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Part 55: Flying Squirrels and Sexy Dancers

Today we'll be exploring Tyrano Castle and all of its little stuff.

But I have to go get Miles first

First Floor

a cat does not make this sound

The main road has the entire shopping mall for the game. This is Lebrante's antique shop.

Gordon's trading post is across the way. While Suikoden II adds tons of NPCs to the castle, it's also got a really annoying design which is why I don't like it compared to the first game's HQ.

Here's Raura's scrollmaking shop. You have various choices of spells to make, and you can make more powerful spells if you use more powerful Runes.

… alright.

Jeane's runeshop is across the way, which is convenient.

Tessai's forge is towards the north end of the shopping mall, and he can now sharpen to max level.

Across the way is Hans' armorshop. Hoi will either kick it here, or in our room like a creeper.

The tavern has quite a few people sitting around drinking, and usually Viktor and Flik would be here but they're at L'Renouille.

To the west of the tavern and then due south is a small tower.

Where Sid sits and admires the castle.

man that's weird

There's also a telescope next to him that describes various areas, such as the Barracks, Shopping Mall, etc. There's also this descriptor, which I think is for Shu's room. At the top is "Azure and Nanami's Room". It's not as interesting as it was in FFIX.

North of that tower is the library, where Bolgan may occasionally spend his time (or he'll be with Rina and Eilie). Kahn sticks around here, as does Mazus and Marlowe. Ayda's just outside.

well excuuuuuuuuuse me

The backroom is where Emilia and Templeton stay, Emilia allows us to view our old books.

The antique list hasn't changed a ton, but there are more expensive paintings to find now. The enemies in Tenzan Pass, which are the strongest in the game, can drop these paintings. On to Vol. 2

The Sindar are a phantom race. They have been known throughout history and yet their true nature is a mystery. They came from the north and traveled south, leaving mysterious ruins behind. Legends say the clan leader has a cursed rune inscribed on his forehead. It granted eternal life but doomed his clan to a life of wandering. They say a secret treasure lies at the heart of the ruins, but there are many traps, most seekers only find death, like myself...

In case you wanted to find all the rare items in the game, this book helps. Onto Vol. 3.

Zamza: Seen in South Window. A master of magic and fists, and can also be seen in Toto.

Killey: Hunts for secrets of the Sindar. Seems to be exploring in South Window.

Hoi: A thief who goes in and out of Radat.

Simone Verdricci: Staying in Radat while he studies away from home.

Pesmerga: Black Knight seen in Toran as well as the Cave of the Winds.

Jeane: Runemaster from Toran. Opened a shop in Two River.

Meg/Gadget: Apprentice to a mechanician. Seen traveling from Greenhill to Muse.

Genshu: Seen at the inn in Coronet Village. Travels the world to improve his swordsmanship.

Vol. 5 tells the story of the birth of the 27 True Runes, which we already know about. Vol. 6 gives trading tips; buy low, sell high. Pick a trade route.

People in trading posts may give you false info about where to sell shit, so be wary. Vol. 7 talks about the Gate Rune War, which we did an LP about.

Tinto plans on more raids in the future, but they're hindered by the Grasslanders, particularly the Karaya and Chisya Clans as well as the Free Knights of Camaro. Recently, border attacks by a group of thieves called the ”Keepers of the Flame” have increased.

If you know what you're doing, you'll never even need to find the Iron Hammer.

Vol. 10 tells us where all the vegetables can be found.

11, likewise, tells us about the livestock.

Vol. 12 tells us about regional dishes.

Coronet: Try the gyoza (fried dumplings) here.

Kuskus: The fish fries in this harbor city are delicious. The quiche is good too.

Radat: The simmered fish is fantastic. Also the croquettes are addictive.

Lakewest: For a nice variety, enjoy the sukomono here or...

Two River: … the grilled fish or rice omelet here.

Kobold Village: You may have fun picnicking on Kobold meatpies, hamburgers, or sandwiches in an open field.

Greenhill: Japanese stew, tempura, and pizza are popular with the students here.

Highway Village: Try the obento (boxed lunch) or the teriyaki while haggling with the merchants.

Rockaxe: The most popular dish here is “Ghenghis Khan.”

Gregminster: If you make it this far, end your journey pleasantly with some curry.

Inside the castle to the far left we can find Wakaba and L.C.Chan sparring in the dojo, while Mondo and Genshu watch. Sasuke is off to the left, and states that he's only here because Hanzo made him be here.

There's also a freaky dog outside.

Next door to the dojo, Max and Gilbert slum it around and Shilo has his Chinchirorin game set up.

Huan's doctor's office is right next door, where he's currently checking an old man's heart. Taki and Richmond are just north of him.

Looks like we can't research secrets about the dead. (If you wanted to investigate her or Kiba, you should have done so before heading to Matilda)

North of Barbara's vault is the Great Hall, where Oulan, Jude, Adlai, Luc, and Viki are.

For funsies, I'll show off what it's like to make a deity. This won't get me anything worthwhile. This is also the only place to get the Dragon Seal Incense (which restores 50 HP to the party in battle with infinite usage), much like it could only be found once in the original game in Juppo's roulette trap.

The guardian deity goes right above Luc and the Tablet of Promise.


It starts to glow...

And gives us an item. We got a shitty Counter Rune. You can change the design as much as you want, but you'll only get an item the first time.

Northeast of Luc is a hallway to three different places. First is the dungeon, with one of our soldiers locked away constantly.

East of that is the graveyard, where Sierra and (occasionally) Stallion stay. If he's not here, Stallion will be seen running around on Yuzu's farm, getting stuck running into the animals.

There's also the dock, where we can fish with Yam Koo and talk to Meg, and get in our boat which is useless now. Tai Ho's also out here.

I then head back to make my actual design, which gives me the Hunter Rune. The Hunter Rune, when used, makes the first enemy hit with it (counter attacks do not count) drop the item they have if they have one. It reduces your accuracy to 5%, and your damage will be reduced to 1. It's best to pair this with enemies that are asleep. Normally, you can't get this Rune until after the final boss is defeated.

After entering Tetsu's bath in the Jungle model 20 times, you get the hidden Open Air Bath.

Next we head to Yuzu's farm. I don't have all the animals, but I don't care

And Tony's farm, also not totally complete. We can play a minigame here, though.


So the left three correspond to left, up, and down. The right three are triangle, circle, and X. There are three types of animals to hit: Woodchucks, which are enemies of the moles so you don't hit them...

And two types of moles, slow and fast. The fast one is green.

Bonaparte somehow became a woodchuck.

I love whacking moles long and hard. You get three misses. The prizes here are the mole shield, helmet, and suit. The mole set isn't particularly great, but they do provide some status protection.

Second Floor

North of Hai Yo's kitchen is where we can do the rope climbing minigame. Yoshino, Sheena, and Millie hang out here.

West of that is the theater, where we can dance with Karen.

Fuck you, game.

The prizes here include some paintings of Karen.

So I spend it twirling.

In the back room, we can listen to BGM through our musician troupe. Once again, they can't play all the songs in the game. We'll come back to her later.

The Matilda Knights hang out west of the central hub of the second floor, as does Tomo. The Great Hall is of course south of the central hub.

nah it's okay man

Sid, making chain email jokes before they became real popular


Third Floor

Apple stays up here, but they're all in L'Renouille still.

Outside is the lovely narcissist's garden.

There really aren't many interesting windows to change to, but I'm also missing a couple of the window sets.

The sound sets correspond to different DoReMi elves. The white one gives robot effects. The blue one makes silly, giggly laughing sounds. The green one does percussive noises. I don't have all the sound sets, but none of them are particularly amazing.

The narcissists also change the theme of the map to the Theme of Temptation, like in the first game.

Fourth Floor

Shu's office. I'm beginning to feel like showing off the castle when a good chunk of its residents are camping in front of the final dungeon was a bad idea.

The optional squirrels stay up here, and our statue is Riou, who has done the most physical damage in the game.

They fly away as soon as you near them.

Fifth Floor

Our room is up here.

Top Floor

Feather and Mukumuku chill up here.

Mukumuku freaks out so much he backs up and then falls off the tower, but flies away.

Next time: Hai Yo's cooking quest. It's a long one.