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Part 39: Taking On Luca

Badeaux has his own unique Rune, the Howling Rune. It inflicts Berserk 100% on all monster allies. This Rune becomes available for multiple characters in V.

This is actually a hint towards another recruit we'll get soon.

yadda yadda we formed an alliance with our enemies that took all of five minutes

We got a couple tough army battles ahead. Luca Blight and Jowy's companies, plus...

Harmonia, heretofore unmentioned in the series, is a holy kingdom situated to the north of Dunan. It's absolutely gigantic, perhaps the biggest nation and army in the entire series.

Plus the 5,000 from Toran, right? The following night...

: Azure... how did all this happen... when it was just the three of us, you, me, Grandpa Genkaku, living in Kyaro... I couldn't have imagined any of this happening...

: It's like some sort of bad dream... now we really have to fight against him... fight against Jowy...

We can then find Nina and Flik on the roof.

: What?

: What are you doing? Everyone is either asleep or passed out. Aren't you going to sleep, Sir Flik?

: I guess so. It always happens on the night before... memories of past battles come rushing to my mind...

: Could you... could you tell me what you were thinking about?

: Different things.

: None of your business, brat.

: Th, that's terrible! Oh, I get it... were you... were you thinking about a lost love?


god you just don't take no for an answer. But anyway, let's go to bed

: No, first we strike at their heart. Destroy their headquarters and the war will be over.

: Lord Luca is King of Highland. The King has his own ideas about how we must proceed.

You look like someone else we know

This next battle has a bit of an issue. Ridley's been ambushed.

And Shu guesses who's behind it.

All you can do right now is just fight your way out.

Things are not looking good, though.

Yeah go for it!

Hmm... wonder how they know each other?

Both Kasumi and Ayda are now captains of archer units.

Ridley took out ANOTHER guy in one hit.

Luca shows up a couple turns in, however.

Luca's unit is one of the strongest in the game, it's incredibly hard to damage him.

However, there's only so much we can do. Ridley is more than likely going to die in this battle, and he cannot die at any time before this battle. You can, however, save him. It requires putting Huan in one of the front-line cavalry units, like Viktor's, and getting to him as fast as possible.

Most players playing this for the first time will lose Ridley.

When you receive this report for any unit or character, it means they're still alive. In the first game, this could also mean they died due to some erroneous translation.

We did, I was just too lazy to work for it.

Shit's getting tense...

Luc appears to tell us that he'll get Harmonia off our backs... somehow.

Flik gets angry when Luc refuses to tell him how he knows Sasarai.

Shu's, of course, got a strategy for this.

Tsai approaches us after the battle and says he wants to make a quick visit to his house.

His daughter, Tomo, has taken up residence back at his place.

Tomo tells us that there's some discord between Tsai and her mother. Ah, family issues.

I really find it odd that Tsai is the only character in the game the translators decided to give the use of honorifics to

She decides to join, regardless of what her father says. If you didn't recruit Sigfried, recruiting Tomo will also allow you to go get Bob, but only if you also got Kasumi and the ninjas.

: If you weigh my life against the survival of the Dinosaur Army, it was the logical choice.

: No matter. Sooner or later I'll see the Dinosaur Army crushed before my very eyes. Azure will bow down before me like the lowly mongrel he is.

He's then taken away to be beheaded.

Leon says there's some new, bright general joining them.

Shu reasons that our only goal is to take down Luca Blight. Jillia would become successor and we could broker a peace treaty.

: Lord Azure and Lord Kiba will go for Highland's main unit, free Lord Ridley and then face Luca Blight in personal combat.

we don't have to face him entirely on our own. He's set up a huge ambush.

Before we head into battle, we have two units to discuss. Ayda has Forest Walk, which allows her unit to move through forests easily, and Lorelai adds +2 DEF to any unit.

Suikoden 2 Tunes – The Evil One

The start of this battle is Kiba goading Luca.

This battle has two victory outcomes: Damage Luca one sword of health, or let the battle last several turns.

First we ineffectually have Teresa attack Luca. Sigh.

But I damage him in the first round with a Fire Spear.

Everyone proceeds to freak out when Luca retreats for some reason

And then everyone on our team is damaged.

: Remember well, Azure!! You weren't even able to wound Luca Blight!!

Well that seemed uneventful.

What would happen if we let this battle last longer?

Yuber, the badass that he is, shows up.

As well as Sasarai.

And then he proceeds to not hurt Viktor at all. Stupid RNG system.

: Ah, we meet again.

: Become a blade that can slice the earth!! Slay all my enemies!!

: No... how could my 'True Rune' fail me.

After damaging all of Yuber and Sasarai's units, killing two of them, Luc's unit departs.

He's one of the few who can cut through Kiba's impenetrable defense.

And this is the other outcome.

Luc tells her that that level of magic exhausts him, and that he... well, hates breaking a sweat. Fucking asshole.

Why did Luc disappear like that no seriously he just glitched the fuck out of the screen


Tomo – Tensyo/Chikyu Star

Has been searching for her father, Tsai, for quite some time so that he could reconcile with her mother. She wonders why he cares more about his spears than his family.

Valeria – Tensyo Star

Because I forgot to include her before. We'll not be seeing her again.


An envoy from Harmonia who aided Highland for a couple strategic battles, but was later dispatched by Luc's True Wind Rune. Sasarai says he has a True Rune of his own, but we have no idea what it is just yet...


Little is known about this dark knight, except for his thirst for war. Bears a True Rune of his own, the Eightfold Rune, and seeks to destroy others who own True Runes for a still unknown purpose.