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Part 16: Betrayal

It's time to go to war again, but this time to stall them, rather than fight an actual battle.

Solon Jhee's a little butthurt about last time we fought him.

There is, however, one unit on the field that is a bit of an annoying gimmick. You see this soldier, Gilbert? He's a Star of Destiny. However! There's only one chance to acquire him, this battle. How do you acquire him in a war battle, you ask? You have to damage him. The only way to almost guaranteed damage him is if Flik hits him with a Fire Spear. This attack HAS to inflict one sword of damage or Gilbert will not join you. It also has to be Flik that damages him as Viktor just threatens him rather than persuading him. The next problem is that Gilbert is not under our command, so you have to make sure your hero is nearby to heal him, because he runs straight into the enemy, but his stats assure that he probably won't die that easily, though. He's tough. Regardless, there's a chance he can both join and die in this battle, provided the stupid as fuck RNG decides to screw you over.

For this battle we get our own little State Army units to control alongside the main character. They're weak as fuck but provide a slight roadblock for the enemy.

: Gilbert is it? Can't believe he's working for Highland.

: You've lost your touch!

: Why you worthless... grr...

: How about it, Gilbert? Why don't you join our side? A proud warrior like you shouldn't take money from a scum like Luca Blight!

By inflicting half damage, he promptly defects to our side. Gilbert is not a battle character, he's purely a war unit, much like Maximilian in the first game.

: Gilbert!! You dare betray us!!

Oh snap, what a burn.

In battle, the Dinosaur company now has access to Azure's Rune, the Bright Shield Rune. It has one cast, and heals all allies in a range of about three tiles horizontally/vertically and two titles diagonally from Azure.

After about two turns, allies from Matilda join the fight.

The Matilda Knights are definitely better than our State Army reinforcements, that's for sure.

Miklotov is a good unit overall, too.

Once any unit under our command is damaged, Apple reveals this nugget. However, it's not usable all the time considering most war battles in this game do not occur where we are in a position to utilize city-healing. This battle is a bit of a misnomer in that regard, and it takes a full turn to heal back that damage.

Gilbert is surprisingly resilient despite being up against tough offenses.

Archer units attacking one another from afar will fire arrows at one another.

After several turns, Camus teleports in and tells the Matilda Knights to withdraw, effectively removing a lot of our forces.

: It's a knight's duty to follow the orders of his liege lord. Have you forgotten your oath?

In the last moment, Gorudo decides to betray Muse.

The battle continues regardless, though.

But it ends after the next turn with Solon Jhee deciding to cut his losses early.

: Somehow... we managed to slow them down.

: Well... Azure... about this battle, do you... no, forget about it. There's no choice, I guess... we have to protect ourselves... goodnight, Azure.

Meanwhile, Jowy's meeting up with a familiar face from the first game.

who isn't important enough to get a redrawn portrait.

He then lies to Pilika, who overheard the conversation.

: I... I hope I'm taking the right path.

The next day, Viktor tells us to stop by Anabelle's to talk about yesterday's 'victory'. The Highland army is apparently all around the outside of Muse, so we once again cannot leave.

: That's not what I'm saying. But as long as we don't know the Highland Army's intentions, I'm not going to commit any of my troops.

: I think their intentions are clear. Perhaps you're just frightened?

: How dare you! It was the South Window army who retreated at the first sight of blood during the Scarlet Moon Empire war!

Gustav leaves in a huff, leaving Anabelle with even less allies.

Before we leave, Jowy questions Anabelle's intentions in the war.

: I get nothing from it. I fight so we won't lose. I was born in Muse, raised in Muse. It's natural that I want to protect her.

: Yeah, well, that figures. She hasn't seen for her own two eyes how scary Luca Blight is.

Jowy then walks off for some reason.

Pilika assumes Jowy's mad at her, but Nanami reassures her, it's just... something's off.

We run into Jowy meeting with Kage.

: … I'm sorry, Azure... I can't say right now. Azure... this war isn't going to end for a long time. You and Nanami should run far away...

>>> What are you going to do?

The scene changes to nighttime, at Anabelle's quarters.

Viktor's meeting her for some booty call action.

: I don't have time to sleep.

: In that case, how about we have a little drink?

Everybody loves Kanakan wine.

: When my fort burned down, this one bottle was all I could carry.

: Mmm, nice bouquet.

: So how is it?

: Sorry, just a bad habit of mine.

: Even if we gather all the State troops, I wonder what chance we'll have when we come to face to face with Luca Blight's unit...

: Well, about fifty-fifty, I guess.

: When I think about it, sometimes I get so sad that I even think that maybe we should just surrender quietly...

: A leader can't think that way. Everyone's fighting as hard as they can. They all have something they want to defend. You do too. Even if it's to save your life, there are some things you just don't do. At least that's the way I see it.

: Say, if I was born in a different time or place, and if I was a little shorter, I might have made a good girlfriend, huh?

: Ha ha, well maybe you're just fine the way you are if you ask me. Maybe I'm not, though.

After the scene, we return to the bar where Nanami wonders if this is a good time to go hear more about Master Genkaku from Anabelle.

Your friend is already back there.

… Huh?

: … Please, but Jowy, what do you want at this hour?

Suikoden 2 Tunes - Sedition


: You're not joking, are you?

: Do you have something like that? Something you'll do at all cost?

: Can you bear the burden, Jowy? Do you really have the resolve?

: Would you at least let me finish this glass? It's from a close friend... it would be sad to waste it.

Jowy apologizes again, his third time stating that he wants to be forgiven for what he's about to do.

She throws her glass at him, and the screen fades to white for a moment before Azure and Nanami bust into the room.

Jowy murders Anabelle, in an act that perhaps makes him an enemy.

Since Jowy fled before he could be seen, Jess automatically assumes it was our fault.

And as it happens, Highland floods Muse. It was all planned...

>>> Try not to talk...

: Azure.. Nanami... did you.. were you happy... with your life with Genkaku?

>>> Yes...

: I... is that so... the.. then at least... I can... rest... hurry... hurry and escape... The Highland Army... they'll come here first. Hurry... I... I have one last request. Don't die... Azure... Nanami... live...


Gilbert – Chisatsu Star

A mercenary who splits from Highland to join us at the behest of knowing Viktor and Flik from the previous Jowston-Highland conflict. Has a wife and son in Zexen, a region in Suikoden III.