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Part 20: The Man from Radat

in today's update, we are acquiring our strategist because why the hell should we trust Apple to do anything? She's terrible at strategy.

: The very next morning, the mayor's head was hanging from the castle gate... I was with women and children, so I managed to get away...

: Ho ho ho, who do you have to thank for getting away?

: Quiet!!

: Highland is afraid of rebellion, so they're arresting former Muse and South Window soldiers all over the place.

: Which means that it's a matter of time before Highland comes here. But... we've got a few people and an abandoned castle... what should we do?

Everyone chimes in with a “..........................................” which just looks odd thanks to the translation.

Everyone gets all mopey and says there's no chance but to keep running away, but Apple has an idea!

: In Radat Town, there is a man named Shu. He and I were students under Master Mathiu. Matihu expelled him... but he's brilliant, he's a first-class strategist. If we can get him to join, I'm sure he'll be able to think up a winning strategy!

Flik and Viktor once again are unavailable as party members due to going out and finding ex-South Window soldiers. Also, as of this moment, Apple and Leona have joined us.

It's been a while since I could actually decide my party, so I'm throwing in people I haven't used and/or haven't used in a while.

Suikoden 2 Tunes – HQ Theme #1 (worth a listen)

Also, this place is now our headquarters. It was tidied up in a remarkably short time after being in ruins .

We don't really have anyone to fill up the place until after this next war battle, so it's really empty right now.

Suikoden 2 Tunes – Her Sigh ~ Radat Town Theme (must listen, the first awesome town theme in this game)

Radat Town is east of South Window, and is one of my favorite places in the game. I love its atmosphere in the same way I liked Teien's and Rikon's in the first game. It is a small town of 6,000 residents and is also, like Kuskus and Coronet, popular for fishing. The Dunan river flows into the lake here. It also connects eastern Muse with southern Dunan.

But then I remembered something...

To get this next recruit, we need a party of at least one female and no males, or, preferably, a team of Azure and all women.

Then talk to this woman in Kuskus, leave town, and come back.

Then cross the bridge just ahead of her to get accosted by bros.

They want some of the action we got goin on. But Azure, pimp that he is, isn't gonna stand having his girls be mistreated.

Well, he would if I wasn't controlling him

And get Azure knocked the fuck out.

Except they captured another woman, the wrong woman, alongside our girls.

She promptly beats the shit out of all of them.

: It might be tough at your size, but you've got to protect women. Aren't I right?

: Okay... good answer. What's your name... Azure? My name is Oulan, I'm a bodyguard for hire, but now I'm out of work. How do you feel? Can you walk? Should I take you somewhere?

Answer the first response or you'll miss out on her entirely.

Oulan's fucking awesome, and one of the best physical fighters in the game. A lot of her power and defense comes from the Power Gloves accessory she has as a permanent item. Her Angry Dragon Rune is fixed, and cannot be found anywhere else. It is not unique, though, as a character in Suikoden V also has this Rune. It deals 2x damage and can only be used once in battle OR an unlimited number of times if Oulan is Berserked. Pair this with the Fury Rune and you have a damn good character. She also has a Unite with Hanna.

Basically, the two of them go berserk and hit all foes, but the description is off – it leaves Hanna and Oulan unbalanced, not the enemies.

The Rare Finds in Radat has both another Recipe (#18) and the fifth Sound Set. I wasn't lucky enough to have them be available right now. There's also a chance it will carry both Speed Rings and Magic Robes, very excellent equipment at this stage of the game.

We can, however, pick up a recipe from the chef in the local restaurant.

Also, our buddy Stallion's here, running around really fast.

: I already know what you want, but go ahead and tell me anyway.

: I want only one thing. I want you to join us. You must know what Luca Blight is up to. If Highland takes over this country, a lot of people will suffer. Please, Shu, lend us your strength.

However, Shu refuses to join, despite knowing what will happen.

: I'm a trader now. I use my knowledge to predict shifts in the world's economy. It's the greatest way to get rich. Rulers change, borders change, countries change, but money is a constant. In fact, nothing is better for business than a good war.

Ascribing to modern-day American foreign policy since 2003

Shu doesn't even care what Luca Blight can do. He then promptly boots us out.

Despite the fact that Shu had once called her a sister, the bitterness he and Mathiu had towards one another is too strong.

Now we head back to the tavern, talk to some of the residents, and try to leave...

: I know that, but we're not leaving until you help us.

: So what are you willing to do? Get down your knees and beg?

So I let her (she does this either way)

Shu angrily leaves after seeing this display, despite her begging. He wonders if she's lost pride in being a disciple of Mathiu.

: But if necessary, I can throw away my vainful pride. That's what I learned from Master Mathiu.

Well, we've successfully disturbed Shu. But how do we convince him? Let's head to the southern part of Radat.

Suikoden 2 Tunes – Dandy Richmond

To meet Richmond, a private investigator. From here on, there will always be a character like this in your HQ; they tend to stick around and give you information on your recruits. Here, we need him for the plot.

For 1,500 potch, he'll go dig up information on Shu.

He tells us to stay at the Odessa inn while we wait for him to collect info.

Yeah, he's going all out with the noir references.

Nanami, of course, freaks the fuck out that this dude broke in during the night. Also, why is Azure at the table?

Shu is heading across the east bridge, and there we can stop him. He leaves immediately afterward.

Either Apple has no memory, or she was half-awake when Richmond barged in and forgot what he told them. Nanami even questions her about it and she goes, “.....” so I assume it's the latter.

: Apple, listen carefully. It's a war you're trying to get me involved with. How to kill, that's what you and I studied. In the last battle, Viktor's fort was burned to the ground because your strategy failed. How many people died? Do you even know?

: … Yes, I know. I was weak and ineffective. That's exactly why we need your help.

He throws it into the water, and states that if we find the coin, he'll join.

Hey, it's impossible. We'll never find that coin. Let's go home. Maybe Viktor and the others will come up with a plan? Okay? Okay?

The dude absolutely refuses to close the gate, even threatening to... spank Apple over it. In her degradation, she even accepts the punishment so long as the gate closes. Her perseverance is bordering on humiliating.

Even though Apple tells him that the place will be flooded by Highland if they don't close the sluice gate, it doesn't quite convince Amada.

So he makes us duel.

Pretty obvious, he's going to attack.

He's really easy, doing only about 30-50 damage with his attack. He's going in for the kill here, so let's defend.

And he falls easily.

By defeating him, he closes the sluicegate for just one night.

Despite the fact that he doesn't even really know our reasoning, but PLOT MAGIC must make it happen, so...

Apple tirelessly searches for the coin, despite it being freezing out.

Instead of listening to Nanami bitch more, we decide to help out too.

Nanami saw something no one else did – Shu replaced the coin in his hand with a rock just before he threw it. Apple, of course, denies it.

Azure ends up finding the coin.

: You were so cold to me. Why did you have to...

: It was necessary.

: You're a strong woman. I may have inherited Master Mathiu's brain, but you inherited his heart...

: So then...

Shu's familiar with the Bright Shield Rune.

: There aren't many left who recall, but the name of Master Genkaku has a special meaning in the City-State. We'll talk about it after the war. Right now, we have to worry about defeating Solon Jhee's troops. Azure... I want to thank you for saving Apple. Between you and that rune on your right hand, we just might have a chance to win this war.

And that was how we got our strategist, who is NOT a Silverberg this time!

Richmond was the one who threw the coin in, after, most likely, stealing it from Shu; in turn, he singlehandedly changes the fate of a nation. In regards with how the writers handled this situation, I think they went a bit far in showing just how much shit Apple was willing to withstand to get Shu back, it came off as almost a bit chauvinistic. The ending makes up for it. I can't help but feel that Shu is a douchebag and Apple is passive as fuck, though. But now all that doesn't matter since we have our God-like strategist and we can now turn the tide of this war.


Leona – Chihi Star

Born in Toto, she exists to run a bar/cafe at the headquarters, change party members, and hit on the main character.

Shu – Tenki Star

Unlike Mathiu, Shu has no interesting backstory that precedes his story in this game – all info that pertains to Shu is contained in this game alone. Although he's a genius, he's incredibly cocky about it.

Oulan – Chiaku Star

This game's Ronnie Bell.