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Part 35: The First Victory

Finally we're in a more manageable fight, but it's still not one we can win, sadly.

For the first time, we have access to our entire forces in terms of controls.

You'll notice that there are regular kobold units on the front lines. Hmm.

Shu basically blows him off. He made the decisions, deal with it.

Prepare to see this a lot when you use Teresa's unit. It's garbage.

Magic is now at play in war battles. You can use Lightning, Fire, or Wind.

Despite being tough attack-wise, the kobold units have shit for defense.

Ridley wiped out a unit in one attack, he's that badass.

Luc is my strongest unit on the field, and he will probably remain so for the rest of the game.

Ridley, in the first few turns, decides to retreat because he feels like we're sending the kobolds to slaughter.

Rowd's forces remain motionless until this happens, then they begin their assault.

Luc also has access to his Wind Rune, which has a much higher chance of doing a sword of damage than the Fire Spears.

Regardless, we're meant to lose again.

Use more exclamation marks, why don't you

Thank you for sneaking into my room

Suikoden 2 Tunes – Ceremony

Our first look at King Agares Blight. Note the man to the far right.

He agrees to betroth Jillia to Jowy.

Jowy slices open his hand to drop his blood into the chalice.

And offers it to the king.

Our last look at King Agares Blight.

: But now I've finally managed to rid myself of the last weight around my neck.

: Who did nothing when my mother and I were dishonored?! Who was trembling on the throne when we were finally saved by the imperial guards!! This is your punishment, old man. Your sentence is death. All that remains is to wipe the unclean ones off the planet. The world must be cleansed...

The King dares to utter his mother's name, Sara.

: It's useless... his breathing should have already stopped.

Why are YOU in my room? Anyway, to key you in on what just happened: When the entourage of Highland royalty was ambushed by ruffians some years ago, Agares, his father, fled the scene, leaving him and Sara to deal with them. She continued riding towards them to give time for Luca to escape, and was then raped repeatedly by them. Luca didn't hear of this until he eavesdropped on these same ruffians back in Kyaro, and learned that they were hired by Muse. This caused his incorrigable anger towards the Jowston Alliance, and the world.

We're splitting our forces to take on Kiba again.

Time to put this plan into action.

So I might have been wrong previously about potential war units. You can press Default and then send everyone to the reserve. This allows you to see units you'd otherwise not use if you let the computer do your thinking for you. Let's take a look at the rest of our units:

Jeane – Allows use of Lightning Rune
Tai Ho – ATK +2, DEF +1
Yam Koo – ATK + 1, DEF +1
Emilia – Gives us access to Investigate. This skill allows us to see the percentage chance of our attack working, and the enemy's attack working. It always shows in increments of 5% and never goes above 95%.
Adlai – His special ability is Invention. It sends out flames in all four directions around the user, but it has a chance of backfiring and hurting the user; it also affects allies.
Chaco – DEF+1, passive ability Flight. Makes the user able to fly in war, which increases movement across any terrain. Combined with Cavalry, this unit can go pretty much anywhere.

I'll be honest with you... I didn't know you could do this until this playthrough, mostly because the game never tells you about it (nice going Suikoden II). Talk about not using some of the better units.

I really hope Shu has an extra ace up his sleeve. Klaus reasons that even if they get caught in a pincer attack to keep driving towards our unit without a care.

get the fuck out, Rowd

Our forces arrive around turn 3, and now we can start our assault.

Now you need to keep the enemy occupied for a while, while making sure people don't break through to attack Azure's unit.

well that's a first

Seems like Kiba is overpowering this strategy pretty easily, but we have a solid defense set up around Azure.

Ridley appears shortly afterward, to ambush Kiba's main force.

Seems Klaus underestimated Shu.

After that, just start slaughtering wholesale. The chances of you hurting Kiba's unit are slim, since he has 16 DEF, so don't bother.

Fuck I love Ridley's criticals. Feel the power of the Kobolds indeed.

I hope that doesn't mean he's for real dead.

Worst. Commander. Ever.

Luca orders Rowd's entire company to retreat and leave Kiba/Klaus to die. Great leadership, eh?

Been a while since I've seen that.

I didn't even fight, Nanami

Even if you wanted to, you can't kill them. They make up another war unit.

They continue to deny our offer until a messenger arrives declaring that they are a present from Highland.

Klaus puts it all together.

And with that, Kiba and Klaus join us as Stars of Destiny. They are only war characters, neither of them participate in battles.


Kiba Windamier – Tenmou Star

He acquired his position after defending the fortress of Rhetto from the forces of Muse, using only 100 soldiers against 2,000 enemies. He is well known for his defensive tactics, which is best represented by his unit in battle, which has incredible defense.

Klaus – Chikai Star

Strategist of the 3rd Highland Company under his father, Kiba Windamier. Mild-mannered, but incredibly intelligent.