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Part 27: Sidetracked (VI) - Insufficiently Gorgeous

We're back above ground! And judging by the votes so far, it looks like we'll remain that way. Either way, I believe we've accomplished something important.

Objective: Go find an Ancient Coin amid the Ruins of Obel. Note: Dig skill required.

That's a familiar name.

And a familiar objective.

We get 2000p, 300sp. And...

...something even better!

And for our first C-rank quest...

Objective: Go find an Ancient Parchment amid the Ruins of Obel. Note: Dig skill required.

Guess what?

We have that one, too. And for that, we get 5000p and 600sp. The rewards are getting better!

But we're not done yet.

Objective: Go find the Ancient Recipe.

Hmm, what's this thing in my pocket - oh, just exactly the thing you were looking for!

4000 Potch and 800 Skill Points. Very nice indeed.

Objecitve: Send someone to retrieve the stolen cargo.

X and company aren't giving up. This one requires 80 ATK.

I'm sure you can handle it. Meanwhile, let me see what their opposition is up to.

Objective: Send someone to help open more shops.

This one just needs 15 STR and MAG, which is not exactly a tall order at this point.

Eugene can handle it easily enough.

Objective: Go ask Kevin on Iluya Island how to make steamed buns with sweet bean jam.

That's not the end of it, though. This needs 15 luck.

I think I'd like Nalleo better if he sounded like Arnold.

Objective: Send a party member to join the punitive expedition.

Oh, another one of these? "Punitive expedition" indeed. It needs 20 STR and MAG, which isn't too bad either.

Go! Show them your... badass healing powers or something!

Objective: Send a party member to join "Operation: Gorgeous!"

The ad doesn't specifically say what kind of "gorgeous" they're looking for.

And personally? I always thought it's the inside that counts.

That's all. Time to run around in circles on the world map for a few weeks!


All right, I'm done. What do you have to report?


Pablo! For shame. I thought you were better than that. Next one up better have some good news!

Okay, let me think...

See? That wasn't very difficult, now, was it? (5000p, 1200sp)

Let's see...

And you did it without falling into a molten steel bath or anything. Impressive! We get 3000p, 1300sp, and a sample Steamed Bun. Who's next?

Um... you see...

Oh. Oh well. At least my man Dario has some good news, right?


Well excuse me! If you don't want me to send a dumpy bearded pirate, you should have said you were looking for "an adult woman"! Sheesh, it's like they don't even want to succeed.

Sadly there's one more Chiepoo quest I can't do - it requires 70 DEF and my tankiest character now is Eugene with 46. However, Chiepoo still seems pretty happy.

I'm having a big sale to celebrate! So, what can I get you?

The cat is lying; there's no sale. He also hasn't got anything new since his last upgrade, but I haven't even bought any of those robes yet, so I can't complain. And with all the cash from the ruin run... they're starting to feel pretty affordable.

Still taking votes.