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Part 18: Plot Lasers II: Son of Plot Lasers

Shit is going down in this chapter, so all videos in this update are recommended viewing!

The first thing we're shown as we head up the cliff is a bunch of ships.

They don't seem friendly...

...and there's quite a lot of them!

How are we going to get out of this one?

Why, by having the king personally stab everyone in the face, of course! And, being Lino, he's quite good at that.

'course, that doesn't mean much if he gets shot with a weapon that can sink entire ships...

...but it's no big deal because apparently the Kooluk send their soldiers to Stormtrooper Academy for marksmanship lessons.

Damn those Kooluk dogs! But I'll admit, they've got skill!

Bah, they've got numbers. Do you see anyone with a portrait on the other side?

Looking down on the battle from above, Lazlo decides he has no choice but to unleash the Rune of Punishment...

(...literally, because if we say no, it's the same as last time: same question over and over until we get it right, goddammit!)

Here's hoping this turns out better for him than it did for Glen!

(Or if you prefer, the boring, unedited version of the above.)

Lazlo's aim is better than the Kooluk dogs'.

Damn, son!

Lazlo... I'm sorry...

Of the people below, only Lino seems to know what just happened.

There are still more Kooluk dogs to skewer, though, so he can't stand around feeling sorry for us.

In the royal palace, the reaction is lukewarm on average.

By that, I mean Flare is depressed, and Setsu is so happy he does air humps.

This will make the battle an awful lot easier for His Majesty!

..."Madam Depression gathered up her reddish silver hair and murmured, 'Oh, I am so depressed...'"

Hey, that's some people we haven't seen in a while! And look, Lazlo still isn't dead! Everyone, act surprised!

There's two of them... and there's two of us!

This goes about as well for them as you'd imagine.

(I would show more of these battles, but they still haven't progressed beyond "SHOOT ME WITH THIS ELEMENT UNTIL I DIE", so there's no point.)

We (obviously) beat the Kooluk, but Lazlo isn't feeling too good...

Not good at all.

Lazlo?! What's wrong?!


To no one's great surprise, we're back in Runespace.

Woman called Kika: Edgar... That's all you ever say.

Man called Edgar: But I always come back... to you.

Woman called Kika: ...

???: Edgar, this pirate has made quite a name for himself. Let's proceed with caution.

Man called Edgar: All right, Brandeau.

So apparently there is a connection between Brandeau and Kika beyond the whole "being pirates" thing! Who's this Edgar, though...?


Edgar: Brandeau... If something... should... happen to me...

Brandeau: Edgar!! Damn it... We can't just die here!


Damn it... I'm... going home... Right, Edgar?!

...and again.

As always,

...Brandeau's shadow does not put up a fight.

And then,

...he, too, disappears.


God damn it Chiepoo, stop doing this to me! I'm close enough to death without your freaky face giving me a heart attack every time I wake up.

Well, that's... marginally better.

Lazlo picks himself off the bed and goes to see what's up.

They said the guys we fought the other day were Kooluk's 3rd Fleet. We don't know what move they'll make yet. Everyone's on edge, saying that the rest of the fleet might come.

Now, if they were smart, they'd fight fire lasers with lasers, but apparently there's some reason they don't care to nuke Obel the way they did Iluya.

Are you okay?

Actually... surprisingly so! I mean, I still have all my limbs! That's more than I can say for the last guy who blew up a fleet with this thing.

Lazlo heads out, just in time to her his recruits voice their feelings on the entire "cursed Rune" thing.

(Okay, this scene isn't super important but it's still kinda nice.)

I wouldn't mind... if it transferred to me.

No matter how true it is, that's not something you ought to be saying in front of your kid!

I really would not want to have it, but... I'll try my best to keep it from falling into the hands of someone who would abuse it.

Then again, Rakgi isn't just any kid, I suppose.

Nor is Chiepoo. For one thing, he's got that freaky face...


You heard me, Catman.

Hey, I've got things I want to accomplish during my lifetime... But if my life were eaten away... then what?

Well, yeah, sure, maybe that's what YOU believe, Mizuki...

I think she makes sense! For once.

so the Rune will not have to be used.

It's up to Paula of all people to put a stop to this bickering.

(How did she even get out there before us?)

Damn! Didn't know she had it in her.

Predictably, no one leaves.

You're making me feel like there may even be some hope for the elven race!

(please stop)

Not until this current conflict ends. I'll keep you company until then, all right?

He'll actually stick around longer than that, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

You know what? Age doesn't really matter. Being a kid is all about what you feel in your heart... kid.

Bonus content:
The full pre-battle cutscene in case someone wants a version that's not chopped up so I can make silly jo- what the heck is that?