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Part 45: The Choice

This will be a very short update to prepare for the mega-update tomorrow or Saturday, depending on how my doctor's appointment goes.

Look, it's Jess and Hauser! I think we have a bit of explaining to do...

: -citizens who wanted to join. But when we came back to report we suddenly found Azure and his group here. What's going on?

: Lord Azure has agreed to fight together with us in Tinto as leader of the Dinosaur Army.

Jess still believes we killed Anabelle.

Yeah that was just... really bad timing.

: Placing the blame on a friend? What a great leader you are!

: No, I don't want to fight. But remember, Azure, I don't trust you. There's the matter of Anabelle, and besides that, it should be members of the City-State who save the State. That's what I think.

It's times like these that I am reminded how out-of-place Nanami is in this war.

: -facing Neclord.

: I'm Nanami, you're little Lilly, aren't you?

: No, I'm not little Lilly. I'm Lilly, I'm not a kid.

: Oh, I see. What are you doing, Lilly?

: I'm trying to find my father. Where did he go?

: Do you like your father, Lilly?

: Yes, I love him! My father is very strong. I'm going to go find him now.

: Hey Azure... no, it's not worth bothering over.

ah jesus Leknaat seriously that's creepy

: The future that shines in my eyes changes easily, and sometimes it slips from my hand. The 'Shining Shield Rune' that lies on your right hand and the 'Black Blade Rune' that Jowy has are calling to each other. It's a crossing of destinies... but, Azure, the fate of many people and their hearts are gathered in you. Don't forget.

I do so enjoy Leknaat's vague talks.

No... ?

: … It's awfully quiet. It was this quiet during the night, too. Here we are... nothing but fighting. So what do you think of what Jess said? Where do we belong... everyone took care of us in Highland well enough... but they were still distant. It seemed strange at the time but now... I understand the reason. Even now I can hardly believe that Grandpa Genkaku was a State hero. Then we were driven out of Highland to come to the State... but when we think about it, we don't even really belong in the State either... hey, Azure... no, I won't bother. No, I guess I'll say it. Azure... let's stop this fighting. There's no reason for you to keep fighting... we fight, we get hurt, we wield weapons, we kill people... there's no reason to do these things.

Here we begin a story branch. To get to the big question, you'll need to answer the first option here, and then the second, or just be silent about it in this first prompt.

Nanami suggests we just run for it, and go live a peaceful life far away from the war. When the war settles, we can go find Jowy and bring him back with us.