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Part 22: Update 19-2: ____ Castle, ROTC Office

“Which is a strange name, but then again, so are a lot of people's names in this universe. There was this guy named Freyjadour...”

Better get used to having her in your face the whole game, because she will be standing over you when you wake up again and again.

We have to accept becoming a symbolic leader.

: Please, Azure. We need your power.

: Lord Azure, it's not much, but I'll lend my strength, too.

: I... I'll fight for you too!! For South Window, for Lord Granmeyer, for all the people who have suffered at Highland's hand!!

: Dr. Huan, how did you survive Muse?

: Well, I was helped out by a kind soldier and finally made it here.

: The soldiers will be happy to know that we have a famous healer. Welcome, Doctor Huan.

Please choose a name for our new headquarters. Eight character limit.


Barbara – Chison Star

She stands guard over the vault in our headquarters, and her position is Quartermaster. She was one of the few who survived Neclord's massacre of North Window. She helped Viktor come back from the brink of death after his encounter with Neclord. She has a history of being divorced after she ran away from an “idiot” she was married to in Ryube.

Huan – Chirei Star

Born in Rikon, he studied healing under the famous healer Liukan. He has an apprentice named Tuta, who is the son of a former patient.