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Part 19: Battle at Scarleticia Castle

Cleo: Death and war are inseparable, but still...

Pahn is a master of words.

Viktor: This is our chance to attack Milich's castle. If you don't command the troops, I will. No... you should. For a leader of the Liberation Army, weakness is unforgivable.

Camille: Listen, do your utmost to protect the life that Gremio gave you. Don't you dare let his death be in vain. Otherwise, I'll never forgive you.

Flik: You'd better live up to Odessa's, and Gremio's, expectations.

There's no time to grieve. It's time to fuck shit up.

Liukan: I became sick of this world, and retired to the mountains as a recluse, planning to lead a quiet life. But I changed my mind. I would like to fight alongside you. Let me join you, Commander Miles.

Here we go!

Suikoden Tunes – War! ~ Collision

Viktor: Not this time!

With Gremio gone, the Commander's Team has sunken to third-best, tied with Fishermen, who have risen thanks to Kimberley joining their ranks.

Our pirate buddies are now a charge unit, and they are powerful. Liukan joined the Old Soldiers with Kai, we have a new unit “Carpenters” (Gen, Kamandol, Tesla), and Jabba brought the Tricksters up to 6 Power, while still being weak as fuck.

Mina joined the Adventurers unit, and...

We have a lot more mages now. Magicians now includes Hellion and Jeane, making them pretty good but not as great as Children of the Runes.

First I send Krin over to see what they're doing. He instead stole 2000 bits. Fucker.

Thankfully their first move was to Charge, so Luc's True Wind Rune took off almost 5,000 units.


I got lucky and he decided to use Milich's Attack, making him weak to bows.

Blindsided Milich's bow move with the Pirates, and thus they fell under our blades.

Suikoden Tunes – Gorgeous Scarleticia

Viktor and Flik are the only people who join us on this crusade for Milich's head. So I randomly throw in some others.

I choose Pahn, Cleo, and Camille because it just seems right considering they were the only people really “involved” with Gremio.

Gremio's death also gave us Black Shadow, an all-enemy damage move from the Soul Eater. It's more useful than Deadly Fingertips by a lot.

that is seriously the biggest rose I've seen since the FFIX LP

Scarletitia is very small, but it does have the red paint, and a few other items. The enemies in here are the same as outside on the world map, with a few from Soniere as well. There is, however, a minor secret.

if you answer the truth (that he is a creep) this room will not open

in Milich's underground homo orgy room there's not much, aside from a Window setting (for a character later) and a Magic rune piece which boosts magic

Ivanov, the painter who will accept the paints that we have, won't join us until after we deal with Milich.

Black Shadow does about 350-400 damage, more than enough to deal with those frog/venus flytrap assholes. The reason I hate them is that they swallow characters and then ingest them, dealing 3 hits for a lot of damage. They love to do this over anything else, as well.

Upstairs is a little more elegant, and holds one of the best Runes in the game. The Spark Crystal is born to be put on a fast as fuck character, because a Spark Rune user allows every other party member to go after that person in succession, ignoring their individual speed stats. This can be very, very useful in the hands of Krin or Stallion if you happen to have a bunch of slow tanks in your party.

Kasios, who likes to sing and is not-a-girl despite being androgynous as fucking fuck, won't join us unless his master Milich allows him to.

Viktor: Milich! I'll get you!

Milich: Ouch! It hurts! My arm! My arm is burning! Lady Windy's Rune is melting. Stop it.

Once again, we find that the dirty Rune given to Kwanda was also given to Milich.

Viktor: Better count your remaining seconds, Milich.

Pahn: I'll strike you down to avenge Gremio.

Cleo: Likewise, prepare to die.

Milich: Gremio? Avenge?

Mathiu: Wait everybody! General Milich, were you wearing a Black Rune...

Pahn: That's right, we can't forgive him.

Flik: What do you think, Miles?

Choosing to side with Viktor, Pahn, and Cleo about avenging Gremio leads to Milich's death, of course. And we can't do that, because it was not directly Milich's fault.

Viktor: That's right. I can't understand you.

Flik: Stop it, Viktor.

Viktor: Flik! Don't stop me.

Flik: That's enough. It's the leader's decision. Follow his orders.

who else, dumbass

Milich: You are... Teo's son. … Commander Miles of the Liberation Army, I have a request. I, Milich Oppenheimer, would like to join your army. The Emperor has been enraptured by Windy's resemblance to his late Empress Claudia. But unlike Empress Claudia, Windy is a sorceress with evil intent. I must stop him from being misled. So I beg of you, please let me join the Liberation Army.

Things are not good, though... Imperial troops are assembling near our base.

Kasumi: Rokkaku held off Imperial rule for a long time, but it finally fell to Teo McDohl's forces. Our boss, Hanzo, helped me to escape, with instructions to report the carnage to the Liberation Army. Master Miles, I would like to join you in battle.

Well now we have a ninja. Can this game get more Japanese? Yes it can.

Are you now?

This is gonna be a tough fight.

but I'd rather be a whiny little bitch

Suikoden Tunes – War! ~ Collision

As you can see, Teo's troops are on mounted cavalry, with long ass lances. We, however, are only rocking infantrymen. Advantage: Teo.

They run us through like fuckin' butter.

I totally just convinced Teo's soldiers to come to my side.

No it's not.

Although his cavalry is considered a Charge attack, your magicians will not be able to counter it.

So now Teo has caught us totally unawares.

By the way, those are weird fucking mounts.

Cleo: Pahn! You can't fight them alone. Do you want to die?

Pahn: I don't plan to. But unless we are willing to risk our lives, we'll never stop Master Teo.

The right answer is of course “Good luck” which prompts Pahn to mention that he'll be back for dinner.

Pahn: I'm sorry, but I can't.

Teo: Dare you defy me, Pahn?

Pahn: I was once an Imperial subject, and betrayed Master Miles. But now... now I know exactly what I want, and how I want to live. Now that I know those things, I cannot let them go.

This is by far the hardest Duel in the entire series. Mostly because the game never makes you use Pahn after he joins you, which is EXACTLY why I've been using him every chance I get. To win this Duel, you need Pahn to be at least level 30+, have a level 11+ weapon, and the best armor available. The worst part about this duel is that Teo's taunts are very, very hard to read most of the time. His first taunt to us is, “Finish me with a single blow.” which makes you THINK you should Desperate Attack him, but what it means is that HE is going to desperate attack.

A second taunt, this one for a regular attack. Time to Desperate Attack.

He's seriously doing the same damage to us as we are doing to him. This fight is no joke at all. Most players lose Pahn right here, because of a lack of foresight. But why would anyone think this would happen?

Another attack, another Desperate Attack from us.

Pahn could be killed in a single blow here, or two, if we're lucky.

Even 30 less HP and Pahn would have been dead.

Teo: You've improved, Pahn.

Teo: I said retreat, are your deaf? (yes that typo is there in the game)

Pahn: Ha ha, I won? Or did he show me mercy, and let me go?

you're seriously fucking old dude


Liukan – Chirei Star

Milich Oppenheimer – Tenkyu Star

Kasumi – Chikyu Star