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Part 25: Two River Troubles

Suikoden 2 Tunes – Wingers' Village Theme (must listen)

time to chase this fucker around who we can't catch

everyone generally hates Chaco

I do too

these are my feelings

Do you get the racism parallels here, do you?

oh... oh my

we'll just ignore that and head back to the assembly hall in the human district

Where a kobold is accosting Fitcher

: and then compounding the crime with a lie about bringing back the person who defeated the Highland army, you, Fitcher, are hereby sentenced to 100 lashes!

Bend over

The screen goes black and you hear whipping noises. I wanted to see it... Fitcher joins us again, and we head in to talk to Makai.

: That's the official title of the leader appointed by the three assembly houses, but that's not important now. You certainly are young, aren't you? But you have a hero's blood in your veins. But no, I forgot you're unrelated by blood. At least that's what I heard from Fitcher.

Makai agrees to fight side by side against Luca and his army. Then we tell them about the wallet incident...

Even the kobolds hate the wingers. Makai makes a reservation for us at the inn, where we go off to stay.

I didn't screenshot it, but the man makes a comment when we head up the stairs that “Lord Azure already showed up for his meal and reservation...” Yeah, Chaco stole our food and our room.

He doesn't believe we're a leader of any army, and he flies off. Little fucker.

Some Highland spy has caused discord between Ridley and Makai.

>>> What happened?

He leaves to prepare for the impending attack...

Makai asks us to go figure out what happened, because the Highland Army is closing in.

Looks like we can't get into the kobold district at the moment. Time to head back... again.

Luckily, L'il Douchebag is back.

Well that's actually a positive. Good job, L'il Douchebag.

We have to chase him again for a short time.

Time to head into the obligatory sewer dungeon.

Not a whole lot down here, pretty dull overall.

Fucking ninjas.

Here's Oulan's Angry Dragon Rune. It's pretty powerful.

There's also a free Resurrection Rune down here if you like using that Rune. It's still pretty useful in this game.

Land Sharks dwell down here... somehow. They drop Recipe #21. In the NA version, Recipes dropped by enemies only are bugged, so you should only give these recipes to your chef once you have all five enemy-only Recipes. This is not an issue for me in the PAL version.

Sirens drop two enemy-only items, Water Amulets for water/ice defense and the Banshee Rune. This Rune is not very useful, but can be in certain situations. It steals HP from an ally and gives it back to you, using a formula derived from the Max HP of the character – their current HP. This Rune cannot be used if the user has not taken damage.

It's a short dungeon overall.

Dark hallway...

Giant filler boss!

So we kick off the battle with the Darkness Rune's final spell, Black Shadow, which I can't accurately capture at the moment thanks to this plugin giving me shit. I'll show it later.

The Pest Rat has two all party attacks. The other one has a chance to Poison.

So we bombard him with the inappropriately-named Blue Gate spell Pale Palace, which is a ship firing its cannons...

That's one gross fart, dude. Or perhaps it's the smell of the rat's nether regions.

This is Stealer of Souls, it deals 300 base Darkness damage and restores that HP to the user, from the Darkness Rune. I didn't capture it at the right time, but shadowy hands erupt from the enemy and soar upward.

This guy can be pretty difficult, but if you keep the offensive going you'll win, like any boss in this game. He gives us the weapon embedding Rune, Poison.

The path after the boss leads... surprise! Into the kobold village. If it sounds like I'm bored writing this update, it's because I am.

: Huh? Well you see...

>>> We're chasing a thief...

: I understand. I'll take your word for it, Lord Azure. Last night one of our patrols spotted a suspicious character. They gave chase, but unfortunately the person got away. But while running away, he dropped a secret communique between the Empire's General Kiba and your Lord Makai. It was a secret treaty. Did you know about this, Fitcher?

: I don't know a thing. Remember, I'm still new here.

: Hmm, that's true. Anyway, the secret treaty was a peace agreement between Two River and Highland.

: Well that's great news!!

: All I know is that I can never trust humans. I have nothing more to say. Now go before you get hurt.

>>> That's what the enemy wants!!

: You may be right, but what if you're wrong? As Kobold leader, my duty is to first and foremost protect my people. Just as your duty is to protect the Dinosaur Army.


Now to go back to listening to FFXIII-2's soundtrack