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Part 16: Cray Trading Company

We were heading back to base after a productive day in the ruins, but...

...something here isn't quite the way it used to be.

Simply put, it's a box that carries people and things up and down. But... no one understands its usefulness yet.

I do! Join me! Join me right now! I don't care that the place is only two floors tall right now, I know how these things work.

I'm sure they would see it if there were some tall buildings, but there are no signs of any being built. So, I changed my concept. It doesn't have to be jsut for buildings, you see. What do you think? Right now, you can try it out for free. You could get to the harbor form here in no time.

Sweet! I'll get right on that... as soon as I've rested and saved.

Oh, don't say that... If you change your mind, I will be waiting right here. See you around!

About 30 seconds later...

Oh... Hello there! Um... Would you like to experience... the Elevator?

Then, we have an agreement. Come, I'll show you... Finally, I'll get to transport someone other than myself!

Sadly, there is no visual for the elevator ride - I was really curious how the thing works. Did he just put a rope from the top of the mountain to the harbour and hang a platform from it? Does this thing even have breaks?

Either way, it dumps the party right at the entrance to the harbour. Slight disappointment aside, it is of course faster and more convenient than taking the encounter-infested path and then running through the entire town to get here, so no complaints there!

Now, given they sent us to the harbour, it's probably safe to assume they want us to do something there, and the only thing I can think of... to get on the boat.


???: Help!!


Wait, isn't that-

Help!! Please!! sure is.

Apparently, this part will not trigger if you come here with Lazlo alone - you need people who can actually speak in order to progress. Not that I know why you'd want to come here with Lazlo alone, but there you have it.

What did you say?!

I was playing in the cave by myself, so I was sage. But everyone else... even my sisters... they're gone.

I never knew that merchants who sold mermaids really existed. until now, I thought it was only a legend.

Bad people's ship is still nearby. Make them go away! Please!

You bet your ass I will! Lilin may be the -iest mermaid what ever -ed, but she doesn't deserve that.


You mean there really are people who sell mermaids? Those creeps! I thought that was just a made-up story.


I didn't think people like that were really around... People who sell mermaids?! That's terrible!

It is indeed. Some punishment is in order!

Normally I wouldn't bother to make a video out of something with this little voice acting, but I really like the captain's voice. Also, that ending.

We'll never hand her over to you!

Merchant Ship Captain: I see... So, you want to fight, do you? I didn't want it to come to this, but you've left me no other choice...

Oh yes, please do!


Fortunately for me, none of these wretched fools have any idea what they're getting into.

...but as much as I wanted to kick everyone's behind here, what results from this is just two generic battles against three generic enemies at a time. None of it is really worth showing off.

You will certainly regret that decision! Mark my words...

In case anyone thought I was spoiling something when I called Cray a villain, the man sells stuffed mermaids.

Oh... I see...
...Thank you.

The dialogue here also changes...

I cut through the ropes on the captive mermaids. But we were too late for the ones who had already died... I'm sorry.

I cut the ropes to save the mermaids. They're free now. But some of them were already... I'm sorry.

...depending on the party, and can I just take a moment to say how much I love this shit? None of these characters will ever be important to the plot - you could probably recruit Rita and never hear another word out of her again unless you choose to - but at least this way, you can get some feel for their personalities. Fuck yes, Actual Effort.


They are fleeing. What shall we do?

What the hell do you think we shall do?

We shall man the fucking cannons.

Here's a present from OMPS, the Obel Mermaid Preservation Society!


I say you should have asked me about this first, but on the other hand I was going to suggest the same thing so you're off the hook. For now.


Why not come along with us? The area around the cave doesn't seem safe. What do you say?

Say, if you want, why don't you come with us? The caves might still be dangerous. How about it?

Either way:

Yeah... The other mermaids are probably afraid, too. I don't think they'll go back to that island for a while.

I'm guessing Lilin is the "special" one in the family.

Yes, I will come with you. If I see the others, I'll invite them, too. Um... I hope we get along.

We will. Swimmingly.

Time to head back to port, but...

...this moron shows up just before we reach land.

What nonsense! He seems to be mistaking us for that Cray Trading Company that we encountered earlier...

(Both Rita and Mitsuba have the same line here: What's he talking about? Maybe he thinks we're the ones from before... You know, the Cray Trading Company?)

Daddy, look! Over there!

Yeah, I see it, Nalleo! Now, don't you try making up excuses! You've got a mermaid right there with you!

... Damn it, Dario.

This is your brain!

This is your brain on Rune Cannons! Any questions?

(I do like how Obel shows up in the background, but it's still only decoration; it doesn't do anything for the battlefield.)

Daddy, don't you think we should request reinforcements?

I'm their friend! Why do you attack?!

I didn't say anything, Daddy.

Huh. Must've been my imagination... Okay, that's enough. Let's retreat for now!

Pirate: Aye, sir!

Dario doesn't get far, however, before his "reinforcements" shows up all by themselves. (Recommended viewing!)

Everyone, hurry! We're reporting it to the Lady... Huh?

Oh boy, are you in for it now.

Look at that ship. Anyone who has a ship like that is not someone you want to mess with.

What are you talking about? She looks totally dreamy

I know that woman. She's really strong.

That is actually both true and false!

Lilin hides behind Lazlo


Oh, would you shut up already... I'm fighting in... in the name of justice!

Fair warning: if I catch you so much as thinking about spandex, I'm leaving.

Kika is one of my favourite characters in the game. She is A, chill enough to make Lino look caffeinated; B, the biggest badass on the seven seas; and C, a goddamn pirate queen. What's there not to like?

Oh... Uh... I'm sorry, Lady Kika...

Please forgive us, Lady Kika...

Let's go, Dario.

And thus the pirates make their exit.

She seems very strong. But I don't think she's a bad person.

...well, other than being a pirate, I guess.

Now we can finally make it back to port. There's a dude in a silly hat waiting for us.

First, however, let's try staying at the inn. (Because that's the obvious thing to do, what with the free one we have at HQ.)

Woman: Oh, he left without paying... Say, young man, could you catch him for me?

Him who?

Woman: His name's Cedric... He looks really spaced out, but he's unbelievably quick on his feet!! He's always saying he'll pay... But it's all just talk! I've lost count of how often he's eaten here without paying! I know this may not be my place to say, but... how about instead of giving him food, you ask for payment up front until he no longer owes you money? It's just a thought!

Woman: I hired a collector to help out, but it's just getting nowhee... Young man, grab Cedric by the scruff of his neck and bring him to me! I'm counting on you!

So now we follow Cedric.

There's a brief scene in every new area... he "escapes"...

...right into a dead end.

I get the feeling he'd get along pretty well with Lilin.

So obviously,


Come on out, little boy.'s Louise we have to talk to.

B-But... You said you'd shelter me! How could you do this to me?!

Oh, it's nothing compared to what I'm going to do to you if you take off again.

You fool. I'm siding with the stronger party. That's the key to succeeding in life. Remember that.


Also, I think she still wants to get in Lazlo's shorts, but Cedric doesn't need to know that.

That was the plan, but come to think of it, you kind of have a portrait and everything...

Say, Lazlo, this kid can run like the wind. Why don't we recruit him and make him one of us?

Louise has come to the same conclusion.

One of you? I-If you're okay with that, I'll join! My ability to flee... I mean, run, can be useful!

Then, it's decided. Lazlo, I hope this will make things easier for us.
Meanwhile, we'll need to work out a deal to pay for all those meal bills that he failed to pay.

And we add another one to our collection!

Recruiting Cedric somehow turbo-charges Lazlo's R1 dash to "nearly uncontrollable" levels.

He can also be used as a support character! Speaking of which...

Find Treasure C - Chance of finding treasure is increased by 2%.

Two percent doesn't sound like much. That's because it's not. However, some of the items in this game only drop 1-2% of the time, so if you're hunting for those, it's still a significant upgrade. That said, Find Treasure is not going to be too useful unless you're specifically trying to grind for such rare drops, and as such I'll probably keep Rikie around instead.

(By the way, bringing him back to the inn does nothing. I checked.)

Speaking of fresh recruits, I wonder how Lilin is doing.

...I can just imagine the scene if we bring Louise with us when we head out.

"Money in this box, the watered down booze on the left side, good stuff on the right, spiked mace under the counter for problematic customers, oh, and don't forget to water the mermaid."


Still, there's something strangely about the concept.

Desmond is waiting for us in the back.

Apparently, Oleg has been researching methods to see things that normal people cannot. It seems that this man can be found on Nay. The king requests that he be invited to Obel. Please do as he says.

That sounds like a useful skill to have! Consider him "invited".

Nay is kind of far away, though. Hope you didn't need him for anything too urgent...