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Part 30: The Search for Teresa Wisemail

She doesn't like the look of Nanami, despite her having zero interest in anyone besides her brother.

: I'm clearly much more beautiful than you. I don't have to worry about you stealing Sir Flik away from me.

: …

: I'm sure we'll become good friends, Nanami. ??? Why are you looking at me like that?

Why else? You're psycho.

get out of my LIFE

Flik tells us that Shin might know where Teresa is, and that he's off to find her. We'll be spending a lot of time sans Flik due to...


you too. Seriously. Get out of my life.

Emilia warns us about increased soldier presence in town before we continue our search.

Thankfully, the academy is safe from it all, for some reason.

guess she's at the Inn...

Apparently an informant from Muse made the claim. I think it's a ruse.

I mean, Highland soldiers are as threatening as a stiff breeze, but our cover would be blown.

Oh great.

: What reason? It's obvious. You're not telling me where Teresa is. You're bringing this on yourself!

: When we surrendered, the Lord Commander promised us no more violence...

: That's right, if he hadn't made that promise we'd be torturing each and every one of you until you talked. As you can see, the commander is a very peaceable man.

I long for the day when I can beat Rowd's face in.

Shin later runs off to the north part of town.

But we lose him. Nanami decides that our day has been SO arduous so we head back to the dorms. I actually find that this paces out the narrative in a strange way, because there's really no reason for us to do so since we spent all of five minutes outdoors.

: Um... do you know what Sir Flik likes? I want to make him a really fantastic dinner, but I'm not sure what to make...

: Um... first, why don't you take some really bracing tincture or something, then just, uh, go for it like mad. Even if you make mistakes, it's the thought that counts...

: Hmm, that's not a bad idea. Thanks Nanami! Bye now!

why in the world would any sane person think tincture is a good dinner

before she leaves, she mentions a little tidbit...

Suikoden 2 Tunes – Ghost Story (another shitty track)

Yes Nanami, and it chokes out annoying anime cliches like yourself

Pilika, of course, has no idea what a ghost is. In the night, you can hear the sound of a chair creaking loudly, but the characters don't make a note of it.


one of the small graphical issues of Greenhill is that most of these scenes are Azure-Nanami-Nina-Pilika, and the people you bring along with you, despite getting unique lines, don't actually get programmed to be on screen sometimes.

Flik's missing...

For some reason, Nina's in the academy, to the far left.

but first, Nanami has to get over that pressing 'ghost' issue

Fuck you Nina

Nina tells us that she found out Flik loves someone, and that someone is 'always with him'. Yes, she has no idea about Odessa. She thinks it's Nanami, and declares a 'duel'. Goddammit.


Flik received instructions for us to meet Fitcher.

So that 'informant from Muse'? That was Fitcher, and apparently relations between Muse and Greenhill have gone very sour.

Flik decides to step in to save Fitcher's ass.

And/or fake threaten to slice his head off.

I like how they designed alternate sprites for him gesturing his sword to other townsfolk.

Most people, when presented with the chance to cut off a man's head, tend to run away. Fitcher tells us that he's found no trace of Teresa.

Back and forth and back and forth and back and forth

Fitcher tells us that the commander who took Greenhill originally will be here in a few days, so we have little time.

So close to finishing up this shit. Just gotta power through, Azure, power through...

I hate these after-supper Anime Girl Clashes

>>> Why are you after Flik, anyway?

: Ehh?? What?? What a foolish question.

go ahead, just keep talking to yourself

Ohhh jesus.

Suikoden 2 Tunes – Pursuit

Then stop bitching out.

oh shit, maybe there IS a ghost

More on that later.