party.

I had to switch back to a different plugin because war battles were being shitty so I apologize in advance.

Flik also joins us, to see what kind of leader we are. And, as usual, Gremio comes as well. But Viktor argues against it.

Viktor: Not a kid who needs your protection.

Gremio: B-but that's no reason why I shouldn't come along.

Viktor: After leaving my village behind, I traveled all over the place. I met all kinds of people, and experienced many things. That's why sometimes I have hunches. Gremio, stay here.

I don't like possible veiled foreshadowing


Truer words cannot be said.

So Flik, as you can expect, is ridiculous. He is fast, strong, a fantastic magic user, all of it. One of the best characters in the game by a wide margin. He also comes with a Thunder Rune, the first time we've seen it the whole game.

Suikoden Tunes – Rising Tide ~ Teien (and Rikon as well) (must listen)

The first town nearby is Teien. It's a cozy little portside town and behind the BGM is the constant sound of water flowing.

Hellion: I myself wield power over a rune. That Soul Eater of yours has unlimited possibilities, but evil intentions. I wonder what controls it. I'd like to look into your future, ok? Not for free, of course. I'll lend you my power. Deal?

Hellion is another very important recruit. She gives us the Blinking Mirror, which allows us to return to the HQ at any time, right where Viki is. This is super mega impossibly useful.

The local item shop sells yellow paint and yellow flower seeds, one being optional the other being necessary for a future recruit. It also sells Killer Runes, one of which is going on Viktor as soon as possible.

Teien is awesome because we can now sharpen our weapons to level 12.

There are two other recruits here but they are story recruits so we can't get them whatsoever at the moment. This guy, however, will join us when we are level 40. In fact, he tells you how many levels higher you need to be to be strong enough for him.

Suikoden Tunes – Peaceful People ~ Antei (must listen)

The next place we're visiting is Antei. The only reason we're coming here right now is for the armor and rune shop.

Translation: "White Beer", but it should be "Bière".

Milich has given French names to all of the towns in the area, as a sign of his oppressive rule. Teien, for example, is called “Lac Virginite” (Lake Virginity).

We can also recruit another super-important person, Chapman. Chapman is our armorer, and we'll never ever have to go to any town to buy shit from them ever again.

Jeane's also here, a runemaster.

Jeane, like Viki, has been in every mainline title. Her origins and the reason why she seemingly never ages across the series is one that has been left to mystery, with Konami unwilling to explore it.

As you can see, Flik is pretty beastly. And he loves forcing himself into our party, too.

There's also the small town of Rikon, which has a couple recruits we can (maybe) get right now.

Jabba is our castle appraiser, but won't join until we get a Nameless Urn to drop from the Holly Fairys outside town. This can take a short time, or forever, depending on the RNG.

Lotte here is looking for her cat. If you remember, the only cat we've ever seen in the game is in Kaku, so let's go there.

Our castle, by the way, is now level 3. Which means we have about fifty recruits.

Catching this cat is kind of a pain, but it's not overly difficult.

Especially if you can dash.

Suikoden Tunes – Glorious Island Fortress ~ HQ Theme #2

Juppo has a lab in the dungeon, and Krin kind of bumbles around nearby. Weirdos.

Lotte's not half bad, but she's not a particularly great mage, either.

The Lightning Rune's Raging Blow spell is one of the strongest in the game. Very powerful.

Mina: My name is Mina, I'm a dancer.

She will only join you if you wear the Toe shoes and dance with her. We have to do something similar in the next game, but it becomes an actual minigame there.

Suikoden Tunes – This Sweetie is the Town Treasure

And that's all you need to do to get her to join.

I forgot to come by and say hi to Quincy, a hunter, who sticks around the Fortress of Garan after you've taken it. He only joins if we have eighty recruits. So right now we're sitting at forty-nine. Damn.

I got lucky and found this in just a few battles. Let's go get our last recruit for the update.

And now we've completed the full set of merchants in our castle. Awesome.

what were we doing again? Oh yeah, reconnaissance. I'll get right on that.


Flik – Tenan Star

Chapman – Chiyu Star

Hellion – Chisyu Star

Jabba – Chisei Star

Jeane – Chiketsu Star

Lotte – Chiku Star

Mina – Chiin Star