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Part 52: The Return to Muse

Sound advice. Vague as hell, though.

Forever and like four updates

After the troops head out, we return to Greenhill.

Which gives us a convenient reason to walk around Greenhill for a bit.

Actually yeah, Greenhill would be a pretty chill place to live.

I still don't know why you constantly misuse the third person, but Nanami is referring to the fact that Lucia just ran into the academy.

Who leads us to Jowy, now King of Highland.

Jowy tells Lucia to head home, but she refuses.

Jowy, once again, tells us to quit and run away, the condescending fuck. He doesn't want to fight us, even though fate demands it.

Much the same as there's no reason for you to be King of Highland. We've made our decisions, our choices, and we have to live with them. Nanami tells Jowy that he should just leave Highland.

Maybe not.

Nanami still doesn't understand that war isn't simple. Jowy can't just take the troops out, the war can't just end overnight.

Afterward, we head back and head into the eleventh major battle.

With all 108 characters, we have our full army at the disposal.

Our goal is to get a unit inside Muse's walls.

Jowy, Culgan, and Seed all have tough units located inside the city, and Lucia heads the front lines.

Mazus is the last commander, and he has access to one cast of Fire Magic. Fire Magic is unique in that it affects an area, but it can also hit allies, too.

The front forces are of course Karayans again, and they can be cut through like butter... or conversely, eat through your troops.

So we take them out mostly with arrows.

There seems to be a bit of confusion on the enemy lines.

Jowy's entire forces retreat, leaving Lucia completely alone.

But it's all part of the plan.

I slaughtered ALL of your tribe, Lucia.

We take her out with a Fire Spear and Wind Magic. This is the other way to win the battle.

Something's off...

What the fuck

This is the Silver Wolf miniboss. He's actually not very tough.

It has low HP, but is strong against magic.

Multiples of the beast swarm Muse. It's pointless to fight them as they just respawn.

Luc tells us that it was passed down from Sasarai to the Highland family when they divided from Harmonia. The whole family has been slaves to that rune.

And confirms that a shitload of people were sacrificed to appease the Rune.

But it's not totally awoken yet. The rune itself isn't here anymore.

It was all one big trap.

Before doing anything, make sure to save. This is the most important time to save in the whole game. This is also the last point at which you can recruit all 108 Stars to get the best ending.

We then head up to the fourth floor to witness a conversation between Kiba and Shu.

: General Kiba... I have a great favor to ask of you.

: … I'm listening.

: The next battle will most likely determine the outcome of the war. If we hope to win, we're going to have to take a gamble.

: It will be a hard battle...

: And although the Matilda Knightdom has surrendered, the area is still unstable and the Highland Army can't pull their forces away.

: You're saying that even if we take the gamble, we can't defeat Matilda... ? So then, what do you...

: I want you to take a regiment to attack Viktor's old fort east of Muse. Even if Highland realizes it's a decoy, they'll have to divide their army to defend the Highland Kingdom from you. They'll probably call upon Leon Silverberg to do it...

: Lord Shu, since my defeat, I feel like I've lost my place in the world. But when I see Lord Azure... see him charm these people and transcend the war... it may be inappropriate for a general, but it makes me believe in miracles.

: Thank you, General Kiba.

: Lord Shu, it is not like you to bow to the likes of me. Please take care of my son. Under your tutelage, he'll become an excellent strategist.

He gives us two choices.

We do what we must, we fight.

Like in the first game, everyone assembles in the meeting room. Shu announces that Kiba will head east, to split Highland's forces. The rest of us will focus on Matilda.

No one leaves.

Flik, unconcerned with the mortal peril they're putting themselves in, is only concerned with our rep.

After a bunch of rousing words from our army, we give one last signal...

Leknaat appears, like in the first game.

: The Bright Shield Rune on your right hand and the Black Sword Rune Jowy holds are two aspects of the 'Rune of Beginning'. Power to decide this war. Cold, uncompromising power. The 108 Stars of Destiny and the Bright Shield Rune have now been assembled. This is proof of his right. The Bright Shield Rune's seal may now be broken. Azure... your right hand.

Leknaat gives us the fourth level spell, Forgiver Sign, which we can now use anytime we want.

Next time: The attack on Matilda, and a sacrifice.