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Part 59: Duel at Tenzan Pass

: Azure... there is great power within you. I don't mean that Rune stuck in your hand either. You've taken a great burden on your back thus far, and you have a duty to fulfill it to the end. For all the people who died in the war and for the people who survived...

Now you might be wondering why I took a screenshot of saving last update. Well, that's the save data that carries over to Suikoden III. A few characters from this game (and Suikoden I) appear in Suikoden III, so if you level them up, they'll get a slight level boost in the next game. I don't believe equipment from this game carries over to III, however.

Also, if you chose to rule the country, you get the default ending of Suikoden II. It's not as good as the bad ending, but it's the ending most people will get.

Choosing to not lead allows you to fuck around in the game world after the final boss is defeated. There's a couple things to find post-final boss.

And I think you're sexist.

I guess Killey passed through here.

Back in Sajah Village, a runemaster has shown up in the item shop. Its Rare Finds include the Blue Gate Rune, the Phero Rune, the Power Ring, and the Star Earrings.

More importantly, all the elemental parent runes can now be bought. Not like you need them for anything at this point.

There's a secret treasure at the same tree that Mukumuku was found back in Kyaro; the Hunter Rune, 30 potch, and the Trio Painting.

Window Set 7 is the best window set, the one with roses!

Oh and that's the Trio Painting, which I would have thought would be a small pixelated painting of Azure, Nanami, and Jowy. And it is, with them outside of Genkaku's house. However, it's really just a ton of scribbles in-game.

That's it for postgame content, so let's head to Tenzan Pass, where it all began.

Suikoden 2 Tunes – Reminiscence ~ Ensemble Version

If you got the default ending, you'd get a screen showing the site where Jowy and Azure made their promise, as if hinting that you shouldn't rule the country.

: You and I walked along the same path for so long together, but this is where they began to diverge... but, I have no regrets. But if I did, it would be that I had to betray the City-State and assassinate Lady Anabelle... you and I were a lot alike. We were both aiming for the same thing, but I just... at the Highland camp, after I let you both to escape ahead, I was captured and met Luca Blight again.

: I thought if I was that strong, I could protect everyone and I could create a gentle world where nobody would ever be hurt. But... no, forget about it. This is a battle between the King of Highland and the leader of the Dinosaur Army. This is truly... the final battle.

Either way, we're fated to duel.

You get a choice here. You can fight and defeat Jowy, and get a slightly different ending. But... the real ending comes from defending, being the shield to his sword.

: Why won't you fight, Azure!!

Suikoden 2 Tunes – Chant(must listen)

Depending on your actions, you get one of two different choices. This is what we get for defending.

: There IS a reason... to remove any trace of the Highland Kingdom from this land. Agares Blight and Luca Blight are already dead, and I've put Jillia to rest with my own hands... I'm the last living Blight... cut the Blight bloodline once and for all or there will always be fanatics who try to revive the Highland kingdom... after all, sometimes hope can drive people to madness. Let's make our war the last war to ever plague the land...

We have to duel Jowy one more time. You can hit Jowy, but you have to make sure not to deplete all of his HP.

Once more, we defend. After losing a certain amount of HP, the duel ends once more.

: That's all I ever wanted... to be loved by everyone just like you were... and that's why...

: I... I had to use my Black Sword Rune to stop it... our two runes... together... make a True Rune... but... if you use it by itself... it takes your life... Azure... I'm going to die anyway... So... I give you... my life... so the two can become one again... Azure... your right hand.

We have to keep choosing not to.

: All the people I hurt...

>>> I can't do that.

: Please, I beg of you... don't let our dreams be in vain...

>>> I can't do that.

>>> Even so... I can't...

: This power... it's healing my body...

: Just as when this world was first born... Azure... even so... you chose not to fight... that spirit, and the spirit of the 108 Stars of Destiny... they have called forth the power of the True Rune of Beginning. Azure, just as I thought... you're a strong man. Please go... Azure, Jowy, the world is still mostly unknown to you, overflowing with new things... there's no reason for you to stay in these lands.

: My sins are heavy...

: And they will not disappear as long as you live. But I believe you're strong enough to go on and make this world a better place.

: But I can forget this land... forget the name Jowy, and maybe... I can start again...

>>> Of course!

About 58

Jowy joins our party, but it's not like we'll be battling with him.

: If we hadn't run away then...

: Lord Azure, so you're leaving, eh... I had hoped you would stay and lead this country. You're the right man to do it. But I won't try to stop you. You've certainly paid your dues and then some. We could ask no more of you. Go out there and see the world, feel the world. It's still a big world to you. And I hope that when you finish your journey, one day you'll come back. There's just one thing I have left to report. Although I was asked not to tell you until this point, I'll understand if you wish to punish me for disloyalty. When Nanami fell... in the Matilda Knightdom...

Nanami says that she can't stand watching her friends fight.

: I just can’t take it anymore. Riou and Jowy fighting.... it’s hard for me to see Riou in pain.....

: Riou shouldn’t do such a thing. He’s too important for that.....

: A leader of men can’t behave like that.

: That’s... that’s why I’m going to let you have him all to yourself for a while.

Basically, if you got all 108 Stars of Destiny, and Nanami has a DEF value of 121+, she'll survive, and you'll find out that Shu tricked you and that she never actually died, but instead ran away until the war was over. Which of course pisses me off.

: Take good care of yourself, Lord Azure.

So they return home to Nanami.

And they all prepare for a trip.

But first they make a short visit to Pilika and Jillia. Jowy walks away.

Pilika runs to the gate despite that.

Teresa takes over as leader of the country of Dunan after Shu resigns as Chancellor.

Suikoden 2 Tunes – We Will Always Be (Part 2)

Shin left Greenhill to train his skills as a swordsman, and never returned.

Emilia returned to the academy, and became headmaster.

Fitcher returned to Muse, and became its mayor.

Jess ended his tenure as acting mayor, and became a normal citizen.

Hauser became commander of the Dinosaur National Army.

Freed Y refused a position in the Dinosaur Army, and returned to Radat, and Yoshino returned with him, where they lived a good life. And had a child shortly after the war was over.

Marlowe founded a library in Tinto and taught children the power of learning. He was also made First Minister, following Tinto's independence.

Hilda and Alex returned to the White Deer Inn, where they lived happily ever after.

Maximilian ended his long career as a knight. His grandson, however, picks up in his stead.

Miklotov and Camus reformed the Matilda Knightdom, but Miklotov declined the offer to be commander. Both he and Camus ventured into the Grasslands. They later helped defend the village of Milit from the Keepers of the Flame.

Richmond continued his investigation business.

Annallee, Pico, and Alberto continued their musical performances, traveling around the world.

Tai Ho continued his life of ribaldry and moral “turpitude” in Kaku. The translators must have had fun with their thesaurus!

Yam Koo returned to Lake Toran, fishing as always.

Templeton ventured off to try and find the edge of the world.

Pesmerga left the army and continues to search for Yuber, and he is never seen again in the series.

Killey left for Kanakan, south of the Toran Republic, in search of the Sindar.

Lorelai, of course, plans to get there before him.

Tsai and Tomo return to her mother's house, where they all live together as a family once more.

Hanna left for the Grasslands, without saying a word to anyone.

Gengen now leads the Dinosaur Army's Kobold Unit, with Gabocha as his first lieutenant.

Yuzu found her grandpa, and returned home with Taro, her sheep.

Vincent de Boule traveled to the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia to resume his studies, along with Simone.

Hans continued his work as armorer of Tyrano Castle.

Oulan became captain of the bodyguards in the nation of Dinosaur. She is later hired by Lepant to protect Sheena on his journey to Crystal Valley.

Genshu returned to wandering, his whereabouts unknown.

Gantetsu returned to Qlon Temple, where his expulsion was rescinded.

Taki returned to Two River to live with her family.

Shilo's gambling house in Tyrano Castle is a huge success.

Tetsu returned to Lakewest to build the biggest bathhouse in Dinosaur.

I love Wakaba.


Meg would later go on to have a daughter by an unknown father, and was struck with an idea of improving Gadget after traveling to Crystal Valley with Millie.

Raura “journeyed north” to the Toran Republic.

Tessai gained great fame as a swordsmith for his work at “Dinosaur” Castle.

Lebrante continued his work as an appraiser to find his 1,000th Celadon Urn.

Mazus set off to the Toran Republic to once again battle Crowley.

Gilbert returned to Zexen to be with his family, retiring as a mercenary.

Gordon stayed in the Dinosaur Nation to expand his Gordon Industry.

Hoi retired from thievery but realized that was a huge mistake.

Tony continues to grow vegetables and make fertile fields in the desolate lands of Tinto. Tony later married and had a daughter. Nash Latkje met the two of them by chance, thanks to a mishap with Viki's time-warp.

Hai Yo returned to Black Dragon Island to lay flowers on Shun Min's grave.

The men of Kuskus continue to watch Karen dance.

Connell returned to Forest Village, but later traveled to Crystal Valley in Harmonia to continue his studies.

Luc considered his role ended, and returned to Leknaat's service.

Poor Kinnison.

Humphrey and Futch travel to the One Temple in Crystal Valley, in search of a “dragon”.

Millie traveled to the Grasslands to find a wife for Bonaparte.

Stallion continues his journey to be the fastest creature in all the land.

Mondo returned to Rokkaku, with Sasuke and Kasumi.

Amada commandeered a ship and returned to the island countries.

Badeaux continues to practice his beastmaster talents in Dinosaur.

Bob moved back to Kobold Village, where he continues to complain a lot.

Flik shrugs, and Tengaar drags Hix into the fort.

Not without Nina!

Suikoden 2 Tunes – La Passione Commuove la Storia (must listen)

Lyrics, translated from Italian:

“All the soldiers
Fathers, children, and fiancees
Returned to those who waited for them
All the corpses
Like flowers, trees, and grass
Returned to warm nature
Passion moves history
The sands of time run
Children play on the hills
One day the pain will end”

Flik and Viktor leave for an aimless journey. They helped rid a village of vampires, but then later returned to Dunan after Harmonia invaded the Highland section of Dunan, in what would be known as the Higheast Rebellion, to fight in war once more.

Nina tried to follow him, but failed. She returned to Greenhill, waiting for him to return.

Sierra stayed with humans, instead of returning to Blue Moon Village. Rumors are that she would later marry Nash.

Kahn became the first Vampire Hunter (huh?), and is searching for a new life. He's thinking of becoming a mineralogist.

Clive continues his search for Elza (only if you didn't do his quest).

Viki got drunk off champagne and teleported somewhere.

Hix continued his “coming of age” journey with Tengaar, who received marriage blessing and is waiting for Hix to propose.

Barbara became Dinosaur Nation's official vaultkeeper.

Huan returned to Muse to heal all the injured folk during the war, with Tuta continuing his training under Huan. Tuta later got involved in the Higheast Rebellion after hearing of the many injured people during the war.

There's never an empty chair at Leona's tavern in Tyrano Castle.

Sheena returned to Toran to get some extra gold, then left on a journey. He ran into Apple on his journey to the Crystal Valley with Oulan. In a village he went on a date with a girl he hit on there. She was then kidnapped by a renegade dragon, and with the help of Nash Latkje, Humphrey, and Futch, they rescued the girl (Jonah), and he resumed his journey. It is rumored that he married Apple and then divorced her.

Apple went off on a journey to research for Mathiu's biography.

Suikoden 2 Tunes – Victory! ~ Staff Roll Theme

Credit roll! Thanks for reading this LP.

I'm going to leave halfway through Suikoden III's development and watch my series burn and crumble under the weight of mediocrity.

I don't know how to program a not-buggy-as-fuck game

I'm alright, but I don't have the classic, water-color-y look of the first game's artwork. Can't wait for Suikoden IV!

Yeah, we don't know what that stone golem CGI was about either

Recording real instruments is hard, but I guess Miki Higashino is also at fault here

I mean, come on buddy, your Suikoden I stuff was just brilliant all over

So ends a good game. Suikoden II isn't great; it has numerous flaws that seem to go unrecognized by the majority of its fanbase. From a story that often has underwhelming arcs, to very unnecessary journeys (like to Tinto, for Neclord), to an underwhelming soundtrack that could have benefited from more real instruments rather than synthesized horns, to a horrendous translation compared to the first game and glitches and bugs out the ass, Suikoden II doesn't feel as tightly compact as the first game.

Nonetheless, it is much more emotional overall than the first game, and with clever usage of music during certain scenes, it can really move you; it's also an example of some of the finest spritework in the PSX era, and some fine spritework overall, only really topped by Legend of Mana and by the folks at Vanillaware. Its numerous gameplay improvements make it a really fun game to play, if not with an impressive story.

The Suikoden universe is far from over; our journey through its expansive world continues northwest of Dunan in the Grasslands, sixteen years later, where the Fire Bringer War is just about to begin...