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Part 40: Sidetracked (XIV) - Representatives

Last time, we were told Chiepoo needed representatives for some kind of fishy deal. So let's go represent!

It's back to this place again. Definitely fishy.

I'm almost feeling nostalgic here. Just a little.

Same procedure as every year, James!

But this time, we only have six units. Even so, this will be our last sidequest for a bit, so let's try to go out on a high note.

We're up against bats,


even more bats and frogs,

oh and also the mercenary band again.

I could blow a Shredding Claw to get rid of the closest bat and rock, but we'll go with a less limited resource. Lazlo the RNG decides to kill both bats, so that's nice.

On their first turn, the merc leader speaks up.

We're here as Chiepoo's representatives.

But then... where does that leave me?!
You're gonna regret this! Time to settle the score!

Can you believe she still hasn't learned?

...but despite the rant, the four of them stay cooped up in this corner of the map doing nothing. Okay than.

Maxine hasn't been causing enough property damage lately. Only way to deal with frogs and rocks is orbital bombardment! (Well, okay, it's Explosion again, but the effect is much the same.)

That works out quite nicely for her.

Nalkul, meanwhile, just pretends that rock is someone's new couch and goes to town on it.

(For he is a cat, you see.)

Lazlo does something similar with the bats. I don't know how or why, but I won't argue with the results.

Ugh, I forgot frogs had this attack. Stupid Shredding Claw ripoff.

Maxine shows it the error of its way and profits yet again.

Wendel erases the elemental.

Finally, these idiots get moving!

Champo kills the left bat and weakens the right...

...and then Nalkul does the exact same thing with the other enemies. I will call this a kittycombo, and you cannot stop me.

Hmm, I wonder if I could get some more mileage out of that instant death spell...

Apparently so!

The leader, somewhat understandably, runs away rather than face Lazlo's overpowered hax shenanigans.

There were some interruptions in between, but Wendel takes out the frog Nalkul weakened.

That is a nice level!

Nalkul gets a less nice one by creating some fire terrain to stand on.

Hey guess what! I have a third level spell left.


Yellow merc fails completely to take revenge for his fallen comrades.

Leader is still running!

...and there goes the yellow merc.

I move the cats and Kika closer to the last merc in an attempt to bait her back down here where I can kill her. Kika finishes the frog on the next turn; it's the second to last enemy.

Predictably, merc leader takes the bait and starts casting Breath of Ice!

Lazlo is like "NO <>". And then she stops.

Heck of a lot of numbers for a non-killing attack.

Champo gets the finishing blow and considerably less numbers.



Can you believe it's still not the last we'll see of them?

So you did, and your efforts yield 4500 Potch and 1000 Skill Points. I could whine, but it's getting old.

With the mercs out of the way, Chiepoo can continue his business.

As it turns out, we've picked up all of these along the way. If not, you have to dig for them. In return, we get 8000 Potch and 1500 Skill Points. That's 1600p per gold bar. Fair? I don't have the foggiest idea. It's not as if I have anything to compare it w

Chiepoo, you dirty, rotten utter rip-off artist.

Speaking of whom...

My chain of stores, Chiepoo & Co., has taken the whole world by storm! I am the greatest merchant in the world, meow!

You will die alone and unloved, you little furry bastard

However we do also benefit somewhat from Chiepoo's greed.

The latest upgrade to his store adds some very powerful body...

...and hand gear... well as some other options. The Hero's Cape is just a DEF boost, but it's twice as good as the Fur Cape (+6) so it's an upgrade.

The Champion's Orb is an interesting piece. This being a different kind of game, it can't very well do what it does in the main series. Instead, it increases the level of enemies in level-adjusted battles - such as anything related to hunting, the kind of quests we've been doing, and the ruins. This, of course, allows you to gain more levels faster, though at increased risk.

Like him or not, that is a damn fine DEF boost.

Next up...





hold on


So yeah, these are all ruin quests.

But we are not going to the ruins next, because fuck the ruins and I'm waiting for a couple of additional reasons to go there before we return. Instead, next time we are going to Haruna to further the plot! Aren't you excited? You should be, because this means we're finally having another vote.

As usual, Kyril is required for plot maps, but we have six open slots that need to be filled with people from the list of active characters in the second post.

As usual: one vote per character, any votes you don't use can be left to me, and you should bold your votes so I can see them.