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Part 25: New Friends

Chapter 25 - New Friends

We're doing a little bit of sequence breaking since some of these happened before and some of these happened after the events of Two River. There are some Two River screenshots to still be posted, but this update is long enough without them, so I'll do them next time!

"But it's hard to come all the way here, isn't it? You can tell the truth. After all, Granny knows everything."

"I knew it. I knew it. Well, shall I get ready to go. Don't worry. I can watch after myself. I can even travel to Genkaku Castle alone. I'll see you there, Unicorn Army boy."

"But they already have an armorer! Now what am I going to do? Just when I thought I had finally taken my first step towards being a real armorer..."

"Castle? You have a castle???? Who... who are you??? Huh? ...Really...? A castle at such a young age... So do you mean to say it's okay if I open a shop in your castle? So much do I have to pay you?"

You can get him to pay the other amounts, but it takes him longer to return to this place to let you recruit him. Besides, you don't need this money.

"R, really!? You're so kind!!! This must be fate!! I'm so lucky!!!"

"If you want good food, you gotta have a pro to cook it! So leave it to me!! Ah! You! I know who you are!! Leader of the Unicorn Army!!! You're Lord Riou!!!!!"

"Hey you, Wait!"

"Hey, hey! I'll make delicious food for you!!!!! Please hire me!!!!"

"But of course. Just leave it all to me!!! Well, I'll get right to work!!"

"No one believes me, but I really did run all the way here from Greenhill. It was really hard, honest! But man, no one around here believes how fast I am..."

"Hey, why don't we have a race. Are you ready?"

"Okay. I've decided. I'm going to join the Unicorn Army too. Of course, it's only to study how you can run so fast."

"You're not like the rest of those snotty-nosed brats. What do ya want with me?"

Posting this just so you don't think I'm embelishing any of the punctuations.

"Huh? You're the leader of the Unicorn Army???? I wonder about that... Okay, here's what I'll do. A competition!!!!!! If you win 5000 potch or more from me, I'll join your group!!!! Okay? Let's do it!!!!!"

"Okay, a promise is a promise. I'll join your band of merry fellows. Glad you'll have me!!! Well, I guess I'll have to close up here. I've got no regrets. It's on to newer adventures!!"

Get ready for the best recruitment ever.


"Long time no see, Chaco. Not even going to say hello?"

"Stop! Don't come here!!! Stay away from me!!!!!!!!!"


"Waaaaaaahhh!!!!!!!! I'm sorry!!!!! Please stop!!!!!!!!! I'll do whatever you say!!!!!!"

"Okay. Good boy, Chaco. My name is Sid. I'm Chaco's... well, I'm sorta like Chaco's big brother."

"Liar!!!!! You treat people like me like I'm your personal toy!!!! What are you doing here!!! I thought you left this town!!!"

"Left town? That was a lie. I just didn't want anyone to find me. I like it down here."

"What!!!!!!! We had a going away party for you! You got presents and everything!!"

"So anyway, Chaco, what are you doing with yourself now?"

"You think I'm gonna tell you that?"

"Chaaaaaaaaaaaacoooo!!! I'm gonna eat you!!!!"

"Yaaaaaaaaaahhh!!! Okay, okay, I'll tell you. I'm a member of Riou's Unicorn Army."

"Hmmmm.... The Unicorn Army, eh............? Okay, I've decided. I'll go with you!"


"So it looks like I'll be joining you, eh. Good to meet you, Riou."

"Gabocha!!!!! Gabocha, how are you? You been good?"

"Yeah! Gengen, what happen to mercenaries?"

"The Mercenaries were beat by bad guys... But Gengen fought hard!"

"Wow... that great..... Gabocha want to see Gengen fight like that..."

"I'm sorry, Gabocha, but you're too small to go to battle. You wait here for Gengen to come back."

"Yeah, okay Gengen..."

Yes, he joins you after this.

For this you need to be toasty. To get toasty, you eat some fried tacos. Don't ask.

"Do ya like baths? Lately, with all this war going on, my baths are gettin' broken faster than I can make 'em!!!! So how 'bout it? You want me to make some custom baths for your place?"

"Ha! With that attitude, of course! So where's your house!!!!! Genkaku Castle? Oh you mean near there, eh? Good, I'm looking forward to it. By the time you get home, there'll be a beautiful new bath waitin' for ya."

"I need to go on an Adventure, okay?

"Adventure?? Hmph! Go on, girl, Go home!"

"Ooooh!! So it's come to this. I haven't mentioned this yet, but I'm a trickster! Well, a trickster trainee, anyway. Know what we do? We make clockwork machines to beat people like you up. That's what Gadget here is for. My uncle Juppo made him."


"He's disguised as a barrel right now. GO!! Beat him up, Gadget!! ...........................Eh? Wha? Wha? Hey, hey, Gadget! Come on, quick, beat him down!! Come on, come on, I'm begging you, Gadget!! Quick, quick!!"

"Hmph. So this is what a 'trickster' does, huh? Impressive."


"Huh? Who're you? I'm telling you, you can't go any further. My name's Meg. I'm on my trickster training. Uncle Juppo promised to teach me,, Gadget?"

"Wh, what?! You're Riou? Aha, Gadget, I've decided!!"


"Yeah!! You catch on pretty quick, Gadget!!"


"Okay, just leave it to Meg and Gadget!"


<Wakaba> "I think he's all right, though. Say, you don't know any strong fighters, do you?"

"Riou, I see, nice to meet you. I'm working for the elder here, but... I used to have a little field near Muse, you know. During the battle between the Highland Army and those mercenaries, my field was trampled... Somehow I was able to run all the way here... I'm no good at anything but gardening, though, so they're always mad at me here."

"Genkaku Castle? Where's that?? I'm sorry, Riou... I can't go. The village elder needs me, and..."


"Oh, Mr. village elder, sir! I'm sorry, I wasn't ignoring my duties..."

"I know, Tony. Don't worry about me. Go on with young Riou here. If you join the Unicorn Army, then the war will end that much quicker. That will be more than enough payment for me."

"Thank you so much, sir."

"But Tengaar, you're talking about intentionally putting ourselves in danger..."

"Oh, we'll be fine! You're a warrior from Warrior's Village. You mustn't show fear."

"It sure has been..."

"It's been a long time..."

"Hix is on a quest to be recognized as a warrior of our people. I'm coming along to make sure he doesn't chicken out."

"T... Tengaar, what do you mean, 'chicken out?'"

"Never mind that, Hix. Let's get going. Follow the road to the south fo get to Kobold Village. Let's not dawdle!"

"A... ah, wait, Tengaar...!"


(Chief) "I know, but..."

"Let's just go back, Tengaar. Forget this whole Test..."

"What are you talking about!? A Unicorn will only appear in front of a 'Noble Warrior and a Pure-Hearted Maiden.' If you pass the Test, it proves that you're a real warrior!"

"Well that's such an old custom. We really don't do that anymore... And it's dangerous in the forest! Even our villagers aren't allowed in..."

"How can you say that..."

"Well, you came all this way, so I must insist you and your companions stay the night here."

"Well, I guess we can't refuse that offer. It'll feel good to finally take a load off."

"Why are you so tired? You were barely carrying anything!! At this rate, they'll never let you back into the Warriors' Village! I give up."

"The Warriors' Village?"

"Tengaar... Actually... She's a very nice girl. Probably too nice, in fact. We were born in the Warriors' Billage, and as is our custom, I have to go on a quest for my manhood to be recognized. Tengaar wants to make me a great warrior, so that's what she's so excited about...This isn't the first time I've had doubts. I wonder if I can really be a warrior..."

"Oh, Lord Riou, it looks like you're okay, eh. Err... That's... It's... How to say it..."


"Eh? Oh, yeah, that's it! It's the Curse of the Unicorn..."

"The Curse of the Unicorn??"

"It's uh... It's... It's a very terrible curse... It's because she spoke too freely about the Unicorn Test. This girl may never open her eyes again..."

"B... But... Isn't there a cure...?!"

"A cure, hmm... Uh... What was that... Oh, yes! There is one way! You have to bring the Blue Stone, Red Flower, and Green Bell to the Unicorn's tree in the forest."

"Where are these items?!"

"Uh, umm... The Blue Stone... Lessee... Ah, that's right! I think maybe I heard they were selling it at the item Store in South Window..."

"The South Window Item Store! Let's go right away! Please come with me, Lord Riou!"

"Huh? Th... that's..."

"Let's hurry, Lord Riou! To the South Window Item Store!"

"Huh? Really? Okay.... There ya go. Okay, that's one of 'em... Let's hurry back to the Chief of Kobold Village."

"Ah, yeah, that's it, that's it! Excellent work. Okay, the Red Flower is next. The Red Flower is... um..."


"Oh, now I remember! It's in the Cave of Wind, south of Genkaku Castle."

"Wait for me, Tengaar! I swear that I will save you! Lord Riou, let's go!"

I'm pretty sure this is supposed to say 'It wasn't'

When you enter the room, you can see Tengaar run off to her bed from the table.

"Here! The Red Flower!"

:wookie: "Oh, that was fast..."

"Yeah, so where's the Green Bell?"

:wookie: "The, uh, Green Bell is in the sewers beneath Two River City. Good luck, Fledgling Warrior."

:wookie: "I'm sorry... She is gone."

"Where did she go?!"

:wookie: "Probably to the Unicorn Woods... If you take all three items deep into the forest and fight the Unicorn, you should find her. I've told the Forest Guards. But beware, Young Warrior, the Woods are full of monsters. If you are not a 'Noble Warrior,' the Unicorn will take your life."

"Wow, you made it all the way here! Running all around for my sake, crossing the woods safely... You're already a great warrior."

"Great warrior... Was all this just a..."

"I'm sorry, Hix."

:wookie: "The Holy Warrior Klift, who founded the Warriors' Village, is a legend here. When I heard you two were from there, I just had to help in some way."

"Don't be so sure, Chief of the Kobolds..."

"Are you a 'Maiden?'"

"Wh... what if I am?"

"I will take you..."

"Y... you can't!! Tengaar is...!"

"What will you do?"

"I... probably can't win..... I probably won't ever be a warrior... But... But... I will protect Tengaar! I have sword it, on this sword!!"

"Noble Warrior, Pure-Hearted Maiden, I wish you both good fortune..."

"Yeah... now we can go back to the village."

"What do you mean? Sir Riou helped you so much, we have to repay that debt. What I mean is that... Hix and I... well, how about we join your party?"

"You need to come too, Hix. Lord Riou, I, Tengaar, and the Warrior Hix will join the Unicorn Army in the name of the Warriors' Village. It is an honor."

"Join you? Sorry, but I'm chasing a criminal. You know her, I think. I know she fled to Lakewest, but I have no way to get there. I've got no time to mess around with you guys."

"What? You can? You're the leader of the Unicorn Army, eh. Well then, okay. I'll join forces with you. There's not much time. Riou, I've got to get to Lakewest immediately. If I'm late, I might not be able to track her."

"Whoah, calm yourself, pal. That Elza came here, alright, she even left a letter. No way I'd forget that."

"She did?! What did you do with the letter!?"

"Look, in this business I'm frequently asked to hold on to messages, and I always do. There it is. Here ya go."

"What is that woman trying to do? Is she mocking me?! I'm sorry, Riou, she's no longer here. The letter says she went to the Forest Village west of Greenhill."

:siren: Clive & Elza #3 This one isn't quite as awesome as Elza #1, just as a warning.

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