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Part 51: Stars of Destiny, The Sequel

Before we get our next character, we need to have Viktor in our party. Simone is here for another character as well.

: A sword that would make me say, 'Boy, I would like to sharpen that!' Something like the Star Dragon Sword or Dragon King Sword...

: That sword... is that the Star Dragon Sword?

: Of course I do. It is an honor to meet such a legendary sword as yourself. A sword such as yourself must be able to cut through just about anything. Lord Star Dragon Sword, please allow me to sharpen you. It would bring joy back to my work. I beg of you.

: Cut it out old man, it's just a junky old sword. What are you doing, fawning all over it like that.

: If the scabbard fits, wear it!!

Tessai begs for the sword to calm down.

I so love their friendship.

Tessai joins, and it took the entire goddamn game to get a blacksmith. Tessai learns how to sharpen weapons better upon finding hammers. We found one, already, the Copper Hammer, which allows him to sharpen to level 12. This is why there are not multiple blacksmiths in this game. Also, the 'hammer' idea will carry on throughout the rest of the series. The Star Dragon Sword complains that Viktor swings him too violently.

Best friendship.

Upon recruiting Tessai, if you chose Valeria instead of Kasumi, you can now go get Mondo and Sasuke, as you now have a level 4 castle.

Suikoden 2 Tunes – Freedom Again, Greenhill Theme #2 (from awesome to average, upon liberation)

Back in Greenhill, which has received a sharp downgrade in music, we find one of Annalee's musical troupe buddies, Pico, having some problems with his girlfriend.

Pico reasons that Annallee is like a sister to him, not even close to a side piece. Mairie of course doesn't get the hint and assumes he meant incest.

We mention that we know Annallee.

I honestly don't know if he likes her as a sister or not to be frank with you. Pico promptly breaks up with Mairie, and joins us.

I suppose pouting at that wall will do you wonders

Why are you in the basement

The runemaster in the academy gives us a Rage Rune. Always nice.

And then the boy in the blacksmith class gives us the Silver Hammer, which lets Tessai sharpen to level 15.

This guy will join us, but we need to get him some clay. Let's pop on over to Forest Village.

A random guy over near the trading post has clay in a secret spot.

There's also a hidden Sound Set that you can get by talking to Connell's sister.

Jude joins us after giving him Clay. I'll go into what he does at the end of the update.

Post-liberation, the enemies on Greenhill's world map have changed. These EyeFlowers drop the last Spinach seedling in the game.

The last part of the trifecta can be found in Tinto.

Choosing the second option will make him leave, if that wasn't obvious. Now we can go watch them perform music in our theater.

We head back for a bit to sharpen some weapons. What I love about Tessai is that he's located right across from Hans, so you can abuse the potch glitch and sharpen the entire cadre of your character's weapons without any hassle.

Mazus, back in the Tinto Mines, will now join us. He hates Crowley, from the first game. He is another character who may join at level 99, which is just ridiculous as he's the strongest mage in the game.

Suikoden 2 Tunes – Theme of Narcissism, Again

We brought Simone to reunite him with our old narcissist poof friend, Vincent de Boule, back in Radat.

Oh my.

Simone feels like he betrayed their 'friendship'.

I love French stereotypes. Both of them have a hilarious Unite which I'll show off... perhaps soon!

My thoughts exactly.

At the end of the Cave of the Wind is Pesmerga, once again searching for Yuber.

He never tells us why he longs to destroy Yuber and, well, we'll never find out the reason.

Pesmerga also joins at level 99, but his one Rune slot makes him less of a death tank than he could be. His Rage Rune on his weapon is fixed. You also can't change any of his armor aside from one accessory slot.

Not that you need to when he has top-tier equipment.

Our final recruit is Genshu, and to get him you need someone with a level 14 weapon. So just go recruit Pesmerga, let him join your active party, and come here. Or, go get the Silver Hammer, bring it to Tessai, and sharpen someone to level 14.

He will at first ask to examine your weapon but, failing that, he'll examine someone else's.

Next time: We return to Muse once more.


Tessai – Chiko Star

HQ blacksmith.

Pico – Chiretsu Star

While traveling Harmonia with Alberto, he found Annallee and adopted her, which is why he considers her a sister. He has “Don Juan Syndrome”, in that he brings grief to women, such as Mairie of Greenhill. Also, check out that chest hair. What a stud.

Jude – Chibun Star

A sculptor who teaches blacksmithing. He helped Nash in the initial attack on Greenhill by melting down all of its weapons and turning them into spears, as well as impersonating Shin so that both Teresa and Shin could escape. Jude sculpts a guardian deity for our castle based off the Plans we've acquired.

To those who've played the game, give me suggestions on how best to go about this, since I usually always go for the same one or two designs to get hard-to-find Runes. We can change its design multiple times, but you only get a special item the first time.

Alberto – Chiken Star

Met Pico in Muse and took in Annallee after they found her in Harmonia. The three were split up after Muse was sacked and he wound up in Tinto, where he earned his keep as an armorer's apprentice.

Mazus – Chizen Star

He was a student under Crowley, yet his ambition made him want to defeat his master. He has been unable to do so. During a duel over 100 years ago, the two of them leveled three mountains and evaporated a lake, and what remains of that duel is the vast Karakas Desert, which occupies the Senan area now (which includes the northwestern part of Toran and extends into the Badlands south of Dunan). He is obsessed with experimenting with magic and runes, and has been seen doing so in the forest between Muse and Greenhill, as well as in the Tinto Mines.

Vincent de Boule – Chichin Star

The ultimate narcissist returns.

Pesmerga – Teni Star

“He who chases after death”.

Genshu – Chiei Star

He used to be a sword-for-hire that lived as an assassin. His brother, though, did not like his line of work, and disguised himself as one of Genshu's targets. Genshu didn't recognize him and killed him. Realizing what he had done, he quit his line of work and decided to take his swordsmanship seriously by honing his mind. He is fascinated by the Star Dragon Sword.