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Part 8: The Scourge of Luca Blight

: I thought I was a Highlander and then they hunted us down. But I always thought someday I could go back to Highland. The Unicorn Brigade massacre, Captain Rowd's betrayal, Toto Village burning down... I just don't know who to trust anymore.

: I'm sorry, Azure. We're in the same boat, I guess. … I'm sorry.

Suikoden 2 Tunes – Tactics

: I'm going to Muse to request reinforcements.

: I'm going to look for a good place to lay some traps.

: I'll gather weapons and soldiers. We'll use whatever we can find. Take a look at this, Azure, Jowy.

Yup, the Fire Spears are back as a plot point; although, they're not nearly as important or effective as they were in the first game. Viktor tells us the current stock of Fire Spears they have are rusted over, and that we need to go get more. He says there's a man who lives near here called Tsai of the Divine Spear.

Always need more money. Apple tells us he's living near Ryube Village, perhaps in the forest.

Past where the bird's nest was is a bridge, which takes us on the path towards Tsai's place.

that's a not-suspicious cabin.

: Are you Tsai of the Divine Spear?

: Nope, just plain Tsai. Anyway, what's your business with me?

>>> We came here because we need you

: The Fire Spears, right? I heard that Luca Blight attacked Toto Village. So... it's war again, is it...

Well that was easy. And I get to keep Flik's cash!

Tsai is a pretty good, but kind of average fighter. He gets great stats but has low HP to compensate it. He comes with a Unicorn Rune attached, but it's not fixed.

Like I said before, you sometimes get a choice of where to place battle characters – either in your convoy or in your party. Tsai comes stock with a spell scroll of Clay Guardian, the first Earth spell, and it actually works in this game.

Suikoden 2 Tunes – Tension

Watch the Video!

Upon our return to Ryube Village, we find it has been completely burned to the ground and ransacked by Luca Blight's army.

This is one of the most iconic scenes in Suikoden II, mostly because of the dialogue.

Luca: All you worms can do is plead! You really want to live so badly?

Y... yes... I'll do anything... just... don't kill me...

Luca: Is that right? In that case, act like a pig.

Luca: Very good!!

Woman: So that means... ?

Easily the most iconic action in the game alone, when Luca kills a woman after he makes her degrade herself to plead for her life.

Luca: Finished? My sword still thirsts for blood!! You! Burn this place down! Burn this whole village to the ground!!

: I... I won't forget this!

: Wait a minute. Luca Blight possesses strength that is not of this world. You and I would not have a chance of standing up against him. But there will be another time.

If you answer the first option, Tsai simply knocks Azure and Jowy out and we continue on with the plot.

Whether they want to be involved or not – Azure and Jowy are a part of this war now. There's no turning back.

Ignoring this little brat, let's go talk to Viktor.

: Good work, Azure, Jowy. You two have done enough. Prepare to escape to Muse City. This battle has nothing to do with you. Thanks again for getting Tsai.

We have to choose this option.

: I don't want anyone slowing us down, so I'll give you a test. Azure, if you can even just wound me, I'll consider you a warrior, okay?

Suikoden 2 Tunes – Duel (must listen)

Yup, duels are back. They've changed absolutely nothing in-between games aside from cinematic flair and updated graphics. This duel is super easy, and this initial taunt is an Attack, so let's Wild Attack back at him.

Actually, for that matter, ALL Duels in this game are piss-fucking-easy, and have absolutely nothing on the Pahn-Teo duel. To extrapolate that, that duel is easily the hardest in the series, even if you prepare for it. Some of Suikoden V's duels get close to it, though, but that's because that game's Duel system is much more fleshed out.

: Okay, maybe I should show you what I've really got.

This one's easy to parse, it's a Wild Attack.

You just have to do about 80 points of damage to get Flik to relent.

: This boy's tough. I can vouch for him.

: Maybe you've just lost your touch.

: What did you say?!

I mean, of course, let's definitely let fifteen year olds lead a company of soldiers. That's perfectly sound logic.

So Jowy spends some time coming up with names. Some of these are references to the first game, and Orange Company remains a running joke. In the history books in Suikoden III, your army will be called the Dunan Army no matter what (much like the first game's army being called the Toran Army/Toran Republic).

Choose a name for our company (i.e., the unit we lead in battle). Eight character limit.


Tsai, of the Divine Spear – Tenyu Star

His nickname was bestowed upon him when he, with one jab, pierced an iron helmet with his spear.

Luca Blight

Far and away one of the most iconic villains in jRPGs, and is typically grouped together with other madmen like Kefka who, quite simply, just want to watch the world burn.