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Part 25: Here Be Dragons

Our castle is level 4 now, which takes about ninety recruits. This opens up the rest of the game's recruits. We can get three as of now, and four after Mathiu points us in the right direction.

in Rikon's inn, upon acquiring a level 4 castle, Clive will randomly appear. You'll have to exit and enter the town to do so, making him an easy recruit to miss... because why would you come back here?

Clive: Not that I have a particular destination, so maybe I'll find a clue here. What? Oh, nothing. Just talking to myself. Okay, I'll give you a hand.

Clive is an interesting character whose background is expanded upon quite a lot in the next game, though only if you participate in his rather annoying sidequest.

In a hidden passageway in the Cave of the Past is Crowley, the magician. He is the quintessential best mage in the game. He's fucking ridiculous. Seriously. It's said that Crowley's body has more than 100 Runes on it, and that he does not wish to own a True Rune but to achieve its power without actually owning one.

At the top floor of Neclord's castle is Pesmerga, a knight who has a strong connection with Yuber.

He only joins us because Yuber is a part of the Imperial Army and he wants to destroy him. Well... whatever works I guess.

Mathiu: -and is presently building up forces.

Sanchez: The Imperial forces under Kasim Hazil are nearly 8,000 strong, another 6,000 in the floating fortress of Shasarazade, and 10,000 troops in and around the Imperial Headquarters.

Lepant: With what we've got, Kasim's army is all we can handle. The only way we can win is to unite the rebel forces around the country.

Humphrey is a required party member here, by the way. As is Flik.

Sanchez warns us that Joshua is not easily swayed to join wars, so it's gonna take some work.

Fuckin dragons guys!!!!!!

Because of his awesomeness, Eikei is coming along. Eikei has the Double-Beat Rune, which allows him to attack twice in a round. This is not fixed to him, either, so it can be moved around. It cannot be found anywhere else in this game.

Also joining us is Kessler the bandit, who is also average, and Rubi, who is the best elf bowman in the game, with solid stats all around.

Here's our current battle party. Kessler is basically Varkas, but a little more powerful; Eikei is a much stronger Pahn and can also equip a Boar Rune; Humphrey is one of the most solid front-line fighters in this game and the next, and Rubi is just great all around.

Back in Kalekka, we can finally recruit Leon Silverberg. This is the first instance in the game that you can recruit him, because it requires Mathiu to not be giving you orders to go somewhere else. The window for getting Leon starts from now, all the way up until right after the battle with Sonya Shulen in the future. It's a very short window of about two small sections in the game, and thus he can be permanently missed.

After speaking to him, report back to Mathiu with the news.

Mathiu: You're right, I don't trust you. Even now, I suspect you. But I do trust your power. Please give it to us! Please!

Leon: You, bowing to me. Very well, then. But I never thought we'd fight together again!

Suikoden Tunes – An Old Irish Song ~ Dragon Knight's Fortress (must listen)

West of Antei is the Dragon's Den entrance.

Humphrey: I am Humphrey Mintz, former captain of the Imperial Army's Hundred Man Battalion. I request a meeting with Commander Joshua of the Dragon's Den.

it appears the people of the Dragon's Den have been hiding out from this war.

Apparently this foppish man tried to eat-and-run

Vincent de Boule: What I'm trying to tell you is that you have the honor of being owed money by me for a little while. Think about it. I, Vincent de Boule, of pure aristocratic extraction, will owe you money. You should be happy.

Vincent de Boule: You see, if I had some money, I would be able to pay you as much as you like. But unfortunately, I just gave it all away to some poor, starving children.

Owner: Liar! You're no aristocrat!

Flik butts in and the conversation totally changes

Permit me to introduce myself. I am Lord Vincent de Boule, at present vacationing in these parts.

Vincent de Boule: Oh, even you think I'm untrustworthy. What a sad world we live in. Nobody trusts anyone anymore. I, Vincent, am deeply wounded. And now, to ease my pain, I wonder if you'd be so kind as to pay this man for me. I am presently on my way to meet Joshua of the Knights of the Dragon's Den. As I am in a hurry, if you'll excuse me...

I hate Vincent de Boule.

So yeah there's a secret here but it requires that you have less than 200 bits. Better use Gaspar to fuck yourself over!

Vincent here is a dear friend of Joshua's. If Joshua finds out you turned Vincent away, he'd be furious. You're new here, aren't you? There's still time to do the right thing.

Gatekeeper: I have been at this post for five years.

Vincent de Boule: Oh, I see. The last time I was here was a little over five years ago.

Vincent can't BS to save his goddamn life.

Vincent de Boule: Well, you're wasting your time. You'll never get past this hard head here.

Vincent notices Humphrey is with us and lets us in on a secret path.

Vincent de Boule: You can enter the domain from behind this rock. I played in this spot often as a child.

Flik then questions why he never used that entrance himself.

Oh of course.

This is a rather short dungeon, nothing too bad in here.

Except for magic shields that cast magic.

And giant naked dudes whose attacks are honestly pretty shit-tastic.

At the end of the very short cave is a much larger cavern filled with...

Dragons, right after we fall in a comic Chrono Trigger-y fashion.

Before Milia can fuck our shit up, Futch arrives, remembering us from the beginning of the game.

Flik: Why are these dragons sleeping? Are they always like this?

Milia: What business does the Liberation Army have in our domain?

Humphrey once again states his intent and purpose.

I'm Milia, Deputy Commander of the Dragon Knights. When you emerge from this cave you'll see the Palace of the Dragon Knights. I'll run ahead and inform Sir Joshua of your arrival. Let's go, Futch.

If you touch the dragons they animate slightly, then go right back to sleep. Weird.

There's Mirage enemies on the world map, and they'll show up again in the next game. They're not too bad, but can dodge your attacks pretty well.

This is the Dragon Knights' Fortress. Color is forbidden, taboo, and its usage will draw the Brothers to you... um... anyway!

We can recruit this guy now that Humphrey is in our party, though.

Kreutz: Back then you fought for Barbarossa against my master Emperor Geil, and now you fight against him? Wishy washy, aren't we?

Humphrey: In those days I believed in him.

Kreutz: Then why are you with the Liberation Army now? A change of heart?

Humphrey: I haven't changed. The one who changed is... Kreutz, I have a request...

Humphrey: Our forces are still vastly inferior to the Imperial Army. We need all the help we can muster. You were Geil Rugner's greatest general. You could be a great help. Please join us.

Kreutz sees this as a way to get revenge against Barbarossa, and willingly joins.

Humphrey: I had my reasons. Joshua, this is Commander Miles of the Liberation Army.

Joshua: So you're Commander Miles. I'm Joshua, Commander of the Knights of the Dragon's Den. I have heard a great deal about your army.

Humphrey: I have come to discuss an important matter with you.

I just wanna fly on a dragon, game...


Clive – Tensyo Star

Crowley – Chizen Star

Pesmerga – Teni Star

Leon Silverberg – Chikai Star

Kreutz – Tenku Star