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Part 34: The Beast Rune

Miklotov joins us now. He can either go in your convoy or in your party, doesn't matter. He, with Camus, is part of the Pretty Boy Duo of the game. This means that they're as powerful as Flik but not quite as fast or as good at magic. We're putting him in our convoy for now. His Knight Rune is fixed, and it increases his blocking rate by 100%, and will take damage for characters with below 35% HP.

Well, at least Camus is willing to help us out. What a bro.

Outside on the world map are two enemies you'll only be able to encounter twice in the game: TimeKnights and WhiteTigers. WhiteTigers are another source for Double-Beat Runes provided you didn't farm them back in North Sparrow Pass (which is impossible to enter at this point).

Oh Jowy what have you let happen

: ...

: What's wrong? Don't you think it's beautiful? Weren't you also born without the legitimate blood of your father?

: Why would you ask that... ?

: Because you interest me. Your eyes are different from those other pigs. Just below the surface, I see the darkness inside you. Surely you must feel it, too.

: But I... I am grateful for my father taking me in.

: Cleanse this foul land!!

for some reason the game boots you out of Muse, so you have to re-enter afterward

Whatever Luca summoned has slaughtered most of the city of Muse in one fell swoop.

Hum de dum

Well this was a short trip. I wanted to take in the sights of... well, I guess there aren't any now.

Highland soldiers now run all over Muse if you wanted to train.

TimeKnights are kinda cool because they can stop time to attack the entire front row. However, they're ridiculously weak.

You sure, man? He seems like the type who doesn't give a shit.

: Calm yourself. A knight should know how to control his temper.

: You don't understand, Camus! This emotion can't be controlled, out of my way!

: Are you mad? Why should we do that? Highland has no intention of fighting us, but you want to start a war with them?

: The Highland army gathered all the people of Muse and the nearby towns, and sacrificed them in some bizarre ritual! It was a massacre! We can't go on pretending not to see what's happening! What of our honor as Knights?!

: I don't know what you saw, but we Knights have a responsibility to govern this land. We can't send its people into danger.

: You can't think Highland will let us be for so long! When the other State cities fall, Luca Blight will come to destroy us!!

: No... but... we know they captured all the refugees...

: Shut up. You speak of 'Knights' Honor'? As a Knight Captain, didn't you pledge to me, by the emblem on your chest, your undying loyalty? Is breaking that part of the 'Knight's Honor'?

And that was the day Miklotov resigned from the Matilda Knights.

Camus, too, removes his knight emblem. He requests that he and Miklotov join our army.

All of the Red and Blue Knights in the room swear fealty to us. Gorudo then runs behind his throne like a little bitch.

Camus decides to go round up a few more Knights before catching up with us.

yeah it's getting pretty old, I agree

Instead of going with Nanami's plan of battling an entire battalion of Matilda Knights...

Shu shows up to escort us back.

Which doesn't really matter because our 'pursuers' were just camus and co. We now have half of the Red and Blue Knights in our service.

He warns us that Highland is right on our heels, and that the battling is about to begin again.

At night we find Pilika in our room, still as silent as ever.

But the scene shifts over to Highland...

: Particularly Kiba and his son are more loyal to the King than me. It could even mean the entire State strategy is in danger.

: I've got a plan to handle that.

: Hmm, you've really planned it all out. When did you get so wise?

When motherfucking Leon Silverberg showed up to join the war. Awesome.

: So you really were a strategist from the Scarlet Moon Empire along with Mathiu Silverberg... why are you here?

Thank you messenger pigeon

Kiba and his son have occuped Radat.

Sure thing, man.

oh, yeah, marching into enemy territory is very much like that, yes

We have some new war units now. Teresa heads a weak-as-shit archer unit that can't really do a whole lot, and Ridley is now a unit as well.

Ridley comes with 10 ATK and 7 DEF, and has a passive Critical ability, making him deadly indeed. Miklotov adds 1 ATK and provides a Cavalry bonus. Teresa is a 5 ATK, 6 DEF archer unit who has the Bombard ability. The Bombard ability allows her unit to attack from 5 squares away, making it impossible to be counterattacked. Camus adds 1 DEF and also provides a Cavalry passive, and Shin adds another 1 ATK with a Critical passive. Humphrey adds 2 DEF and gives the Heavy Armor passive, which gives that unit three swords worth of health.

Time to teleport real quick. Funny that I'm teleporting to Radat because there's a hidden secret you can get if you teleport enough times – Viki will get it wrong, and you'll end up in a secret upper room in one of the shops that has three really good items. I'll try and show it off if TWD doesn't do it first.

Things are not going well in Radat.

And they're trying to get people to forget that Muse was just devoured in sacrifice.

Klaus stops us to tell us that Jowy is being married to Jillia as we speak, in the capital of Highland. He warns us that he's ready for us this time.

Shu seems pretty resolute about this upcoming battle. He even goes so far as to say that we don't need strategy for this battle. Oh Shu, how cocky...


Miklotov – Chimou Star

Captain of the Blue Matilda Knights, he is hot-headed and passionate about his honor.

Camus – Chiki Star

He was born into the free knights of Camaro, a city-state presumed to be somewhere near the Grasslands. Because his older brother was allowed in and he was forced to remain a squire, he joined the Matilda Knights. He met Miklotov in the entry examinations, where they broke the record for longest duel. He became the youngest captain in Matilda's history, after becoming Captain of the Red Knights within ten years.