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Part 44: Tinto Tribulations

Koyu isn't really anything special, and on his own he's pretty average. You'll see an astronomical Speed stat there, but then you'll also see that he comes with a Gale Rune pre-attached, which boosts his Speed by 50%.

Either way, he's pretty underwhelming in terms of the party we have at the moment.

Southwest of Kobold Village is the charming town of Drakemouth.

not even the local residents know what the town is called.

that's not the sound horses make

that's not the sound chickens make

more livestock to purchase here, as well as some cabbage seeds to find for Tony


We're now in the Drakemouth-Tigermouth Pass, an interim dungeon. It's the most straightforward dungeon in this game.

Hell yeah Master Robe. This of course goes on characters who equip the lightest armor, so right now only Nanami can wear it, since Karen already has one.

Tinto has some weird creatures.

These AirLizards have the second Window Set, which you want to get now because like many things in this game, it and the first Window Set are bugged. They also drop the Firefly Rune, which draws all single (not party-wide) enemy attacks to the owner. It is a child Rune of the Great Firefly Rune, seen in V.

: What a disgrace. We didn't think they'd come for awhile, and all of a sudden a big force shows up. Then, when we looked closely, we saw our own followers mixed in. We couldn't put an axe to them... we burned the barricade, destroyed roads and bridges and escaped so they couldn't follow.

: That makes me think, what happened to my sister, Lo Wen?

: Sorry, but everyone was scattered as we escaped, so I don't know what happened. She's not the type to be done in easily, though.

Gijimu thinks we can make the asshole Gustav listen to us, but it might take more work than initially thought.

I do like the neat touch of us starting out running through a forest, but then as we get closer to Tinto they all die out, as the weather gets very arid.

Suikoden 2 Tunes – The Outskirts of Tinto ~ Tinto Theme

We end up in the village of Tigermouth, a village of 1,000 people which is famous for summer retreats due to the mild weather.

Like Drakemouth, there's another seedling to acquire as well as another animal, a chick.

And also find the last Old Book.

The attitude of Tigermouth's residents is complicated. Many of them are not okay with Gustav's solidarity, while others are fine with Tinto not being involved in the war, since they're so far removed from it due to the mountain pass.

We're now in the final unexplored area of the world map, but first, we need to do some rearranging.

We need to bring Wakaba along for the next recruit, as well as a Window Set.

Skeletons, my favorite RPG staple.

In Crom Village's inn, we find L.C.Chan, Wakaba's master.

: Hmm, Wakaba, you're not neglecting your training, are you?

: Wakaba, I see your training has progressed.

: Yes sir! As you said, Master, I learn something new every day. By the way, Master, just before were you...

: Well, the legs are the base of the body and the basis of unarmed combat. Strengthen them and you strengthen your base.

: Wow, that's great!! Amazing!!

L.C.Chan tells Wakaba to be silent as the innkeeper is still searching for him.


I will beat your ass in, old man.

I'm 15 years old

Regardless, L.C.Chan, the superior fighter to Wakaba, joins our army.

but of course, Wakaba reminds him to pay for his meal... and then proceeds to get chased off by the innkeeper.

L.C.Chan is another fantastic fighter. He has the same Rune as Wakaba, but only unbalances 20% of the time with it. He also may or may not join at level 99.

Inside one of the houses we find Tenkou, a window maker.

You want to choose the first option – if you choose the other two, he will do one of two things: Buy your Window Set and not join you, or join you and not bring along the last Window Set (#4).

Finally, we head to Tinto, a town valued for its minerals and the miners that work there.

The item shop has Skill Rings as their rare finds, which is great if you want characters being able to attack multiple times per turn.

We can also find a rare Power Ring in the minecart next to the armory. The blacksmith here can also temper weapons to level 13.

We can also get the Unicorn and Dragon Plans #3 from two houses next to one another.

If you answer the second option, she'll leave and not join you.

Raura is a scrollmaker, basically she can concoct spell scrolls from the Runes that we have. We'll get into that later.

she's also a little dumb, as she heads in the wrong direction to get back to our castle.

Up to this point, Tinto has been unscathed by the war. Viktor comments that it doesn't matter, a corpse will find its way here whether the road is flat or not.

: You have such thin arms. In Tinto there are boys your age with arms twice as big. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. But, I have never seen eyes such as yours. You have seen many things, I can tell. Well, Lord Azure, the reason you came here...

Viktor offers our help to stop the zombie threat.

: We never thought that you could defeat Luca Blight, you see. But we recognize your strength now. We want reinforcements to face this enemy. Lord Azure, won't you lend your strength to Tinto?

I mean I have to but I don't want to

Gustav calls in his bookworm bitch, Marlowe, to escort us to a room.

: Wow, you're the strong warrior who defeated Luca Blight... you're about the same age as me too. How did you get so strong? I'm always reading books, and I'm not strong at all, so everyone makes fun of me.

: Wow... that's great, Lord Azure, you're strong. Everyone idolizes you like you're a hero in a book. Oh, sorry, talking like that. I'll be going now.

My Little Pony fans

good job nanami. Viktor tells us that Ridley and Klaus have arrived, and so our negotiations can continue.

I'd rather have Viktor wake me up, honestly

Gustav's daughter runs in to break up the conversation, however.

ruh roh

Viktor yells at him for joining Highland, but no, Neclord is on his own side.

: You think I'm going to let you make our Tinto City into a kingdom of zombies?!


Long Chan Chan – Chihi Star

Creator of the Dragon Style Martial Arts, and Wakaba's teacher. Frequently skimps on paying for his meals.

Tenkou – Chiri Star

Allows you to mess with your menu windows like Window from the first game. He is a member of the Clan of Window Makers, and has lived in Crom for a long time.

Raura – Chikou Star

A skilled runemistress who has known Jeane for quite some time (and can only be recruited if you acquired Jeane). She changes runes into spell scrolls at your HQ. Raura has a terrible sense of direction and while looking for Jeane towards Two River she got lost in the forests of Greenhill. She was helped by Nash Latkje, who directed her towards Two River, but she once again got lost, went too far, and ended up in Tinto.

Lilly Pendragon

The daughter of Gustav Pendragon, mayor of Tinto City.