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Part 25: Simple People

Okay, so let's say I reloaded my save after I killed Snowe and picked another option.

'course, he's not about to make it easy for us, either.

How do you like it?

(Saying the sea shall decide his fate just skips right to this scene. Trust me. I checked.)

Trying to enter the pirates' nest again gets us interrupted by mermaids.

That voice... It's Big Sister Lilon!

Yeah, I was okay. These people here saved me. Big Sister, come with us, too.

Okay. Mr. Lazlo... I'll come with you, too. I hope you don't mind.

Hey, I've never been one to turn down free Stars of Destiny! Although it is a bit disappointing that they went the whole "five blacksmighs" route with the mermaids. Hell, it's actually worse than that since Lilin can craft everything all by herself from the very beginning.

Speaking of stars, let's pay Phil a visit.

Hmm, you wish to speak with me?

Phil currently sucks. Visiting him was a terrible idea. Let's stop talking to him.

But you didn't think that would put a stop to my game breaking rampage, now, did you? This delectable little thing occasionally shows up as a rare find at the pirates' nest equipment store, which otherwise carries very little of interest. I'm sure I'll find a good use for it!

Our next objective is this tiny little island right next to the pirates' nest.

For no real reason (no, really, they won't be any help at all) Kika's minions have all decided to come along.

Sir Lazlo, we'll come, too.

This will actually be our first time here as well. Even so, I believe we'll be of some help to you.

Bullshit, you're all in your default outfits with unsharpened weapons. You will be needing my help. But it's okay! I'm sufficiently awesome to carry this entire party all by myself.

I'll go, too!!

The island feels a bit desaturated after all those tropical environments. Still, it doesn't look bad, and the encounter rate isn't bad either.

Elenor's house has seen better days. (Recommended viewing)

???: What an inconsiderate thing to say.

That doesn't mean its inhabitants take kindly to that kind of talk!


This is beyond rude! Explain yourselves immediately!

Well you see, it all started when I visited this nice little village and found they had not just one but two idiots. So I said to myself: Lazlo, you've got a big ship. It's practically a village all by itself. And then one thing led to another-

Uh, no... What I mean is... Sorry.

Mysterious Girl ignores him. Lazlo doesn't get a dialogue prompt, so he just nods instead.

Then he does get one. Naturally, they are both "be an idiot".

No, my name is Agnes. I am Lady Elenor's pupil. I also take care of her.
I received word from Lady Kika. Please, make yourselves at home.

Well, thanks, but we came to see Ms. Elenor.

You like meat, yes?

Lazlo is kind of hesitant to say anything that could give Cray Shipping Company more reason to hassle him but...

What? Well, yes, of course, but...

...Hervey has no such reservations.

I will bring some food and drink. Please have as much as you like. I shall go and get Lady Elenor now.

How big is this place, anyway? You'd think it would be pretty simple to stick your head through the door and yell "visitors".

Uh, yes, thank you.

Listen to me, Hervey. Don't drink too much, okay? You won't be able to warn Dario about his drinking if you do.

I know, I know.

Someone call me?


Some time later... (No, seriously, watch the video.)

They were such simple people, so it was easy.

Humph. I've always said... People are better when they're simple.

*poke* *poke*

Uh... I can't eat anymore...

Definitely simple...

*prod* *poke*

Uh... Fight... With Kooluk...

Oh, more talk of war. You can fight it out amongst yourselves. I've had enough.

Dario is up next.

How about you? You want war, too?

Cray? Oh, I see... Graham Cray...
Humph. Now I understand why Kika sent these guys over.


How about you and I have another round inside?

"Uh I think maybe I left the oven on"

But he doesn't have much of a choice but to follow the crazy lady.

Go ahead, drink. Don't worry. There's nothing weird in that one. It'll clear your head, so gulp it down.


I hear all these things, even in a place this secluded. So, what is it that you want me to do?

"Stop feeding visitors poison like a crazy person" would be a nice start.

Hahaha! You're right, I'm sorry. I just can't bring myself to trust strangers. So what exactly do you want from me?

Meaningful ChoicesTM!

*sigh*... Listen here. The tactician Elenor Silverberg died a long, long time ago...


Drunk and bitter Silverbergs are the best Silverbergs.

Let's see how determined you are. Behind this building, there's a cave. Bring me everything in the box there. If you do a good job, I'll consider helping you. Now, hurry up and go.

Ugh FINE. Most pointless test of... anything, ever.

Here's the cave.

But Elenor conveniently forgot to tell us that it is guarded by a hellbeast from beyond! How can Lazlo possibly overcome such a

well okay so he just swats it aside like an annoying fly and proceeds inside.

And takes this, because fuck you, Elenor.

(He also grabs the green bottle on the table, as well as the "crest" next to it.)

Not five minutes after he left, Lazlo walks in with the stuff like it's nothing.

Okay, Agnes. Serve that to the guys outside. It'll make them feel better.

Why did you keep your antidote in a cave guarded by a hellbeast from beyond?

Yes, M'Lady.

You give that to me.

So Lazlo hands over the crest.

Because wow, that was a truly difficult task.

A fight against Kooluk and Cray Trading Company won't be pretty. Are you absolutely sure about this?


What? Still having doubts?

No, I just want to hear all the voice acting.

No. There is no other choice.

Is that so? Well then, it's my turn now, isn't it? A promise is a promise. I suppose I can help you.
But let me drink a little more... When I'm ready, I'll join you on your ship.

Elenor practices a rare form of kung fu called Iron Liver. Don't worry, she'll be fine. Time to mosey on back to the ship.

...but not before Lazlo steals her lunch.

Agnes is waiting outside, and forces herself into the group just like that.

Healing B - Heals 11-15% of Max HP after every battle.

Somewhat outclassed by earlier recruit Yu. Oh well!

Elenor has all sorts of interesting junk lying about. I'm sure I would have appreciated this... normally.

However, just after Lazlo boards again, a mysterious person approaches Elenor's hut. Who could it


Way to ruin the surprise, Lino.


The story continues as soon as Lazlo makes his way over to the War Room.

I'll pretend I didn't know where you were so I can say "Where the hell have you been?".

So, this ship is your home base... Humph. It's decent.

Lady Elenor, a room has also been prepared for you.

That is the only "brand name" wine in the Suikoden universe.

Anyway, enough pleasantries for now. Let's get down to business.
To even stand a chance against Kooluk, first, we'll have to unify the small forces on the islands around here. In order to do that, we have to have one strong leader...


I know where this is going.

You're going to expect me to do all the work.


Lazlo, let's see if you're a real leader. There are probably many here who would rather follow the king.

Our crew is all "What?" "Really?" "I didn't know that!"

You will settle this now with Lino En Kuldes... Sire, would you also be fine with that?

Yeah... We only need one leader.

There's actually a... something here that causes you to skip this duel if you first decline, then accept on the next prompt. But of course we're not doing that because then we'd be short one fool who gets his shit ruined by a mute teenage boy.

Note the green swishy stuff on Lazlo's swords - that's due to the wind enchantment.

I also upgraded Lino's spear to give him a fighting chance.

He is one of the characters who get a very noticeable model change when his weapon changes names, going from one, to two, and finally four prongs.

'course this is all more exciting in the video.

Bored now. Eat floor.

And there he goes.

(We're up to IV.)

That's what you get.

Okay, okay... Stop. I give up.

You are our new leader. I, the former King of Obel, acknowledge you. This is proof of your kingship. Use it wisely.

He hands us a Thing which Lazlo is promptly going to lose.

Now, Lazlo, we need to give this ship a proper name. What will you call it?

Hmm... A name for the ship, huh? How about a yummy name like... the "Chicken"?

We are not calling it the Chicken.

Personally... I like the "Dauntless."

Screw you Tov, you should have named it that when you had the chance.

This is my show now!

Well, that's a pretty classy name.

She says this regardless of how classy it is.

Okay, next, we should decide on a name for this group, too. This isn't Obel's navy anymore. We need a new name for the people fighting together against Kooluk.

Umm... How about the "Rush"?

I am not naming my army after a Canadian rock band. No one would even get the reference!

Shouldn't it be the "Lazlo Army"?

God damn no that is terrible.

Must I do everything myself?

Well. I say "myself", but I could actually use some help on this one.

Otherwise, I may have to improvise.

You won't like me when I improvise.

All right, fine print time: each name has ten letters and will be referred to as "The [NAME]"; Suikoden IV does not hang "Castle" or "Army" at the end the way some of the others do.

You may make one suggestion for each name.

Bold your votes if you want them to count.

(Any votes for Dauntless or Chicken will be counted as votes for HMS Dongs. Any votes for Rush will be counted as votes for a random but different Canadian band. As for Lazlo Army... let's not even go there.)