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Part 27: Let's pretend we're students!

Chapter 26 - Let's pretend we're students!

"Are you saying that my army is inferior to the Unicorn Army!?"

"N, no... I just think they had a brilliant tactician on their side..."

"Apparently you're simply not up to the job. Very well, then, I will be happy to relieve you of your duties."

"L, Lord Luca..."

"You disgust me... Take him outside and cut his worthless head off!!!"

"Dying in battle is one thing, but this... This is the ultimate disgrace..."


Noooo, Culgan!!!

"Useless idiot.... Well, that's finished. Forget about South Window for now. First, we'll take Greenhill. Will someone here volunteer for command? Is there a worthy general anywhere among you?"

"Hmm... don't be so confident. This isn't like the trifling task you accomplished in Muse. Do you really think YOU can lead a company of warriors?"

"I don't need a whole company. Just 5000 men. Give me that, and the prisoners from Muse and I'll take Greenhill for you."

". . . . . . . . . . . . .Interesting. Give it a try, boy. If you defeat Greenhill as you say, I'll reward you handsomely. But if you are not successful, you'll meet the same fate as your unworthy predecessor."

"Yes sir. I understand.............."

"What happened? After the battle ended, you just passed out. So did you sleep well? If you're well enough, go see Lord Makai. Lord Shu is there too."

"Long time no see, Riou. You're a real hero, aren't you? I wasn't able to help out at all."

"No, without your reinforcements, the Highland Army wouldn't have withdrawn like they did. That and the volunteer army from Kobold Village... Hey, was that your doing, Lord Shu?"

"All I did was tell them the situation. It was General Ridley's reputation that prompted all those volunteers to join."

"Lord Riou, somehow we were able to protect Two River. But the Highland Army still hasn't withdrawn from State territory. Let's fight together. With your help, I actually think we can win this war!"

"When you need it, you can count on our full support!"

"Huh! But, but Lord Makai. I fought too! Well, I didn't exactly fight, but....."

"Yes, I know you did your best. I'm firing you for a different reason."

"What is it?"

"Lord Shu asked if I would please lend him your services. He needs your skill to help heal the City-State. Instead of Two River, you'll be more useful working for the Unicorn Army."

"Huh? Well, I see. In that case, I'm pleased to work for you, Lord Shu."

"Yes, I'm going to get a lot of use out of that clever mouth of yours."

"Well, let's go back, Riou. This is a nice town, but we have lots of work to do."

"You can return by boat, Lord Riou. I'm sure Tai Ho is already sick of waiting."

"Well, I'll see you at home."

"Okay boss, shall we go?"

"I thought, um, maybe I could go with you!"

"I love this town. That's why I'm gonna go. I think if I go with you, I can help end this war quicker. Don't ya think?"

"What??? And I was planning on returning your wallet."

"Thanks, leader. Here's the wallet I promised."

"My, my wallet."

"Oh yeah, I used what was in there. Don't get so mad, there was hardly any in there."

"Wait!!!! You little punk!!!!!"

"Hey, hey, hey are you okay? You're not hurt? You got caught up in the middle of the fighting over there too, eh?"

"Looks like she was worried about you too. You sure are popular, Riou! Ha ha ha ha ha!!"

"Well done, Lord Riou. Gaining Two River as an ally is a big step forward, but I'm afraid we can't waste time rejoicing."

"Did something happen, Mr. Strategist?"

"Lord Riou must be tired. I'll explain in detail tommorow... Everyone get some rest, and report to the war-room in the morning."

"I wish he'd tell it to us straight..."

We've got a snazzy new room!

"So what's the bad news you promised yesterday?"

"Greenhill has fallen to the Kingdom of Highland."

"...Not again..."

"Greenhill is lost, eh... But how did they take Greenhill while most of their forces were in Two River..."

"The troops that captured Greenhill apparently number only 5,000 men."

"Wait a second... you can't be serious! Greenhill's got to have at least 7,000 soldiers of its own... You're saying they couldn't defeat a force of 5,000?"

"I've no idea what tactics they used, but they must have been brilliant... Their commander is apparently the leader of Highland's Fourth Army, and Solon's replacement. This is not a man to be taken lightly."

"Then what should we do? We can't just stand back and watch."

"Even with the help of the Two River forces, the Unicorn Army doesn't have enough manpower to re-take Greenhill."

"Are we giving up?"

"It appears we'll have to. However, we will get the acting mayor of Greenhill, Teresa, to safety."

"Teresa?? Why? I'm surprised to hear a realist like you say such a thing."

"The true mayor of Greenhill, Alec Wisemail, has been seriously ill for many years. Therefore, the handling of the city's affairs has fallen to Teresa. In the capacity, she has gained immense popularity, and has become something of an icon among Greenhill's citizens. If we can get Teresa out of Greenhill, we can expect the cooperation of the populace when the time comes to re-take the city. Likewise, it will simply create more problems for us if the Highland Army is able to keep her under their thumb."

"I see... So Teresa is a major morale-booster for the people of Greenhill... So, then, how are we gonna bust her out?"

"Greenhill is essentially a college town, and students from countries all over the contient come to study there. I don't think the Highland Army's occupation will stop that. Therefore, Lord Riou and a few others will sneak into the city, pose as students, and rescue Teresa. As for how to get in... Fitcher, I'll leave that to you."

"What? M, me, sir...? Y, yes, I suppose I can... I've got a lot of friends in Greehill. I'll work something out... Whew... I'm worked too hard... When will I be able to get some rest...?"

"All RIGHT! Let's go!"

"Wait a second... Who said you could come?"

"Whew... It doesn't matter how many come, since you're meant to be students. Also, only you youngsters should go... It'll make things look less suspicious."

"Flik, I want you to go with Lord Riou."


"You will be their bodyguard... and their leader."

"Whew... please, just don't call me 'Teacher'..."

Voting Time!

The party forces Nanami and Flik on us, so you may choose three people, with a maximum of two S-range characters.







Combination Attacks:

Hix & Tengaar
Gabocha & Gengen

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