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Part 29: Floating Fortress Shasarazade

Sanchez: -capital.

Viktor: Good, we're ready. What target do we attack next? The capital, no doubt.

Mathiu: To get the capital, we must first go through the Fortress of Kwaba, commanded by Ain Gide, or over the water past General Sonya Shulen's Floating Fortress of Shasarazade.

Lepant: I say Fortress of Kwaba. We can't prepare enough boats to attack Shasarazade.

Mathiu: Don't worry about the boats. I will have 500 of them prepared by tomorrow.

I mean how the fuck man, anyway, we go off to retire and some plot plays out

Mathiu: Yes, Sir Humphrey.

Humphrey: I heard that you were once in the Imperial Army. And that the Kalekka Incident was the reason you left.

Mathiu: That is true. I was unable to prevent that tragedy. In the middle of the war, I discovered my own powerlessness, and left the Imperial Army. I was hoping to lead a quiet life, never to see war again.

Humphrey: I was one of the soldiers who attacked Kalekka. I have never been able to forget that incident. In my fury I attacked my own commander, and became a fugitive. That was the first time I attacked someone out of pure hatred. And I hope... that was the last time.

Mathiu: Once the war is over...

Kamandol: What are you doing yourself, novice? I told you not to enter my room without permission.

Gen: Geezer, you might drop dead tomorrow, so I came to see your face. Thanks to Master Mathiu's crazy scheme, I've got to work all night. I just took a little break to see you, and...

Kamando: Ho ho! Then I shall brew some of my finest tea.

Pahn: Yes.

Cleo: It looks like Young Master has become a very important person.

Pahn: True.

Cleo: I kind of miss him.

Tai Ho: Huh? Oh, I was just thinking about tomorrow.

Kimberley: That's not like you at all. Let's have a good time tonight. Just the two of us. Until sunrise.

Tai Ho: Just the two of us? Seems like there's three.

Kimberley: (Damn. Inconsiderate fellow.)

Yam Koo: (Big Brother has a weakness for the ladies. Better stay here and protect him.)

Hix: Huh? Did you say something, Tengaar? Have some of this fish. It's delicious.

Tengaar: Oh, why are you always like that?

Hix: What? Why do you look so angry?

Tengaar: I'm not angry!

pfft, women

Flik: Oh, nothing. Just thinking.

Sanchez: About... Lady Odessa? We have an early morning tomorrow. Better get back to bed. If you can't sleep, I have some good tea.

Flik: Thanks Sanchez.

Krin: Wow... treasure... too much to carry... hee hee hee hee hee...

Fukien: We can, we can, but...many young lives will be lost. The thought pains me.

Liukan: Me too. We old ones are prepared, but... it hurts to see young ones die.

Viktor: Just like a true leader. I have something to give you, Miles. Take it.

He... gave us Gremio's old hatchet.

Viktor: I brought it back from Soniere Prison. I kept it hidden away until now. I thought it would only sadden you more. But I may lose my life tomorrow, so I thought I'd give it to you tonight. Miles, it will be a big battle tomorrow. Many lives will be lost. But you must go on. For all the soldiers who believe in a better future. For Gremio. Right?

We will. We will.

The morning before the attack on Shasarazade is the last time you can get Mace, since it's the last time you'll have an open party. Immediately following the battle, when Mathiu is standing outside the fortress (do not enter it at all), is also the last time you can recruit Leon Silverberg as well.

Make sure you never visit the port without at least acquiring Mace.

Milia: No kidding, using my Thrash for something like this.

Kamandol: Please take a look at this. It's made out of ice. They froze it using dragon's breath.

Tai Ho: Incredible. They're floating alright, and sturdy, too.

Here we go.

I'll lop off your head!

This war battle can be pretty tough, because Sonya has no easily exploitable perks or patterns, and you can only rely on the Ninjas for three rounds.

So I think the Dragons take off a percentage of the enemy army's total, something like 20%, which is why their power was so weak against Griffith.

With Maximilian in tow, the Knights Party becomes the strongest Charge unit in the game. Viktor's Team now consists of himself, Warren, and Taggart. The Former Imperial Team is now Kasim Hazil, Griffith, and Valeria.

Vincent de Boule rounds out the Narcissist magic trifecta, as well.

I love his battle call. Maximilian is the coolest.

Kreutz is also a badass.

Goodbye, Sonya Shulen.

There's actually a bit of backstory with Sonya Shulen that the game never goes into that involves her forces and the Toran Lake Pirates (Anji, Kanak, Leonardo). It's amusing, to say the least.

Mathiu: Commander Miles, we will burn this fortress down with oil. To do so, you must go and close the floodgate at the far end of this fortress. As soon as it's closed, we'll pour the oil and set the fortress on fire.

Flik and Humphrey went off to pursue the survivors, so they're out, and if you wanted to for SOME REASON include Liukan, he can't come either.

We have another unorthodox party of people I never use, aside from Crowley, who gets use in this ONE dungeon and never again.

Crowley comes with a Cyclone Rune and a billion magic charges with it. It's a great Rune overall, if not the most damaging of the parent runes in the game.

I think our team looks badass.

This is Shining Wind. Shining Wind takes HP from the enemy and gives it back to the group. It's a great way to full heal and also do damage.

Shasarazade is the typical Suikoden “sewer” dungeon. Pretty much every main game has one, like most jRPGs ever.

It's uh... it's pretty dull.

I don't... how did you? What? Have you been ANTICIPATING the giant clamshell boss?

You don't want to waste your magic on Shell Venus. It's got a weakness to Lightning which is good if you decided to put lightning rune pieces on your main character like I always do.

Even though its all-party magic is really, really strong, just use physical attacks. Bring a healer, for sure.

Sprite detail!

Make sure to pick up the Thunder crystal right next to the floodgate.

The Sirens in Shasarazade drop both Flowing Runes and Sound Setting 3, at a high frequency.

Sonya Shulen: Inciting rebellion, causing wars, taking lives... is this what you call justice?

Someone set the fire early.

Sonya Shulen: You raised your sword against Teo. You will pay. Now, with your life!

Sonya is a much tougher boss than Shell Venus, and will constantly use all-party moves.

That's Judgment, so powerful. Notice how there are four angels...

Sonya does NOT fuck around. This attack took off more than half of Kasim's and Fuma's HP. I ended up losing poor Kasim to this attack. She's fast, so make sure you have healers who are quick or are healing immediately following her magic, because she'll do this move twice in a row.

Sonya: After all, you beat Teo. But I will not let you defile me. I am the Empire's... His Highness'... Teo's...

Viktor: Can't let a pretty lady like you die. Besides, you seem to have your reasons. Miles, we'll take this woman general with us.

Next time: What the FUCK have you done Sanchez