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Part 58: Leon Silverberg and the True Beast Rune

oh hey guys

whats up

so we're going with Team Fuck the Game Open, because


Immediately, we face Lucia for a third and final time.

You don't want to take her simply, because she's fucking strong, and gets THREE turns.

A new addition to Suikoden II is the ability to do a combo magic spell in the menu, provided you have the Runes to do so on the same character. However, to do any combo between other Runes, you'll have to cast the magic manually between your characters. Luc has the Flowing and Cyclone Runes, so if we wanted other Unite Magic we'd have to do it the normal way.

Later games will allow you to perform Unite Magic between characters, making them a cinch to cast.

That's Blazing Camp. It deals ridiculous damage.

Because the world sucks.

well kind of like four or five hours but yeah

: You!! The little princess from Greenhill!! What are you doing here!! Have you come to laugh at me!!

: I haven't forgotten my promise. What you said... that my father had your father murdered... I'm going to look into it. What about you? You still wish to die, even though I've made the promise?

: What promise?

I am restating what I have already said

: After all, aren't you also searching for the truth?

Lucia draws a knife on Teresa.

Who stands still.

: Why don't you try to run?

: Because I know you... you wouldn't hurt an unarmed opponent.

: I trust you. That's all.

Like in the first game's final dungeon, there are a bunch of new enemies, like these Chimera. Each head does something different. The eagle will make a series of magical-damage-based war cries that attack a column, the goat head can petrify, and the lion head breathes fire on the whole group.

Anywho, L'Renouille isn't anything special; it's just a long, lengthy castle dungeon like the first game.

There are some Highlands here, and they're bluer than usual.

There's a free Fury Rune in the dungeon, which is awesome.

: It looks like we couldn't stop the Bright Shield Rune and the Black Sword Rune from fighting after all... me and Genkaku... all we managed to do was buy a little more time.

>>> Get out of my way!!!

: Not likely, sonny. My job is to protect the king. You won't get by me so easily. The duel with Genkaku... it continues here.

Yes. He's defending, so we should attack.

I'm way too powerful for this. Han says he should have avoided that shot, which means he's defending again.

you are easy as shit.

>>> Azure...

: Azure... I have to apologize to all of you. 25 years ago, Genkaku and I sealed our two runes... the Bright Shield Rune and Black Sword Rune were once one. In its true form... as the Rune of Beginning, it has the power to end war. But... in order to wield that power... you must first...

It sucks, but it takes until the very end of the game to get the Champion's Rune.

L'Renouille is mostly scripted encounters and dead ends. It doesn't even have the cool music that Gregminster Palace had, just the generic dungeon theme. The Double Leader Attack makes this pretty easy.

this is getting oooolddd

Also, annoyingly, the last Window Set is deep inside the castle.

This is where Jillia was 'sacrificed'. Moving along...

This final save crystal is unique, it also fullheals you. We'll need it.

>>> I'll force my way in!!

They are VERY strong, and I'm unsure why Killey is taking so much damage. Perhaps it's in his equips...

Culgan can heal the two of them, making them a bit more dangerous. They're not too tough on the whole, though.

Using the power of their new graphics engine, some of the final-level spells get 3D movies. This is Thunder Storm, from the Thunder Rune.

: Just as Lord Jowy was hope on our side... he rid us of Luca Blight... and we hoped he would lead Highland to a better future...

: Yeah... it's a good thing... we die... along with this country...

: … Pilika.

: But you'll be back soon. Just like always, right?

: … Pilika, this will probably be the last time you see me. It's goodbye forever.

: Pilika... listen to me. You're going to grow up and meet lots of people. And you're going to lose a lot of people too. So don't forget, Pilika. Enjoy the moments you have together, because nothing lasts forever. Okay?

: Can you pick me up and hold me like mommy and daddy used to? Just once, please.

: Seed and Culgan can buy us some time. But sooner or later, this castle is going to fall. When that happens, Highland will disappear. I want you to take Pilika and the two of you flee to Harmonia. I've prepared a nice home for you and Pilika there. I want you to live there, not as the Blight family, but under a new name. So you and she can have a new start...

Jowy apologizes, but Jillia doesn't understand why.

Although we see nothing of their relationship, it's interesting to see Jillia still care for him despite how he destroyed her entire family.

: Please live... Jillia.

She turns, runs back towards him.

: Farewell... Jillia.

: Well... this is the end. The Beast Rune that Luca left... its demonic incarnation is here. The demon that fed on the blood and souls of the Muse citizens... its all I could do just to keep it sealed here. It was Luca's plan all along to unleash this beast on the world. This is your final test... can you win this time, Azure?

Suikoden 2 Tunes – Silver Wolf ~ Final Battle Theme

The final battle begins... against the true incarnation of the Beast Rune.

There are many targets, but your only real targets are the Rune and the two heads. Take them out to win the battle. We focus on the Rune first.

This is Water Dragon, the Cyclone + Flowing Unite Magic.

While the True Beast Rune has multiple ways of attacking you, it tends to only go twice per turn and attacks the whole party. Bob then criticaled the Left Head for 2600 damage. I love Bob.

This is Final Flame, from the Rage Rune. And because that killed the Left Head, Miles wasted a Judgment on one of the legs.

Azure finds Jowy's old robe here. He's fled... somewhere.

Like in the first game and all jRPGs ever, the final dungeon collapses upon defeating the Beast Rune.

Oh hey there, you're supposed to be silent!

We watch on as Azure frantically runs through the collapsing castle.

With the final boss defeated, we return back to our headquarters.

Eilie tells us we've got a whole new country to create, but...

… will we?