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Part 43: A Peace Treaty?

hmm, wonder what they want

Nanami this is time for the adults to speak

: I'm Culgan, General of the 3rd Royal Highland. I work under Commander Jowy Blight. I am pleased to meet you.

nanami we have known about his potential marriage for some time now, but culgan reiterates it anyway

but that's new to the characters, I guess.


Culgan tells us that he's here to sign a peace treaty between the two armies.


and in a weird twist

Culgan joins our convoy.

yup, whoah

: Please don't misunderstand me. I've come to negotiate a peace treaty.

He requests that Azure and Teresa accompany him to Muse. Maybe the war is finally over?

Klaus figures it's a trap.

he killed the mayor of Muse, killed the King of Highland, was indirectly complicit to the sacrifice of many people in Muse, and has committed subterfuge to become King of Highland himself



for fuck's sake

he is that kind of kid.

Ridley counters that they broke the last peace treaty, which started the war in the first place. Now's our chance to take back Jowston.

In a better game, or perhaps in a more recent game with more options and less linearity, you'd be able to opt out of this. Unfortunately, but thou must...

Teresa joins our convoy, and Chaco is forced on us in case things go wrong.

but no one cares (after Chaco gloats about how cool he is)

I think he wants us followed in case shit goes wrong.

been a while since I've been on this boat

If you wanted Double-Beat Runes, this is your last chance to encounter WhiteTigers.

I, I have no idea why she screamed there.

The soldier tells us to meet him at Jowston Hill.

k bye

yeah, you know, just fightin' wars, Jowy.

: What's going on? This is supposed to be a peace conference, but it looks like no preparations have been made.

who saw this coming? Everyone

: J... Jowy, why, Jowy? What does this mean? I thought you joined Highland so you could stop Luca Blight... stop this stupid war!! I thought that was why you left us!!

: It's true, Nanami... but the world is a lot more complicated than I thought... Azure... please, surrender to Highland, if you don't...

wait... wait why are YOU saying that (serious translation goof)

>>> I can't do that.

But as you might have figured, Viktor and Flik save the day.

And they use Pilika as bait. Her best use in the whole game.

He refuses to have blood shed in front of her. The perfect bait.

: You're just prolonging this useless war, you know.

And she utters her first words in like twenty-five hours.

: No way!!! I won't obey that order!!

Like before, Highland soldiers have swarmed the city, so it's a good place to get some levels because they're stupid easy.

Fuck their shit up!

He apparently stole the lever to the Muse front gates. Good on Chaco.

Highland is really composed of completely useless soldiers.

Shu knows everything ever. Nanami's still not cool with the whole using Pilika as bait thing.

Viktor and Flik saunter off, and we're left with not much to do.

: Pilika... why did you bring Pilika... ?

: Because it was necessary.

: You used that child like a tool!! I won't ever, ever forgive you!!!

: I'm not asking for your forgiveness.

I don't really have much reason to hate you.

yeah sure

why oh why did the translators fuck up his name in the same text box

please don't see me please don't see me

oh god dammit

>>> No, you're wrong.

regardless, we have to... hear him out.

I am very glad he looks like he's taking a shit while introducing himself.

: We were living a carefree life north of Tinto, and the Highland army occupied Greenhill and the surrounding area. We couldn't just stand and watch, so we tried to drive them out. They were afraid of us, the three Lampdragon bandits, and they ran away once. Just when we thought everything was alright, these strange guys attacked. What could they be? These pale faced guys that looked like dead people attacked. They die when you cut them, and they don't even say, 'Ouch'!!!

: Yeah, that's what Marlowe was saying too. Oh no, now we're done for. That's why I've come here. I, Koyu bow my head and beg you. Umm... Lord Azure, I have a request. Please, please help my siblings.

Viktor guesses it's Neclord.

no, honestly, we really don't

listen to this man

regardless, Viktor joins our party, as does Koyu.

but he's SERIOUSLY going on a sidequest. Come on, you fucker.

like before we cannot leave Nanami behind

so there you have it folks

the writers did not know WHAT to do with the main plot so, because we haven't been to Tinto they have conveniently written in Neclord to cause whatever threat he caused before (in an even more sidequesty manner than the first game) to pad gameplay time


let's just get this over with