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Part 39: Suikoden's The 108 Stars of Destiny

The 108 Stars of Destiny

Suikoden 1 Unites
Suikoden 2 Unites

In tandem with the Rune Compendium, this will be a go-to source for which Star does what, who each Star is, and the connections between characters in the series if they were not immediately obvious. Many Stars have thematic purpose between the characters in the series that fall under the same one. Some are random, though. Credit to Suikosource/Wikipedia for background info.

The 108 Stars of Destiny come directly from the classic Chinese tale that inspired the series (but mainly the first game), Shui Hu Zhuan. Commonly translated as The Water Margin, Outlaws of the Marsh, and All Men Are Brothers, its Japanese translation is, in fact, Suikoden. It was adapted by Takebe Akayari as Honcho Suikoden, or “Japanese Water Margin” in 1773. It has been republished multiple times over many different periods in Japanese history, including receiving ukiyo-e paintings like the one depicted above.

It was translated into English in 1933, all 70 of its chapters. At the time, it was well-received by the American public. Its most recent English translation is The Marshes of Mount Liang, which is spread out over five volumes and contains 120 chapters.

The idea of the 108 Stars stems from the Taoist belief that each person's destiny is tied to their own, personal Star of Destiny. They represent 108 demonic overlords who were banished by the Taoist sage, Shang Ti. During banishment, each of these stars repent, and are released from their banishment by accident, and are reborn as 108 heroes who band together to a common cause for justice.

There are 36 Heavenly Spirits, and 72 Earthly Fiends. The Heavenly Spirits are denoted with a “Ten-” prefix, while the Earthly Fiends are denoted by a “Chi-” prefix. Some of these Stars have duplicates, that's just because of their Romanization. Stars with no description have no discernable pattern in characters.

The 36 Heavenly Spirits

Tenkai StarChief Star of Heaven
Original Owner: Sung Chiang, the Opportune Rain
Characters: Tir McDohl, Riou

All of the main game heroes of the Suikoden franchise fall under this star, with the exception of Suikoden III, and in-game are called the Star of Heavenly Guidance. Tenkai Stars are born to gather the other 107 Stars of Destiny and fight for justice.

Tengou StarStar of Conflagration
Original Owner: Lu Chun I, The Jade Chi'Lin (read: Kirin)
Characters: Lepant, Ridley/Boris

Tengou Stars are always skilled leaders in combat, either at the front lines of war units or in positions of power within respective towns or communities in the series. This star was first Lepant, mayor of Kouan who then became a general in the Liberation Army. It then passed to Ridley (or his son, Boris), leader of the Kobold army in Two River, who then went on to become a general in the Dunan Unification Army.

Tenki StarStar of Wisdom
Original Owner: Wu Yung, The Great Intelligence
Characters: Mathiu Silverberg, Shu

The chief strategist of every Suikoden game, usually a Silverberg, falls under this Star. In Suikoden II, this Star was Shu, a student of Mathiu's expelled after using the knowledge he gained from Mathiu to personal use.

Tenkai (Tenkan) StarStar of Idleness
Original Owner: Kung Sun Sheng, Dragon Entering The Clouds
Characters: Luc, Luc

Always a guardian of the Tablet of Promise. In the first two games, this is Luc, sent into war by the seer, Leknaat.

Tenyu StarStar of Bravery
Original Owner: Kuan Sheng, the Great Sword
Characters: Humphrey Mintz, Humphrey Mintz

Tenyu Stars are respected, competent warriors who are generally worthwhile characters to use in their respective games. In the first two games, this is Humphrey, who at first is a leader in the Liberation Army but then became a traveling buddy for Futch in the second game.

Tenyu StarStar of Heroic Ferocity
Original Owner: Ling Chung, the Leopard-Headed
Characters: Kasim Hazil, Hauser

Generally well-respected generals of armies fall under this Star, with the exception being IV.

Tenmou StarStar of Swift Courage
Original Owner: Ch'ing Ming, the Fire in the Thunder Clap
Characters: Kwanda Rosman, Kiba Windamier

Characters under this Star are leaders of solid armies, and are characterized by wearing heavy amounts of armor either in combat or as leaders. Described by Suikosource as being “strong village leaders.” Exceptions: III, IV. First, this was for Kwanda Rosman, an Imperial General of Pannu Yakuta castle, then it passed to Kiba, once again an enemy general who defected to the other side. Both are known for their defensive nature.

Teni StarStar of Majesty
Original Owner – Hu Yien Shu, the Double Whip of Iron
Characters: Pesmerga, Pesmerga

Tenei StarHeroic Star
Original Owner: Hua Yuang, the Little Li Kuan
Characters: Gremio, Sierra

In two games, this Star is a party member who forces themselves into your party most of the game, whether you want them to or not; generally are close friends with the hero. II is an exception, as Sierra is a character who joins for the Neclord plot arc and then promptly disappears.

Tenki StarLofty Star
Original Owner: Ch'ai Chin, the Little Whirlwind
Characters: Warren, Teresa

Characters under this Star always the mayor of an important town you'll visit in their games. Warren presided over Moravia Castle, then defected; Teresa was forced out of her town of Greenhill by Highland and fought against them.

Tenfu StarStar of Wealth
Original Owner: Li Yun, the Eagle Who Smites the Heavens
Characters: Kun To, Nina

Tends to be overly associated with money or shady dealings. Exceptions: II, III.

Tenman StarStar of Abundance
Original Owner: Chu T'ung, the Beautiful Bearded
Characters: Cleo, Abizboah/Feather/Sigfried

Tenko StarThe Lone Star
Original Owner: Lu Chi Shen, the Tattooed Priest
Characters: Viktor, Viktor

The bear man takes this star for two games in a row.

Tensyo StarWounded Star
Original Owner: Wu Sung, the Hairy Priest
Characters: Valeria, Tomo/Valeria

If you decide to take Kasumi in II, Tomo will fill in this Star.

Tenritsu StarStar of the Standing Spear
Original Owner: Tung P'ing, Warrior of the Two Spears
Characters: Griffith, Fitcher

Tensyo StarThe Swift Star
Original Owner: Chiang Ch'ing, the Featherless Arrow
Characters: Clive, Clive

Clive possibly relates to this star for his quick speed in drawing his weapon.

Tenan StarThe Dark Star
Original Owner: Yang Chi, Blue Faced Beast
Characters: Flik, Flik

No pattern aside from Flik having brief contact with the character who falls under this Star in III.

Tenyu StarThe Guardian Star
Original Owner: Ch'u Ling, the Wielder of the Guardian Sword
Characters: Camille, Tsai

Camille and the character under this Star in IV wield the same weapon, perhaps suggesting ancestry. Characters under this star tend to use spears, strangely.

Tenku StarThe Empty Star
Original Owner: So Ch'ao, the Swift Vanguard
Characters: Kreutz, Jess

Two animals fall under this star in III and V.

Tensoku StarSpeedy Star
Original Owner: Tai Chung, the Magic Messenger
Characters: Stallion, Stallion

With the exception of III, this will always be the character who bears the Godspeed Rune.

Teni StarThe Strange Star
Original Owner: Liu T'ang, the Red-Headed Devil
Characters: Kage, Georg

Characters under this Star tend to be gifted assassins, and the same character shares this Star in II and in V.

Tensatsu StarMurderous Star
Original Owner: Li K'uei, the Black Whirlwind
Characters: Fu Su Lu, Hanna

Most characters under this star tend to be beastly warriors, as in akin to literal beasts, evidenced by Fu Su Lu wearing a tiger pelt.

Tenbi StarThe Lowly Star
Original Owner: Shin Chin, the Nine Dragoned
Characters: Kirkis, Killey

Like the Teni Star, the same character shares this in II and V.

Tenkyu StarThe Lewd Star
Original Owner: Mu Hung, the Indomitable One
Characters: Milich, Anita

In I, III, and IV, this character is a strong magician or otherwise skilled in magic.

Tentai StarThe Retreating Star
Original Owner: Lei Heng, the Winged Tiger
Characters: Pahn, Abizboah/Feather/Sigfried

In I and V, this character is skilled in using gloves as weapons.

Tenjyu StarThe Star of Longevity
Original Owner: Li Chun, The Dragon who Roils Rivers
Characters: Sonya Schulen, Nanami

Generally, these characters are well-versed in being captains of naval fleets.

Tenken StarThe Dagger Star
Original Owner: Juan the Second, God of Swift Death
Characters: Anji, Rina

This Star, Tenzai, and Tenpai, are always part of a trio of characters you receive at the same time, either as a group or traveling troupe.

Tenhei StarLeveled Star
Original Owner: Chang Heng, the Boatman
Characters: Tai Ho, Tai Ho

Always a duo with the Tenson Star.

Tenzai StarStar of Sin
Original Owner: Juan the Fifth, The Short Lived
Characters: Kanak, Eilie

Tenson StarBroken Star
Original Owner: Chang Shun, White Stripes in the Waves
Characters: Yam Koo, Yam Koo

Part of a duo with the Tenhei Star.

Tenpai StarThe Vanquished Star
Original Owner: Juan the Seventh, The Fierce King of Devils
Characters: Leonardo, Bolgan

Tenrou StarThe Goal Star
Original Owner: Yang Hsiung, The Sick Kuan So
Characters: Hix, Hix

Tends to be part of a boy/girl pairing with Tensui.

Tensui StarStar of Intelligence
Original Owner: Shih Hsiu, One who Heeds not his Life
Characters: Tengaar, Tengaar

Tenbou StarSavage Star
Original Owner: Hsieh Chen, Double Headed Snake
Characters: Varkas, Freed Yamamoto

Always part of a duo with Tenkoku.

Tenkoku StarWailing Star
Original Owner: Hsieh Pao, the Double Tailed Scorpion
Characters: Sydonia, Yoshino Yamamoto

Tenkou StarClever Star
Original Owner: Yien Ch'ing, the Prodigal
Characters: Eileen, Chaco

The 72 Stars of Earth

Chikai StarChief Star of Earth
Original Owner: Chu Wu, the Wily Warrior
Characters: Leon Silverberg, Klaus

Characters under this Star tend to be secondary strategists to the Tenki Star.

Chisatsu StarViolent Star
Original Owner: Huang Hsin, Who Rules Three Mountains
Characters: Georges, Gilbert

Chiyu StarThe Brave Star
Original Owner: Sheng Li, the Sick Warrior
Characters: Ivanov, Tetsu

Characters under this Star tend to be a fine craftsman, be it in painting, sculpting, or building.

Chiketsu StarStar of Noble Wisdom
Original Owner: Hsuan Tsan, the Ugly Warrior
Characters: Jeane, Jeane

This Star is always Jeane, in every single game.

Chiyu StarThe Heroic Star
Original Owner: Hao Ssu Wen, the Guardian Star God
Characters: Eikei, Wakaba

Martial artists tend to occupy this Star.

Chii StarThe Majestic Star
Original Owner: Han T'ao, Victor in a Hundred Battles
Characters: Maximilian, Maximilian

Always a Maximilian Knight, except in IV, where the character is an ancestor of the Maximilian seen in I and II.

Chiei StarStar of Courage
Original Owner: P'eng Chi'i, the Eye of Heaven
Characters: Sancho, Genshu

Tends to be a squire to a Maximilian Knight.

Chiki StarThe Strange Star
Original Owner: Shang T'ing Kuei, Swift in Water
Characters: Grenseal, Camus

Always part of a prettyboy knight duo with the Chimou Star.

Chimou StarThe Ferocious Star
Original Owner: Wei Ting Kuo, Warrior of Fire
Characters: Alen, Miklotov

Chibun StarThe Learned Star
Original Owner: Siao Jang, Scribe of the Divine Hand
Characters: Tesla, Jude

Sometimes a writer or scribe, sometimes a character skilled with shovels and digging.

Chisei StarThe Guileless Star
Original Owner: P'ei Hsuan, the Iron Faced
Characters: Jabba, Lebrante

Always the appraiser.

Chikatsu StarThe Eminent Star
Original Owner: Ou P'eng, the Eagle in the Clouds
Characters: Lorelai, Lorelai

Lorelai is in I, II, and V, and is the same Star in each.

Chitou StarThe Folding Star
Original Owner: Geng Fei, the Red Eyed Lion
Characters: Blackman, Tony

Always the head gardener.

Chikyou StarThe Strong Star
Original Owner: Yien Shun, the Five-Hued Tiger
Characters: Joshua Levenheit, Gijimu

Chian StarThe Strong Star
Original Owner: Yang Ling, the Five-Hued Leopard
Characters: Morgan, Rikimaru

Chiziku StarThe Axis Star
Original Owner: Ling Chen, Thunder that Shakes the Heavens
Characters: Mose, Gantetsu

Chikai StarThe Star of Gathering
Original Owner: Chiang Ching, God of Accounting
Characters: Esmeralda, Simone

Tends to be a narcissist or otherwise prissy/foppish individual.

Chisa StarThe Aiding Star
Original Owner: Lu Fang, the Lesser Duke
Characters: Melodye, Connell

These characters tend to allow you to change your sound settings or are otherwise affiiliated with music.

Chiyu StarThe Helpful Star
Original Owner: Kao Shen, He Who is Like Ken Kuei of Old
Characters: Chapman, Hans

Is always your headquarters' armorer.

Chirei StarThe Clever Star
Original Owner: An Tao Ch'uan, the Magic Physician
Characters: Liukan, Huan

Tends to be the primary healer or doctor.

Chijyu StarThe Beast Star
Original Owner: Fuang Fu Tuan, the Purple Bearded
Characters: Fukien, Tuta

Is a secondary healer to the Chirei Star.

Chibi StarThe Least Star
Original Owner: Wang Ying, the Dwarf Tiger
Characters: Futch, Futch

Futch fills this role for I, II, and III.

Chikyu StarThe Intelligent Star
Original Owner: The Goodwife Hu, the Ten Foot Green Snake
Characters: Kasumi, Kasumi/Tomo

Is either Kasumi or a gifted swordswoman. Same deal here, if you took Valeria in II, Tomo will fill this Star instead.

Chibaku StarThe Barbarous Star
Original Owner: Pao Su, the God of Death
Characters: Maas, Badeaux

Chizen StarThe Silent Star
Original Owner: Fan Lui, King of the Devils Who Roil Earth
Characters: Crowley, Mazus

Always the strongest mage in their respective game, or if not the strongest, then the most well-renowned for their sorcery.

Chikou StarThe Wild Star
Original Owner: K'ung Ming, the Curly Haired
Characters: Fuma, Mondo

Tend to be ninjas or skilled with throwing knives.

Chikyou StarThe Star of Ambition
Original Owner: K'ung Liang, the Lone Fire
Characters: Moose, Sasuke

Aside from Suikoden I, this character also tends to be a ninja.

Chihi StarThe Flying Star
Original Owner: Hsiang Ch'ung, The Eight Armed Lo Chao
Characters: Meese, Leona

Tends to be an innkeeper.

Chisou StarThe Walking Star
Original Owner: Li Kun, the Heaven Flying God
Characters: Sergei, Adlai

Always the elevator 'inventor'.

Chikou StarThe Cunning Star
Original Owner: Chang Ta Chien, the Jade Armed Warrior
Characters: Kimberley, Raura

Works on scrolls, maps, or is skilled in forgery.

Chimei StarThe Clear Star
Original Owner: Ma Long, the Magic Iron Flautist
Characters: Sheena, Sheena

Tends to be an extremely horny or otherwise perverted character.

Chisin StarThe Forward Star
Original Owner: T'ung Wei, the Crocodile Out of the Hole
Characters: Kessler, Kinnison

Tends to be a duo with the Chitai Star.

Chitai StarThe Retreating Star
Original Owner: T'ung Meng: The Oyster that Turns the River
Characters: Marco, Shiro

Chiman StarThe Full Star
Original Owner: Meng K'an, the Jade Banner Pole
Characters: Gen, Amada

Tends to be a naval engineer or otherwise associated with boats.

Chisui StarThe Fulfilled Star
Original Owner: Hou Chien, the Strong-Armed Gorilla
Characters: Hugo, Emilia

Tends to be the librarian back at HQ.

Chisyu StarThe Complete Star
Original Owner: Ch'en Ta, the Gorge-Leaping Tiger
Characters: Hellion, Zamza

Chiin StarThe Hidden Star
Original Owner: Yang Ch'un, the White-Spotted Snake
Characters: Mina, Karen

Tends to be a dancer.

Chii StarThe Peculiar Star
Original Owner: Chen T'ien Shou, the White-Faced Goodman
Characters: Milia, Lo Wen

Tends to be a Dragon Knight.

Chiri StarThe Star of Justice
Original Owner: T'ao Chung, the Nine-Tailed Turtle
Characters: Kamandol, Tenkou

Is a window-maker in II and IV.

Chisyun StarThe Elegant Star
Original Owner: Sung Ch'ing, the Iron Fan
Characters: Juppo, Gadget

Tends to be a trickster character or the creation of a trickster.

Chiraku StarThe Star of Music
Original Owner: Yo Ho, the Iron Whistle
Characters: Kasios, Annallee

Is a singer at HQ or a musician.

Chitatsu StarThe Quick Star
Original Owner: Kung Wang, the Spotted-Necked Tiger
Characters: Viki, Viki

Always Viki, every game.

Chisoku StarThe Star of Haste
Original Owner: Ting Te Sheng, Arrow-Wounded Tiger
Characters: Rubi, Koyu

Chichin StarThe Suppressing Star
Original Owner: Mu Ch'un, the Lesser Indomitable One
Characters: Vincent de Boule, Vincent de Boule

Always a narcissist.

Chikei StarThe Halted Star
Original Owner: Ch'ai Cheng, the Dagger Devil
Characters: Meg, Meg

Tends to be a young, trickster girl/woman.

Chima StarThe Devil Star
Original Owner: Sung Wang, the Guardian God in the Clouds
Characters: Taggart, Mukumuku

From II onward, this character is the leader of a five-animal group.

Chiyou StarThe Magic Star
Original Owner: Tu Chi'en, Eagle Who Flutters Against the Sky
Characters: Giovanni, Marlowe

Tends to be a reporter inside the castle, publishing news and such.

Chiyu StarThe Obscure Star
Original Owner: Hsueh Yung, the Sick Tiger
Characters: Quincy, Richmond

From II onward, this is the headquarter's detective, allowing you to get background information on your recruits.

Chifuku StarThe Hiding Star
Original Owner: Shih En, the Gold-Eyed Tiger Cub
Characters: Apple, Apple

Tends to be a woman obsessed with the main strategist, or is otherwise an apprentice to another strategist.

Chihi StarThe Orphan Star
Original Owner: Li Chung, the Warrior Who Wars Against Tigers
Characters: Kai, Long Chan Chan

Tend to be martial arts masters.

Chiku StarThe Empty Star
Original Owner: Chou T'ung, the Little Conqueror
Character: Lotte, Millie

Tends to be a woman with an affinity towards animals or one in particular.

Chiko StarThe Lonely Star
Original Owner: T'ang Lung, the Golden-Spotted Leopard
Characters: Mace, Tessai

Always the main blacksmith.

Chizen StarThe Finished Star
Original Owner: Tu Hsing, the Devil-Faced
Characters: Onil, Taki

Tends to be a gossiper within the headquarters.

Chitan StarThe Short Star
Original Owner: Chou Yuen, Dragon out of the Woods
Characters: Kuromimi, Gengen

Always a non-human buddy with the Chikaku Star.

Chikaku StarThe Corner Star
Original Owner: Chou Jun, the One-Horned Dragon
Characters: Gon, Gabocha

Always a non-human buddy with the Chitan Star.

Chisyu StarThe Prisoned Star
Original Owner: Chu Kuei, Water Beast on Dry Land
Characters: Antonio, Yuzu

Tends to be either a cook or a little kid.

Chizou StarThe Hoarding Star
Original Owner: Chu Fu, the Smiling Tiger
Characters: Lester, Hai Yo

Tends to be a cook or chef.

Chihei StarThe Smooth Star
Original Owner: Ts'ai Fu, the Iron Armed
Characters: Kirke, Kahn Marley

Chison StarThe Wounded Star
Original Owner: Ts'ai Ching, the Single Flower
Characters: Rock, Barbara

Always the vaultkeeper/storagekeeper.

Chido StarThe Serving Star
Original Owner: Li Li, the Pursuing God of Death
Characters: Ledon, Sid

Characters under this Star tend to be creepy, sleazy, or ugly.

Chisatsu StarThe Searching Star
Original Owner: Li Yun, the Blue-Eyed Tiger
Characters: Sylvina, Shin

Chiaku StarThe Fierce Star
Original Owner: Chiao T'ing, the Faceless
Characters: Ronnie Bell, Oulan

Tends to be an Amazonian-type woman, or otherwise incredibly strong female character.

Chisyu StarThe Ugly Star
Original Owner: Shih Yung, the Stone Warrior
Characters: Gaspar, Shilo

Tends to be a gambler who opens up a minigame.

Chisu StarThe Mathematic Star
Original Owner: Sheng Sing, the Lesser Yu Se
Characters: Window, Alex

Chiin StarThe Shadowy Star
Original Owner: The Goodwife Ku, Female Tiger
Characters: Marie, Hilda

Generally fills in for a maternal role out of the characters.

Chikei StarThe Avenging Star
Original Owner: Chang Ch'ing, the Gardener
Characters: Zen, Bob

Chisou StarThe Strong Star
Original Owner: The Goodwife Sheng, the Female Savage
Characters: Sarah, Ayda

Tends to be a beautiful woman, or a talented female archer.

Chiretsu StarThe Inferior Star
Original Owner: Wang Ting Lu, the Lively Female
Characters: Sansuke, Pico

Tends to be the character who builds your bath.

Chiken StarThe Mighty Star
Original Owner: Ju Pao Ssu, the Vanguard God
Characters: Qlon, Alberto

Chimou StarThe Rat Star
Original Owner: Pei Sheng, Rat in the Daylight
Characters: Templeton, Templeton

Tends to be the character who gives you the World Map, and is a mapmaker/cartographer.

Chizoku StarThe Thieving Star
Original Owner: Shih Ch'ien, Flea on a Drum
Characters: Krin, Hoi

Characters under this Star tend to be bandits, thieves, or con men.

Chikou StarThe Dog Star
Original Owner: Tuan Ching, the Yellow-Haired Dog
Characters: Chandler, Gordon

Characters under this Star are generally your item shopkeeper or a trader.