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Part 50: Suikovania II: Simeon's Quest

Out of all the stuff we picked up last time, only this is really of any interest, and even then, only barely. As you can see I've turned Maxine back into a grumpy wind mage (since it's not fun trying to get fire and wind types to hang out next to each other) and while this would offer better DEF... she shouldn't really be needing it, anyway. Roget is wearing the Magic Robe, which has less PDF but +5 MAG and I think he would rather keep that.

This thing has actually been downgraded from IV, where it boosted fire magic, but even if it still had that effect, anyone who cares at this point has already S-ranked their fire magic.

Anyway. The first time we rest after obtaining the items Simeon requested, a scene plays out.

What experiment?

This entire quest line is optional, but it will shed some light on certain matters... hopefully.

To put it simply, I am going to open a gate to another world. I believe that will supply some answers.

So we hand over the Alger Doll and Wizened Arm.

The game automatically transports us to the secret room behind Warlock's workshop.


Simeon is another one of those weird silver-haired magicians the Suikoden universe seems to be crawling with.


Ah, did you not know? My appearance is no indication of my age.
Now, step back.

So Simeon walks up to the water...

...and places the two items on the ground.

...that looks uncomfortably familiar.

The dome fades...

...and wouldn't you know it, there's fishmen.

Simeon's fucked.

I bet no one thought we'd be coming back here again.

But at least it's the last time.

The rest of our party starts on the other side of that bridge, where we started the first time we came here. Simeon is in a very exposed position, and to make things worse he's underpowered and I stole all his equipment. It might be possible to keep him alive if you've actually been using him, but the thread doesn't like Simeon so we haven't.

Wendel cleans up a fishman on the bridge and Lazlo takes out another two near his current position.

The combination of Cyclone and Lightning runes gives Roget access to healing, AoE damage and quick single target attacks. Pretty nice!

This is less nice, but he does survive the hit.

Oh, and here's a thing.

Did someone order a big helping of overkill?

In overcoming his little problem, Kyril has gone from sort of okay to pretty damn strong. He can only do this once, but it's going to get rid of just about anything that gets in his way.

Simeon managed to dodge one attack, but the next one takes him out (or rather, makes him retreat since he's plot important and cannot be killed). No matter, he wasn't going to help us anyway and we only lose if we get everyone killed.

...the risk of that happening may be bigger than I thought. Mitsuba just can't catch a break.

And of course there are reinforcements.

Okay, maybe she's not in so much danger after all.

Lino puts the Unicorn Rune to use...

...and... well, at least gets speed.

Damn it Maxine, Lino is doing better than this!

But let's wrap this up. Everlasting Mercy, go!

Lino kills one last fish, and we're done. It's an A rank because Simeon got his ass killed - but no one cares since we already had the S-rank award.

Still, I did find something out.

Really? What?

Humans who enter that area, that other world, cannot maintain their current form. That is why they... change.

I'm not sure what'd be worse - to find out that we've been killing a bunch of dudes we could have saved, or it just being nope! You're fucked!

No. Now I know for certain that they cannot.


You're using pretty crummy magic, then

Oh, no...

No, we're very grateful for all you've done.
...Time to go.

And with that, the quest is over and the game deposits us right back in Middleport.

Which is handy, because!

We now have a bunch of stuff to hand in.

Not gonna lie, I savescummed to get all those drops from the dragon. Fuck going back all the way through the ruins again to collect more of them.

3500p, 800sp. It's shit, but eh. They're running a bun shop, not a world-spanning merchant empire.

2000p, 500sp, but the main attraction here is the Venus Armor.

It has no special properties, but it's very solid body gear and a nice upgrade over the platinum stuff we've been using.

For this we get a Mother Earth Bun as well as 5000p, 1000sp. The bun heals HP and turns the surrounding terrain earth elemental - basically a combined bead and medicine. They can also be purchased at the store in Iluya, along with other food items we've helped them create. (The store in Razril has also been updated with new food, though we still can't buy the Ancient Lunch.)

With the diamond quest done, Adrienne wants to get into a new project. Sadly, we just have one of these.

This is easy enough, though. Dragon buns heal HP and cause berserk - we might be able to find some use for them ourselves, but for now, let's just hand one over.

We get 5000p, 800sp, which isn't a lot but then again it wasn't a very hard quest either.

Let's not stop there, though!

It's worth 10000p, 1000sp, which isn't too shabby. For reference, sharpening a weapon from level 6 to 7 costs 11000 Potch.

And since we just picked this up, we might as well continue and hand it in.

This time the reward is 15000p and 1200sp. Not bad! And that's the last quest we can do right now.

Normally I'd go charging right back into the ruins at this point, but I might not have time for that, so we're going to further the plot next.

For this map, we have four open slots in addition to Kyril (who is required because plot) and Lazlo (who is not, but is coming anyway).