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Part 61: Mr. Blight Can Moo! Can You?

Chapter 1: Mr. Blight Can Moo! Can You?

GOING along with our theme from last time,

everyone in the Youth Brigade used to think that Theodor Seuss Genkaku was Jewish. They were total dicks.

Oh and since it's long been established that people will jump to conclusions on every front, no, I'm not being anti-semitic and this is apparently a real Dr. Seuss anecdote and he got shit for being mistaken as Jewish when he was in university.

Importing your data over from Suikoden 1 was a Big Thing. I stand by my belief that Mass Effect is just a crappy copycat of this, they gotta do something wildly rewarding for dedicated players from Mass Effect 1 and 2 in the last game in the trilogy like Konami did with Suikoden 2 here.

But that's in the distant future.

Some people may like to follow along with Roald's save data history from last time, and you are more than welcome to here.

"Me too. I thought about going back to Kyaro and I couldn't wait to get out of that uniform.
Hey Theodor.... Nanami is probably waiting for you to come back, huh?
You're her only family since Master Genkaku died... If not for this war...
So anyway... should we go to sleep soon? Or do you want to get some fresh air? Looks like a nice night.

I like to think Jowy just sounds kinda lost here, what with all his ellipses. But I dunno maybe I'm just being a dick and he's supposed to be tired from patrolling with the Youth Brigade all day.

This is going to be a Break Shit 100% Speedrun playthrough. So if I do something odd, I'll at least try to explain why I did. This, well, this is just for saving seconds and shit. Largely unnecessary and I don't plan on it mattering, but you never know.

Basically the whole point of "going outside" is to update your system settings. Setting the message speed to Fast is convenient if you want to speedrun the shit out of this game, which you might actually want to, but it's not really good for capturing text because there are weird print pauses in the middle of phrases absolutely everywhere in the script. Fortunately Azure is covering the meaty stuff. That means I get to stay in my element and cover the dirty stuff instead.

Oh yeah I turn down the SFX volume as well because holy shit games in 2000 did not deal with stacking sounds. Hell, it's nearly 2012 and games still don't have decibel limiters for when like sounds stack and blow out your fuckin' speakers.

uh oh, is shit getting real?

"It looks like we're surrounded. Take the mountain path to the east and save yourselves!!! Hurry!!!"

waaaaait a second, terry pratchett always told me never to trust a man who speaks with more than one exclamation mark

So where do we go?

We go up because we hard head

Oh also there are scenes to be seen if you wander around the encampment--a quick hint toward what's brewing if you head north, I believe--in the cutscene earlier, but that is not our kuleana

"yes i do and i am pretty sure that this was east, who the fuck says that the camera is always pointing north in nintendo games"

that man has some fuckin eyebrows

"That's enough talk. Now it's time for you to die. As 'victims' of the treacherous City-State that is."

One big change from Suikoden 1 is that a lot more work went into combat animations. Pretty much everything has an "idle" animation, even if it's something as simple as an enemy adjusting the angle of his spear.

Unites also got a visual upgrade.

This was... actually kind of a problem. There are certain unites that may freeze your console when the game tries to call them depending on your hardware.

"Theodor, there's no other way. We'll have to jump for it."

Here, you can just fight that same mob of enemies to your heart's content. You just have to tell Jowy that you'll never make it four times and Rowd will come back with more soldiers.

There's one more thing with this, but suffice to say,

the game is a mega dick and mixes it up on the fourth option, moving the "stay and fight" option to the lower box.

Anyway, stick around and fight a hundred and eight times

no, really, 108 times, including the one where Rowd and Luca Blight first sic their soldiers on you at this cliff

--oh, and for personal reference if you want to duplicate this, this is the EXP and money totals you'll have if you fight 108 times--

I do like this scene,

but, uh,

you can kinda screw it up, haha.

If you don't choose "I promise," then Jowy will be all "well fuck you nigga I am bein' theatrical and I am gonna get my muthafuckin' theatrics" and slash the rock for you.


So if you fight at least 108 battles, this scene will be in color. This takes like an hour and a half.

It's very tedious and I don't blame you if you've never done it before, but not just that, but a speedrun for the purpose of a very particular sidequest is entirely possible even with it.

And if you haven't done it before, well. Now you can see the colors for yourself. If you hadn't, y'know, gone to Youtube or whatever before.

And in case you ever wondered--because I certainly did--

the color you get when the weapons clash is, yes, Gradius laser blue.

Why'd they get rid of Miki Higashino anyway? I mean she's not like Michiko Naruke who kinda ran out of exciting boss battle themes after a while.

wanna get crunk with this dude someday


???? is an asshole