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Part 21: Taking Down Teo

Suikoden Tunes – Distant Mountain

it appears our wonderful friends Ledon and Kessler are here, and are in trouble with an Amazonian woman

Ledon: First I get chased off the mountain, and then I get captured by a giant woman.

Ronnie Bell: What did you call me? “Giant Woman”?!

Ledon: N-no, I mean...

I don't really want to help these guys

Ronnie Bell: If you don't stop insulting me, you'll be sorry.

Ledon: W-wait a minute, please. I only called you “giant woman” once.

Kessler: I only said “giant woman” once, too.

I really, really don't want to help these guys

Because why not?

Ronnie Bell: Eeeek! Who was it this time?!

Ledon: Y-you're the one who was with Lady Odessa.

Tai Ho: Do you know these guys, Miles?

Ledon: What do you mean? You and Lady Odessa stayed at our inn. Don't you remember that tea? Uhhh... forget about that.

Ronnie Bell: You fellows keep talking about Odessa. Do you mean Lady Odessa Silverberg? Who are you? The leader of the Liberation Army? Oh my god. I'd better go tell Mose. You've business in the secret factory? Follow me.

Anyway, the two bumbling bandits join us by just talking to us. They tell us the Imperials chased them off Mt. Tigerwolf, which, I mean, was really bound to happen sooner or later.

I was just outside, you freak of nature.

Kage is here, and he flat out tells us that he is not really our ally, except...

If we pay him. He requires 20,000 bits for service, which you can make in all of a minute in Kalekka. Keep him in mind when we get into Suikoden II, because his role in this game pretty much ends here story-wise.

Mose: We heard that the hideout was attacked, and we were very worried. How is Lady Odessa doing?

We tell him the truth, the only truth we can tell.

Mose: I guess that blueprint of the Fire Spear has become a keepsake.

Tai Ho: Fire Spear? Do you have Fire Spears?!

Mose: Of course, but what about a boat? We can't transport them unless we have a boat.

Not even close, lady. I like my men to not have tits.

But first, we go back to the castle bath to relax a little. It was a long trip north. Here's what happens if you have an antique on you (we have both a wide urn and a flower painting). You can place them on any pedestal you want.

Whereas paintings go on the bath walls, we can only place two. One for the girls, one for the boys.

Before that, though, we go talk to Melodye who wanted the Sound Rune. He has a way with sounds... which basically amounts to allowing us to change the sounds our menu makes when we do different things. Some of these are interesting, they're mostly ridiculous. I personally like setting all my menus to make frog noises.

Tai Ho: Don't be such a stranger, Kun To.

Kun To: Tai Ho! I heard you moved to Kaku. Have you decided to join up with me again?

Tai Ho: No, actually, I have a request. Do you still make a living with boats?

Kun To: Yep, that's my vocation. If I don't work, I don't eat.

Kun To: Ten boats? Doing dirty work again? The Imperial forces have been on the lookout lately, so I can't do much in the way of illegal work.

Tai Ho: Do you mean to refuse?!

Kun To: I guess I owe you one, don't I?! I'll get your boats then. Do what you want with 'em.

that was absurdly easy

We watch as giant woman puts all the spears on the boats.

You can do it, because you're secretly a MAN. Or not, I'm just talking shit.

After some awkward flirting by Mose about how much he likes Ronnie Bell's strength, they both join us.

I think our child slave valet enjoys being a child slave valet more than he should.

With the Fire Spears, we're ready to take on Teo again.

Shut the fuck UP, Tai Ho!

Let's talk about our new allies. Kessler joined the Bandits to make them pretty strong. There's a new unit, “Fellows”, made up of Blackman who is not black and Ivanov the painter; we also have the “Secret Factory Team” made up of Mose, Ronnie Bell, and Sarah, but they're not very strong, and Qlon heads a new unit, the “Knights Party”, which is kind of ridiculous if you think about it but this ends up being one of the strongest units in the game. I think he just yells at the enemy to death.

The Cooks are now at full strength with the addition of Lester, and Georges heads the generic “Archers” team.

Misspelled, but Milich and Esmeralda make up the Narcissists magic team, while Kasios and Melodye make up the Musicians unit.

We have a new unit in our Others section, the Ninjas. Ninjas will ALWAYS find out what the enemy's next move is without fail. Kun To rounds out the Merchants, and Ledon completes the Thieves set.

This battle is so one-sided it's not even funny. Just use the fire spears to immolate the enemy!

Charge and charge and charge and charge

Burn you fuckers, burn!

ahahaha wow

Mathiu: General Teo McDohl, your army has been defeated. Please surrender yourself.

Alen: How dare you! My army will never surrender, even if it's down to the last soldier.

Teo: Alen, Grenseal, step back.

Alen: What do you plan to do, General Teo?!

Teo: The most wanted criminal in the land. I, Teo McDohl, shall punish you in His Majesty's stead. Will you accept my challenge?

If he wants this mano-a-mano, then let's do it.

Teo starts this battle at half health. It's highly unlikely you'll lose this.

Like, seriously.

Suikoden Tunes – Theme of Sadness ~ Guitar Version

Teo: Miles McDohl, my son. You have become so strong. I lived for what I believed in, I have no regrets. You must live for what you believe in. I give blessings to your choice.

Teo: I fought for the Emperor, and the Emperor alone, out of stubbornness. But there is no need... for you two... to follow my every whim. The flow of time... cannot be reversed. Alen, Grenseal... I'd like you two to join the Liberation Army, and help my son. That is the best thing for you two.

I love this detail... him raising his hand, struggling to do so.

Teo: Miles, my son, I am happy. The greatest experience... a father can have... is to see his son... surpass himself. Good luck my son...

Goddamn this game right in the asshole

The Soul Eater, once again taking the life that expires near it.

Thanks for rubbing it in, game.

I need some time to myself, dudes.


Kage – Teni Star

Kessler – Chisin Star

Ledon – Chido Star

I am going to RAPE you face

Melodye – Chisa Star

Kun To – Tenfu Star

Mose – Chiziku Star

Ronnie Bell – Chiaku Star

Alen – Chimou Star

Grenseal – Chiki Star