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Part 47: The Neclord Sidequest

Today, we continue with taking down a vampire, and we don't even really need to be there for it but whatever, let's just do it.

Nanami gets real disappointed that we aren't leaving, but them's the breaks.

: You're right. Everyone is fighting hard, everyone is suffering, so it would be wrong for us to just escape. You're great, Azure. Yeah, I'm proud of you. We have to get up early tomorrow. Just thinking of having to quarrel first thing in the morning makes me sick, though. Let's get back to our own rooms and sleep, okay? Got it? Get warm and go to sleep...

The antibiotics I'm on are making me feel worse than you probably are, Nanami.

Wow, Jess is such a gigantic asshole.

What the fuck is he doing now

He intends to march on Neclord's troops, alone. Viktor's surprised that he knows where Neclord lives.

: Of course. Previously, when we were reforming the State Army, we had spies all around. There were many who were caught by the Highland Army and lost their lives, but they all fought for Muse. One of those found out where Neclord lives.

: What if it was a mistake?

: … The information was brought by a man loyal to Muse who risked death to bring it. The information is not wrong!

: Idiot!! You'll risk lives for that!!

: Yes... but the orders can't be changed.

: As long as Muse still exists, I will follow the law of Muse. A soldier should not act on personal feelings. War is an exchange of lives, and I will not act as a soldier for any other reason than the law.

: Even if it means your own life is taken?

: That's right.

Klaus reasons that if Jess' army is defeated, Neclord will get 5,000 new zombie recruits. We have to go forward with his gamble.

Afterward, we head east to the mine shaft. Apparently, part of it caved in for some reason. Let's go explore.

Despite being otherwise visually uninteresting, I like the light touches, where there's gaps of shadow, sorta like a real mine.

Some ways into the mine, we run into Neclord.

: There are a number of mine tunnels dug into Tinto. I simply used one of those to get here. That kid named Jess or something was gathering the Muse soldiers, so I mixed in a few spies. With a few threats and an offer of money, they cooperated easily. It became even clearer that humans are filthy creatures. The true value doesn't come out until they become corpses.

Welcome to another unwinnable Neclord battle.

Despite this being unwinnable, he's not very strong.

Neclord attempts to use his True Rune, the Moon Rune, but it's bested by the Christ-like Bright Shield Rune.

As we leave the mine, zombies have flooded Tinto. If we had chosen to run, we wouldn't have been around to see this.

Like when we run, the Rune once again incapacitates Azure.

She once again picks Azure up and runs away.

The scene in Muse City also plays once more.

: This is the village of Crom, south of Tinto.

: You were asleep for two whole days.

Nice change of pace to not be accused with Tinto's fall.

As we know from the alternate path, Lilly and Koyu's sister, Lo Wen, have been taken by Neclord.

Leona's downstairs, so we can rearrange our party. However, I'm only adding Killey in. We'll be acquiring two party members soon enough.

: Well if it isn't Kahn? Are you after Neclord, too?

: I realized that even if I make a holy barrier and you smash Neclord's body using the Star Dragon Sword, if his 'soul' isn't sealed, he can come back to life.

Guess we're heading to Tigermouth. Though, I don't know if it's a 'he', per se...

Kahn rejoins our party at a much higher level. You have the option of putting him in your convoy, but his Resurrection Rune is still useful for this stage of the game.

Who is this creepy lady... ?

: Hey wait a minute, wait a minute, what's going on here?

Get out of here! This hussy is one of them!

Oh no. Wrong move.

Seriously guys. Stop.

: Stop it and grow up. This little girl...


: Who do you think I am?! From my view, you're just greenhorns!! All the noise you're making has disturbed my sleep. You'll have to make up for that.

: YAWWWN... damn, I was really beat... not enough sleep.

: K... Kahn... do you think this person...

: Yes, that's right.

: Who are you gentlemen? I'm sleepy, so if you want something, be quick about it.

: I am one of the Marley Clan...

: Oh, a vampire hunter. For a human, you're certainly curious.

: Mistress Sierra, you're also chasing Neclord, are you not?

: You're the Star Dragon Sword!! What are you doing here?!

: I don't want to hear that from you. Disguised as a sword used by humans.

Kahn offers for her to join us.

Not without fighting us, of course.

She's not very tough, though.

After defeating her, she reverts back to her cute bat form.

Sierra's... well, she's a snarky, condescending vampire. I like her a lot. One of the things that bugs me about her, though, is that all her purpose in the game is only for this arc and this arc only, and if you want to know more, you'll have to go play the Suikogaidens. Like Neclord, her inclusion feels a lot more like fulfilling a Konami quota than it does fitting into the actual plot of the game.

Sierra can also be put in our convoy, but she's worth bringing along because she has a really good Magic stat, and because I like her. Her Darkness Rune is not fixed, but she hasn't technically joined yet so we can't remove it. She gets another slot at 55, but no third slot. Her affixed Thunder Rune on her weapon is not able to be removed.

Next time: Sierra hits on Klaus.