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Part 28: Mathiu, Master Baiter

Mathiu: While you were away, I sent Kasumi and Krin on a reconnaissance mission in Imperial territory. According to their report, it appears there's an intelligence leak somewhere in our army. So, if you permit me Commander Miles, I'd like to oversee our military training tomorrow.

I wonder who it is? Before he leaves...

Mathiu: Commander, the upcoming battles are going to be increasingly more fierce.

Foreshadowing? Again?

The next day, our, uh, “training” is to attack the Northern Checkpoint.

Flik: What?! So suddenly?!

Sanchez: I thought this was a drill.

Mathiu: The Imperial Army will think so too. We mustn't miss this opportunity. We must attack the north immediately.

No, dude, we're literally going to huff and puff and fuck your house down.

Griffith: How far have the Liberation Army advanced?

They're right in front of our eyes!

I love that exchange about breakfast. It's silly as shit. Sanchez butts in saying that it would be optimal to avoid bloodshed, and Griffith says it might take some time to quell some of the soldiers who might not want to surrender. Mathiu cuts right through the stalling ploy and we head right into battle.

We've got some filled out teams and new Charge teams now. Fukien joined the Old Soldiers, putting them on par with Humphrey's Team. Kreutz heads a team, “Wild Geese”, with Morgan and Kirke and it's pretty good. Eikei joined Invulnerable Defense to round that one out. “Warriors' Village Kids” now consists of Flik, Hix, and Tengaar. Moose is now a part of Black Golds.

Clive now heads an Archer unit with Pesmerga and Mace. Quincy joined the “Adventurers” unit, and Hugo joined the “Engineers”. Rubi and Marco are a part of the generic Archers unit and are weak as shit.

Crowley completes the best magic unit in the game, Children of the Runes, and Window joined the Musicians unit to complete it.

The newest addition is in the Others, the Dragon Knights. Dragon Knights weak to Bows, but you don't lose any units if you happen to use them on an Archer turn, so it's safe to say that Joshua, Milia, and Futch are unkillable in war battles.

Just to make sure, I send Kage out to see what they're doing. Oh, a Charge Attack? Well then. Time to nuke them from orbit.

Dragons aren't very strong, but they are an almost invulnerable damage source.

And this battle is over.

Poor Griffith. He really wanted that breakfast.

You can't actually kill Griffith here. Instead, Mathiu entrusts the man's life to him, and Griffith remarks that he's “pretty useless”, which is sad. On the flipside, Griffith joins if we agree to spare his troops.

Seriously that's like the only thing he cares about.

Mathiu: Sir Lepant, I'll give you a battalion to attack the Fortress of Duha. Sir Humphrey, another battalion to you. Take the Fortress of Rakan. As protector of the north, Kasim Hazil will be forced to send reinforcements to those respective fortresses. Meanwhile, we will sneak into Moravia Castle and rescue Warren and Viktor. This mission will be carried out by yours truly, Kasumi, Krin, Griffith, and three others.

Mathiu: If the Imperial troops arrive, retreat immediately.

Flik: Then we won't have time to sneak into the castle.

Mathiu: Don't worry. We too have asked for support.

Flik: Who? The Dragon Knights?

Mathiu: No, but they are a dependable force.

Guess we'll find out who's helping us when we get there.

Because I'm curious, I'm gonna put Anji, Kanak, and Leonardo in our party. I've never used any of them before.

Mathiu: I want you to pretend that you've captured me. Commander Miles will enter the castle with us, disguised as one of your men.

Griffith: A ruse, eh? I don't mind, but do you really trust me?

Mathiu: Think of the fate of your men should anything happen to me. It's true that I would make an excellent present for your former leader, but you are not a man who would betray your own men.

Anji, Kanak and Leonardo aren't too bad. They're pretty strong, with Leonardo the Killer Big Hatchet wielder being the strongest and Kanak the sickle & chain user with the best speed. Anji kinda loses out here because he's a better mage but not greater than his pirate bros in any other respect, really.

We could go to Moravia right now, but there's enemies out here that drop Master Garbs, the best light armor in the game, which we can't buy.

There's also these abominations of nature... rabbit birds.

I like that Kanak uses his sickle and chain to fly like a helicopter over to his foe.

The Pirate Attack is pretty strong, and makes it worthwhile to use all three of these guys at the same time.

Griffith: This is Mathiu, Military Strategist of the Liberation Army. I took him prisoner. Let me in, I'd like to report to General Kasim.

Krin: Hee hee, I dunno.

like hell we're gonna wait, bro

Griffith and Mathiu depart for a bit while we scour Moravia's upper levels.

This dude gives us a not-free heal and save point. Thanks, guy.

A lot of Moravia Castle is moving between balconies, there's not a lot that's very interesting inside.

The Elite Soldiers here occasionally drop Rage Runes, the parent of the Fire Rune. Just as awesome as the Cyclone and Thunder Runes.

Krin, purveyor of ropes. I bet he has a Rope Rune. Or dinosaur.

Krin: Hee hee, why don't you stay a little longer to cool off?

Viktor: What did you say?! Who do you think you're talking to?!

Krin: Hee hee, catch me if you can.

I guess we'll just leave the poof behind. Meanwhile...

Kasim Hazil: Why did you leave the Imperial army? Because of that incident?

Mathiu: That is one reason. But more because I dislike myself intensely when I am fighting.

Kasim Hazil: And yet you joined the Liberation Army. Strange man. Why don't you come back to us? I'd rather not execute you as a traitor.

Mathiu: You needn't worry about that.

Mathiu's trick up his sleeve panned out.

Kasim Hazil: Ah, I see. Those attacks on the fortresses were a decoy. You're getting rusty, Mathiu. When the reinforcements return, the Liberation Army will be wiped out.

Mathiu: If they return, that is.

Ah, the Jowston Army. That mysterious other army that's just beyond the reaches of the Scarlet Moon Empire.

Mathiu: The City-State of Jowston is hungry for this Empire. It's quite easy to manipulate them.

Kasim Hazil: Traitor! You dare sell out this land to the City-State!

Mathiu: I have no such ambitions. I merely manipulated them. In no way have I joined hands with Jowston. It is likely that the City-State will occupy this region. But the Liberation Army will permit no more than that.

Humphrey: … yo.

Mathiu: The ideal Empire you envisioned has changed beyond recognition. The Emperor himself, who you pledged loyalty to, has changed as well. Do you still plan to cling to the past?

Milich: Think about it. Do you really think the Emperor is the same man you once knew?

Kasim: I don't...

Milich: He isn't. You are one of the Emperor's loyal followers. Isn't it your duty, then, to convince him of his wrongful ways? The Five Great Generals were unable to prevent the Empire from deteriorating. Therefore the time has come to help the Emperor open his eyes. Don't you agree?

Kasim: …. Alright, I surrender.

Yet another Great General has joined our forces. Only one remains.

Back at the top of Moravia, there's a Mother Earth crystal, and the not-aristocrat.

not really

Vincent de Boule: What a beautiful thing, friendship is. I, Vansan, shall never forget this so long as I live. God, what an awful creature Kasim is, suddenly locking me up in this place. The Empire is going to hell, I tell you. What? You, Miles, are the leader of the Liberation Army? My my! Why didn't you tell me sooner? I, Vansan, in the name of friendship, renounce my aristocratic standing and swear to fight by your side.

I really don't want him on my side...

oh god dammit fuck you Moravia Castle

Back at the Northern Checkpoint, there are two other recruits that we can get who are also easily missed.

Maximilian: We must give them a hand. Hurry, Sancho!

The derpiest face in Suikoden

Maximilian: We must hurry to Moravia Castle!

Sancho: M-Master...

Maximilian: What is it, Sancho?

Maximilian: What? My god! Please forgive my rudeness. My name is Maximilian, former commander of the late lamented Knights of Maximilian. As my final job, I'd like to join the Liberation Army. Please let me join, I beg you.

Next time: We attack the last Great General.


Griffith – Tenritsu Star

Kasim Hazil – Tenyu Star

Kasim is the last character we can recruit that can break 1,000 HP (Pesmerga can as well).

Warren – Tenki Star

Vincent de Boule – Chichin Star

Maximilian – Chii Star

Sancho – Chiei Star