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Part 32: To the Knightdom

Jowy lies to him, saying he hasn't seen anything.

: His majesty Luca has asked me to keep an eye on you, you know. What do you think he'd say if I gave him this little piece of information? … Step aside, would you?

: We'd hate to see you make a false report out of jealousy because a former subordinate is now your commanding officer.

: That's right, we're witnesses.

: You know, there's still quite a riot going on around Greenhill. Shouldn't you be there?

: Why? We love Highland. It's a wonderful country.

: We can't stand idly by and let it be destroyed. The only thing Luca Blight will bring around is its ruin, and that is not our intention.

: It wouldn't be pleasant standing on scorched earth after the war is over, would it?

It appears alliances are shifting...

Back in the Two River Human district, Jeane's moved to take over its runeshop. She joins us without a second thought. Like the armorer and item shop, Jeane will never sell rare Runes but instead what you've found in regular shops.

Near Kobold Village's trading shop is a little girl who's lost her sheep. They are deep in Unicorn Woods, and we're automatically teleported there.

They're all really easy to find.

Just catch three, and you're done. While you're here, there's a Mangosh and Guard Ring behind the Unicorn Tree. The Mangosh ups your counterattack rate, and it's a solid defensive jump above the buyable Steel Shield at this point. In reality, this is a mistranslation of "main gauche", or a parrying dagger in your left hand.

Yuzu offers to come to our castle. She'll rear animals that we find throughout the world.

Back in the woods, the second screen precisely, there's a fourth lamb to acquire. It will not be here if you opened the first chest in the woods, and when you acquire the lamb, that first chest will be opened as well.

Mukumuku's so sweet. This is what notes in our suggestion box look like.

Viktor's a pretty chill bro.

Yep, Shin made it out alive.

But it was mostly Nina who helped get them out of Greenhill.

And so the chase begins anew.

Poor Flik. He can't help being pretty.

Stop looming over me!! What are you... some sort of... henge?!

Jowy tells Luca that he wants Jillia's hand in marriage.

: You've got balls, I'll give you that. Would you like me to remove your head from your shoulders with my blade?

: No, my Lord. But I know that His Majesty does not take an oath lightly. Also... I've got an idea.

: What is it? Speak up. If I don't like it, I promise I WILL cut off your head.

: But I shouldn't speak in front of so many, if you take my meaning, my lord.

Murder, subterfuge, and now some sort of ploy... I can simply smell the Machiavellianism wafting off of Jowy right now, and I dislike it intensely.

They're going to make a great... couple? Friendship? Who knows.

:-Muse and Greenhill are under enemy control. Somehow we've managed to protect Two River, but Tinto is still closed to us. I think we should forge a bond with the only member left of the alliance, the Knightdom of Matilda. Their army is as strong as Muse's, and if we ally with them, we'll be able to attack the enemy on two fronts. Do you agree, Lord Azure?

We have an open party now, with pretty much everyone available. Nanami will, however, try to force her way in. But this time we can kick her out, as you'll see soon.

You need to answer this three times in a row to make her...

Join your convoy instead. Thank god.

Suikoden 2 Tunes – A Bustling Town ~ HQ Theme #2

We make a visit to Emilia to drop off our Old Books since we now have a library.

Templeton, to Emilia's right, allows us to view the entire world map. He'll say little things about each place you highlight, and the little icons above the name tell you what shops are available in each place. What he'll tell you changes as the plot moves along, if certain places are taken over or freed. You can even learn about places you haven't visited yet.

Here's our Matilda party, but we'll be rearranging that for a sidequest. Nina's a really decent mage, even though she doesn't get all three slots. Shin is a decent front-line fighter with a unique Rune. If you want to, the Kuskus blacksmith now sharpens weapons to level 11, but I don't have the potch for it.

He comes with a Spider Slay Rune. It deals 3x damage to one enemy but is only usable once per battle.

Out near the restaurant is the farm, where Tony can be seen mimicking Zen's hoeing practices.

He'll plant any seeds and vegetables you give him.

And this is Yuzu's farm. She'll take in any animals you come across.

Flik and Nina have their own Unite, it's pretty funny.

It's really strong, but you'll want to give Nina a Balance Rune for it since it knocks her down.

I forgot to capture the purple spider that emanates from the last part of the attack, but this is Shin's Spider Slay Rune.

Yes I am mad that you came along without my permission (if you put her in your party, she'll ask if they'll meet Miklotov and Camus again)

oh for fuck's sake nanami

Now we're in the forest path to Matilda, north of Greenhill. These slugs drop a Recipe, and can also Petrify you.

This guy won't join us just yet.

Suck on spider attacks!

Also in the forest are these guys, the DoReMi elves.

They attack with sound, and drop the second Sound Set.

Sometimes the elves will gather together and perform a group attack, which is highly damaging, and hits the whole party.

I actually have no idea what a blue aura on Flik means. Edit: It increases his damage with magic but also increases a chance of backfiring.

A little ways into the forest, we run into Viki, once again completely lost.

1 or 2 will recruit her, but 3 will make you have to come back here after you leave Rockaxe for the first time for her to reappear.

If you choose to have her come with you, she'll join your party and teleport you back to the HQ, if you want.

Suikoden 2 Tunes – Young Heroes

Oh hey Miklotov, what's up dude?

Suikoden 2 Tunes – Prideful Sarabande ~ Rockaxe Theme

We don't get a chance to check out the town yet.

Time to deal with a douchebag.


Jeane – Chiketsu Star

Once again a runemistress, once again we have no idea how she never ages, and once again she's dressed in even sluttier attire.

Yuzu – Chisyu Star

She is the granddaughter of a farmer and knowledgeable in animal husbandry despite being all of six. Japan, I guess. She objectifies her livestock by giving them names of food they'll be turned into; Taro, her favorite sheep, is the only one exempt from this.

Teresa Wisemail – Tenki Star

Former mayor of Greenhill, now on the run and hiding within the Dinosaur Army.

Shin – Chisatsu Star

Utilizing the Eight-Slash Sword style, this swordsman from the Southlands is sworn to protect Teresa.

Nina – Tenfu Star

College student, total ditz, crazy psycho stalker, and motivational speaker. Anime clichés all balled into one. Her weapon is her book belt, filled with all her college books.

Viki – Chitatsu Star

Lost once more, she finds her way into another war, in another land. She has an E ranking in every Rune, and comes with a Blinking Rune. She's useful but be wary of constant backfires.