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Part 39: Star 108

One last time, let's spare Snowe because he's not worth staining our blades with.

(And because he hasn't actually done anything wrong this time. I guess.)

You should watch this.

One thing I'd like to point out here is the reactions from the party.

The previous times we killed Snowe, they barely reacted, if we saw them at all.

This time, just look at the difference between how they stand between the scene where you kill him and the scene where you don't.

Last time they were all looking away. This time they are visibly relieved and the nameless sailor in the back is a bit embarrassed to watch their tearful reunion. If this kind of effort had gone into every scene in this game, it might even have been worth it despite the atrocious gameplay!

And here it is: the one hundred and eighth Star of Destiny. The final joining message.

And our final playable character, still with the same stats as before.

We're done. This calls for some celebration! I need a new hat.

And conveniently, this means Phil has finally mastered the art of Not Sucking and opened up the final tier of this shop! The Goblin Set is likely the best gear for anyone who can use it but not the Ogre Set; its full set bonus is +20% attack, but it doesn't give the same ridiculous direct stat boosts.

Sadly, anything that isn't Ogre (or, in a pinch, Goblin) gear is pretty useless, and there's not much point to making all this junk when you can just buy infinite Diamond gear in stores (as of the liberation of Obel). There are some interesting ideas here and there, but most of the sets don't do anything that interesting at this point.

I have more to say about Snowe, but first we have to get back to the plot for a bit. This scene plays out automatically the next time you visit the upper deck.

It's that creepy fucking bird!

Not in the best of shape.



It's dead.

In case you forgot, Mizuki is a ~*~girl~*~ with a ~*~sensitive side~*~ and therefore always available to become emotional when it suits the game despite being cold and rational at all other times!

But I don't care about the ninjas, I'm just here for this guy.

How about it, Lazlo? Do you think these clothes suit me well?

Are you preparing for a costume ball?

What?! Th-Then... H-How about... this one?

Snowe starts out with the Hobo OutfitTM, but all the other ones he wears through the game can be dragged out of the ocean in various places. Despite having spent hours net fishing, I have a grand total of one.

Fuck net fishing. Still, nice if you somehow manage to luck into it, I guess.

Another nice thing about Snowe is that as his weapon upgrades, it retains the name "Daddy Blade"...

...until its third and final form, nicely symbolizing Snowe finally getting a grip and taking his life into his own hands.

So let's put that thing to work!

True Friends Attack differs greatly from the original Friendship Attack and is the strongest attack in the game.

No longer a matter of master and minion, this version of the attack has Snowe and Lazlo rushing at the enemy...

...and attacking it...


The results can be quite spectacular!

By the way, Colton still isn't answering questions. Fine, you can just hang out in that cell forever, I don't care.

Then, there's a whole bunch of new letters to read. I have the strange feeling Lino was meant to send this a little earlier...

That's true, because I expect nothing from you.

That's also true, because I'm never going to play with you again!


Very good.

She wants in Lazlo's pants like all the rest. Form a line, ladies.

Well, maybe not Rikie. Uh... Rakgi? I don't remember seeing him do anything in the last 20 hours or so, but okay.

I'm not really sure what your job is, other than to keep fresh bottles around in case Elenor empties her current one, so I can't comment.

Also a bit late.

Which one are you again?

...yes. That's the general idea.

I can do that!

And this is a big fat lie because there is no tutorial for this whatsoever, but I forgive you because you're awesome.

And of course, the news.

With a return to Obel becoming more and more imminent, touching family reunions could be seen everywhere today.
"I had faith this day would come," said Mr. Ming, 29, who runs a fishery in the kingdom of Obel. Mr. Ming's eyes shone as he added, "I will continue to work even harder than before to catch good fish."


Standing near the door, we confirmed the voices of: Miss Rene, 14; Miss Rita, 13; and Miss Noah, 12. It seems they were only making something which should clear up suspicions that they were discussing rebellion.

That's what you think! The furry is recruiting! Abandon ship!

And naturally, saving the... best... for last:

"I do not condone pointless fights, but I suppose it cannot be helped..."
The duel between the Rose Swordsman and Lazlo began. The dual-sworded swordsman, Lazlo, fought bravely, but in the end, he was no match for the Rose Swordsman. It took little time for the duel to end. The hand towels held by the onlookers did not even have time to dampen. Lazlo was on the ground in a pitiful state before the Rose Swordsman.
Lazlo opened his eyes and said, "I have a favor to ask of the lord."
"What might it be, Sir Lazlo?"
"I'd like to welcome the Rose Swordsman. Not as a comrade, but as our leader."
A loud murmur rippled through the crowd. Beaming with pride, the lord reploed, "Go. You should see the world while you're still young."
"I understand. If that is what you wish, Father."
Thus, the Rose Swordsman became the leader of the boat. Afterwards, he embarked on a journey to overthrow the Kooluk.

The only joy I can take in this mess is that history will remember the Kooluk kingdom has having being overthrown by that fucking fruit, which is only marginally less embarrassing than allowing Noah to park her ass on the throne and declare herself the empress.

Speaking of which...

It feels good, doesn't it?

I'm peeping on a bunch of very underage girls in the bath. "Good" is not a word I would use under these circumstances.



What is it?

You know how Mr. Lazlo has a lot of problems to deal with?

You kids don't know the half of it.

Mr. Lazlo? Oh yeah... I guess he does...

So, how about we all give him a present?

What? A... present?

"It is not a treasure map so I do not understand it."

Sounds interesting! Count me in!

Th-Then, I wanna do it, too!

Really? Hey, let's all work together to brainstorm an idea for a gift.

Hmm... Any ideas?

Well, let's see... How about... a girlfriend?

I'm... sure Lazlo would appreciate that, but preferably coming from someone half again your age.

To continue the plot this time, we need to visit the war room again.

Can you keep it brief, please? I have trouble remembering long-winded things.

Poor Lino. Going senile at his age.

I just got done saying it would be simple. You do remember that, don't you?

Elenor is not amused.

What is the purpose of this?

I'll give you detailed instructions when the time comes. But first, about the Rune Cannon... Show it to me one more time.

What, why is everyone looking at me? I don't know anything about cannons!

It's called a fort, but it's more like a large castle.

In a nice callback to the original game...

...they use the same location marker as they used for the army battles there.

If we don't destroy it, we won't be able to get close.


At the same time, our main force will remain in front and attack Kooluk's 1st Fleet. This fleet usually roams the area near the harbor in case the Rune Cannon cannot be fired.

There are times when the Rune Cannon cannot be fired?

Once it's been fired, that particular Rune Cannon takes time to reload.

That's very inconvenient! So what I'd do, personally, is build two of them.

It was written in the letter from Mr. Ramada...

Akaghi sounds really dejected here.

We'll have to trust that information. This downtime will be the perfect opportunity for us to strike!

Well, that's pretty much it. Have I made myself clear? Want to hear it again?

Noticing the death glares from all his companions who aren't complete morons...

I understand.

...Lazlo decides once was enough.

Okay, shall we go with this plan, then?

Let's get right to it!

As with any decent point of no return, we're given the opportunity to say we want to prepare more first, but honestly I've never been this powerful in this game before, so fuck that. Kooluk is going down!

I'd like you to decide on members for the detachment... Come talk to me whenever it's convenient.

Whenever. Got it.

Yes, if we leave everything as it, we're bound to suffer the same consequences. Even you know that, don't you, Setsu?

Yes, sir.

Good man!

All right everybody, listen up. Once we hit El-Eal, the threat to the islands should disappear for a while. It may only be temporary, though...

Sequel hook?

...nah, couldn't be.

But remember, we're fighting for lasting peace. That's exactly what's most important to all of us now, right?

I dunno, I'm more interested in the byproduct of "not having to plot laser things and almost kill myself on a regular basis".
Right... And that's why I chose to put my life on the line!

Lino is the best king.

Also, we're now given control of Lazlo, so let's say it's "whenever" right now.

Yes, I'm ready.

They'll be separated from the main force for a while, so the ones you choose must be able to hold their own in a fight.

Oh, I don't think you'll need to worry about that.

By the way, you can't go. You must stay here and command the forces.

Oh boy!

We get to form a Separate Task Force!

It's completely empty! I can bring four people... and I get to select all of them! I-I.. I can't take this kind of pressure! My arm won't move!

For our very last party vote, we need to make two parties, one of which needs four characters; the other already has Lazlo in it and needs three more.

Here's the list. Make sure to bold your votes or I won't guarantee I'll see them, and make it clear who you want in which party.

Finally, if you feel it matters, we now have access to all these unite attacks (except for the Reverse Adonis Attack because fuck Travis forever, and the Friendship Attack which has been upgraded to True Friends Attack). Don't feel like you need to pick characters based on efficiency, though; I'm pretty sure I'll steamroll the endgame regardless.