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Part 26: The Soul Eater Claims Another

WHY would I do that

Joshua: It is true that many of us have been dissatisfied with the current Emperor...

Flik: Is there a problem? Something to do with their sleep perhaps?

Translation error: This line makes more sense if we ask to ride on a dragon, because Joshua goes “uhhh, ummm, errr yeah about that...”

Joshua: A few months ago the dragons fell asleep and have not awakened since. We tried everything we could think of, but to no avail. At the moment, we are completely powerless. We brought many doctors here, but none was able to cure them.

well isn't that handy, we happen to have caught a wild Liukan

Now we need to go back and bring Liukan here. I don't like having his old fucking ass in the party but what can ya do

you are not good at hide and seek

no I just kind of saw your red hat poking out of the castle graphics

You must be... ah, leader of the Liberation Army, I see. My name is Fuma, follower of the Ninja Way.

Fuma fills out the ninja squad, giving us a huge edge in war battles.

Liukan is about as useless a character as an asshole on the elbow, so thankfully we just need to take him back to the Dragon's Den.

Joshua: Please, sir, will you take a look at our dragons?

Probably by Milich, which would explain why he had a dragon.

Futch: I had a feeling somebody sneaked into our domain.

Liukan: I can prepare an antidote, but I will require several ingredients. Moonlight weed, black dragon orchid, and...

Joshua: What is the other ingredient?

Liukan: We'll leave it 'till later. First, get those two. Commander Miles, there should be some moonlight weed in Seek Valley.

Milia: I will take Miles and his men to Seek Valley on Thrash.

Milia is a goddamn tank, plain and simple. She comes to our party at a high level, has truckloads of HP, and can equip heavy as fuck armor.

Thrash is RED, which is awesome because red dragons are best dragons

flyin on a dragoonnnn

crossin mountainssss

landing on crystal vaginas!

Yes, we must.

It's actually a pretty cool looking dungeon as far as Suikoden standards go. Lotsa crystals.

Our buddy from the beginning of the game, Queen Ant, is now a normal enemy. She's completely beatable and nothing really threatening now, although she has about... like, 1,200 HP. We can take her down pretty quickly.

There's also Wyverns down here, and they're kinda tough. They're cool because their wings make a constant flapping noise, something that other enemies in the game don't do. They also, on occasion, drop Power Gloves, an uncommon accessory that you can't buy that boosts PWR.

Seek Valley doesn't waste time throwing a boss at you. Luckily, he's pretty easy.

Flik: What the hell!

Thanks, Flik.

Typical strategy: Beat the shit out of this thing.

As you attack it, the crystals disappear.

It doesn't do much right now besides impale you with crystals.

But there is a phase two, where the core shrinks to a small red nugget. It starts to get mildly dangerous here, but if you keep laying down the assault it won't get much of a chance to do anything.

Like barrage you with fire from the heavens. Thank you Rubi + a Water Rune!

But it goes down fast regardless of who you use.

Behind the boss is a Cyclone Rune, the parent of the Wind Rune, and it's pretty fucking awesome.

Did you think it would be that easy?

Flik: Whoever you are, we had a rough time getting here! We're taking this stuff!

Windy: Oh my, what an energetic young man. But I'm talking to Miles now, so please be quiet. Miles, you must be getting tired of this Liberation Army game. You will give me the rune dinosaur on your right hand, the Soul Eater. Don't look so angry, Miles, I won't force you to give it up. I have something more elegant in mind. Come on out, Ted.

what the fuck

Ted: But I forgive you, we're old friends. Now, will you lend me the rune back that I gave you? I was able to live 300 years because of that rune, I need it. Please give it back.

Whether you return it or not, McDohl uses his rune.

Ted: I don't have much time. A strange connection remains between the rune and the one who carried it, that is, me. I'm speaking to you through the rune. My body has been taken over by Windy's Conqueror Rune, and is no longer mine. It will eventually take over my soul as well... and that is why I must hurry. Miles, you must promise to forgive me for what I am about to do.

No way, bro.

Windy: Oh, so you plan to fight Ted? You kill your own father, send your servant Gremio to his death, and now you want to fight your best friend? How sinful you are.

Ted: Soul Eater, I spent 300 years with you. I know all about you. The meaning of your curse, your evil intentions. On the day I lost my home, you stole the souls of everyone I knew in this world. During 300 years of wandering, you caused a great many wars and plundered countless souls. Including Odessa's! And Miles' father! And Gremio's! You took them all! You steal the souls of those closest to your master, and grow in power!

Ted: Now, Soul Eater! I command you as your former master! Take my soul now!

NO god dammit NO

And so the Soul Eater claims another soul, Ted's.

Fuck you, videogame.

Ted: I now return... the 300 years of life you gave me... Soul Eater...

Windy: Damn it! Unbelievable! I'll have to...

No, you won't.

Ha, my dinosaur is better than your dinosaur.

Ted: I think it's... farewell for sure... this time. Take care. Live your life to the fullest... for my sake.

Milia's got other shit on her mind.

Flik: Next we need black dragon orchid. I'm ready to go anywhere in the world for it.

Liukan: But there's a problem.

Joshua: Futch went alone to Gregminster Palace to get it.

This is totally going to end well


Fuma – Chikou Star

Milia – Chii Star