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Part 29: Going to College

this is not the worst arc in the game, really, but it's just kind of boring. It tries to be goofy and silly but doesn't really hit either of these to any respectable degree. This place is much better on our second visit.

We have a decent party for this section despite not really needing it whatsoever. Tengaar, despite getting all three Rune slots and having high Magic, is not nearly as proficient with Runes as Luc is; she gets a B rank at the highest for Earth, Fire, Resurrection and Wind, and no A rank anywhere.

Off to Greenhill.

Suikoden 2 Tunes – Imprisoned Town ~ Greenhill Theme #1 (must listen, the second good town theme)

Fitcher tells us they're three years late, so we have to use the excuse that the war delayed us.

Unfortunately, a lot of Greenhill people know Fitcher.

For now... take college classes.

Time to come up with a fake name. Okay...

A staple of the LP forum. Nanami says she'll be 'Beth'...

But I think she should be named after a psychopath who likes to bind... BE... bound...

We don't get to name everyone else in the same fashion,

Except Flik, so we go with the most well-known family in all of the Suikoden world (but he decides against it)

This will not get old, ever.

Why yes, me and my motley assortment of people whose faces should be recognizable by anyone

Looks like Flik's story about being delayed and coming all the way from Kanakan doesn't quite add up.

: What, are you kidding? I'm working for these kids' parents. I'm their bodyguard.

Highland soldiers are idiots.

You will, DENNIS. You will.

Greenhill is a city of about 8,000 people that prides itself for its academics with its prestigious Newleaf Academy. The city was originally attacked by Rowd at the start of the war but was held off by the tactics of Nash Latkje (styling himself as Nash “Silverberg”) who was apparently hired by the city for a million potch.

There's a couple recipes to get immediately. #20 is found here, and #25 can be bought in the Item shop's Rare finds.

Throughout the game, NPCs will give you hints about what sells best where when you want to trade, keep some of this in mind.

Here's a random Silent Hill reference

This girl is the 'main draw' of the inn, and is one of the few NPCs in the game to get her own name.

When I want to get drunk, I don't pace around in a room off to myself

HINT HINT you can find one of Mukumuku's buds near here.

the games children play these days

Nina is intentionally a character the game makes you dislike, and then she gets paired with Nanami.

She's one of those girls who picks fights where she really shouldn't.

Not at all.

: WHAT?! No way, no way! Azure, you're not gonna help? Are you a man or a mouse?


Flik gets thrust into the situation because... plot

no one talks shit about Odessa+

: I'll be happy to demonstrate its sharpness on your neck.

OH my god highland soldiers are shit.

never gonna get old.

: You said we should try to lay low, and yet you're the one who's sticking out like a sore thumb!

We then run off towards the academy

where people just mill about on the lawns not doing anything

and talk to the receptionist so we can get enrolled.

this isn't working, Flik

it's just like college

Luc doesn't really care about getting expelled

To the left of Emilia's desk is the Appraisal class, and the kid on the bottom right will appraise stuff for you.

To the right is Jeane's classroom about Runes and magic, but we can't recruit her yet. The boy on the bottom row on the right is a runemaster. He'll sell you Resurrection, Kite, and Pixie runes; his Rare Finds rune is the Draining Rune, which restores HP equal to 1/3 the damage of a critical hit. Pair this with a Killer Rune for some good self-healing.

And an old book is in the study hall to the top left of the room.

The top right has a classroom on blacksmithing... but the blacksmith is gone. Damn.

: Up on the second floor are study halls. During orientation, you may go anywhere on campus to decide what your major will be. Do you understand?

Luc has the best responses.

Just then, a man with a turban strolls in. He leaves fairly quickly, I think he knows who we are.

Emilia is still pretty clueless about the fact that there's no way that we're students.

The next thing you need to do is follow her back to her desk and talk to her.

Thankfully, she's not all that dumb. She knows we've been snooping around for Teresa. We then tell her who are, and...

She decides to help us. Although it never tells you, this is the point where Emilia becomes a Star of Destiny.

Her friend doesn't believe her.

I wish I could punch her.

… MY LORD?! Ughghghghg

Flik, like every normal guy ever, is incredibly uncomfortable right now. She assumes Flik's here to see her, but he assures her it's just for the school.

: Yeah? What is it? (I have no idea what this line means)

She then drags Flik off. Poor, poor Flik.

It's been a short long day. Get used to us going to bed again and again while we're here after doing really nothing at all.

maybe you could stay here then


Emilia – Chisui Star

Opens up the library back at our headquarters so we can read our Old Books.